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  1. The bolded is again, so true. I enjoy learning new things, travel etc. And I always crave for things to be beautiful and pretty. I’ve been known to be insulted when things aren’t when they could be. This baffles my very practical Taurus boy, haha. It’s funny you should mention teaching, as I'm kind of afraid of it! I’m not very good with public speaking. I hope this will manifest itself in other ways, though! Oh, so that’s why I love browsing Tarot card art! I’ve always wanted to get back into art. I used to draw a lot when I was younger, I stopped when I went to college. Once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I am totally a dork for this but one of my favorite things to do is to drift off into my own fantasy land before bed, while doing repetitive tasks, er…during class… which is why I always have to curb that, lol! Once while studying I looked out the window started drifting away and before I knew it, it was 20 minutes later haha. Since you wrote this for me (a little more than 2 years years ago!! ), I’ve gotten engaged! We’re getting married in November. At the time of this writing the challenge with friends came while trying to keep in touch properly while I was away at grad school and they all had jobs themselves. So it was a little tough. Again jarvenpa, thanks so much for doing this! You are awesome And if you do something similar for me in the future, I promise not to take years to respond (is there something in my chart about epically procrastinating?)
  2. circe_blue

    Astrological Chart Part I!

    I'm going to split this up into two posts. Turns out I'm very wordy, haha. Huh. That is very interesting especially considering I myself haven’t felt very Aquarian at times. And in school I have the feeling people would describe me dependable, quiet or shy. Not very Aquarian. As for the mommy thing, I do seem to do pretty well with the kids of friends to my shock (I am an only child). Awww, bring it on! I *love* little bunny rabbits and stray dogs and cats! In fact, since you’ve written this, I’ve moved and five (!) stray cats have found me. I feed them and give them ear scritchins then they go on their way. I’m hoping to get an appointment to get them neutered/spayed soon :crosses fingers: Well, I am beyond glad the universe/stars/something has a plan for me as I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing! I love the woods and crisp autumn air. One of my favorite things to do is to read under the shade of a tree. Oh, wow. I totally agree with the bolded! I earned a master’s degree in biology and I really, really hope I can get a job (in research!) very soon. And I absolutely love to travel, seeing new things, exploring a new city. When my fiancé told me we couldn’t feasibly visit Europe in the next few years do to his job, I wanted to cry =( Very interesting! I feel more dorky and less mysterious or charismatic, though. But this is very good to know ! The bolded part is what really caught my eye the first time I was reading this. I cannot watch, hear, or read about cruelty to animals or violence against women. I will change the channel or leave the room. Otherwise, I tend to dwell on it and get very depressed. I really don’t like confrontation, as you wrote. You’re right on about that, lol. And I will try to not focus about money right now, but admittedly it is *so* hard! I’m jobless right now and I always check what each employer is paying.
  3. circe_blue


    Imp: Light herbal-ly. Pretty. I can smell the sage and the sweet pea. On skin: sweet pea and more sweet pea. Dry: The musk makes everything so beautiful! This smells "pink", if that makes sense. The tonka starts to make an appearance as well. This kind of reminds me of Herbal Essences shampoo as a sophisticated perfume. Overall: Love it! This smells like twirling around under the bright spring sunlight in a flowy pink skirt.
  4. circe_blue

    Zarita, the Doll Girl (2006)

    Bottle: Very, very spicy, foody, and smokey. Is the carnation the spicy bit? Not something I like so far. On skin: Same as above but amp that a million times. It smells like a Yankee Candle store-sort of overwhelming scent-wise. Dry 10-15 minutes later: Finally, lovely beautiful orange blossom. A lightly sweet pretty, creamy floral. I'm not really getting the cream from Milk Moon from this, though. This is a good thing. Overall: If I can endure the initial stages of Yankee Candle Purgatory I get to experience the beautiful dry-down stages of this. As I wrote with Daiyu, I'm not sure I'd wear this in the summer but in autumn this would be nice. Edited so I make some kind of sense.
  5. circe_blue


    Bottle: Grape cough syrup. Erg. Almost sickly sweet, very "purple". I love purple, but I'm scared off by the syrupy nature of this scent. On skin: Berries, berries, berries although it's not as overwhelming as in the bottle. Oh, white musk and tea leaf where are you guys?? Dry: Something floral (the jasmine?). I'm surprised because jasmine goes from zero to OMGI'MAFLORALLOOKITMEEE!!!! on my skin in a nanosecond. This is quite pretty and keeps the berry note from going to straight cough syrup. It's still sweet though. There's a really pretty, warm "sugar" note I'm getting from this. The musk and tea leaf are still MIA A very feminine and pretty scent, but I think I'll wear it in autumn. It's much too heavy for summer. It kind of reminds me of Hungry Ghost Moon's much much more feminine cousin.
  6. circe_blue


    Wet: herbal-y, mostly floral. Just a hint of the red wine. On skin: Still floral though now it's sweeter. Not sickly sweet, something's there to ground it (the "dirt" note?). Also, for some reason I'm getting ginger from this-not spicy ginger but the fresh element of it. Later: more dirt notes, but now I also smell something "dry". This Nosferatu oil is masculine in a sleek, old money kind of way. He's more likely to take you to the opera than stay in for pizza and beer. This is quite lovely actually, though due to the sweet herbal-ness of it, it's a no-go on getting a bottle.
  7. circe_blue

    Kuang Shi

    In imp: Sandlewood, something herby and wet. No mandarin oranges or mango unfortunately. Wet: Sandlewood, sandlewood, and yes, more sandlewood. Dry: Sandlewood, with a bit of lovely white musk to round it out. I can't smell the orange or mango at all Overall: Great if you like sandlewood, but I couldn't detect any of the mandarin orange or mango. Looking at the scents, I thought this would be perfect for me, but it's a no go. I'll certainly keep my imp, but I'm definitely not getting a bottle. This zombie needs more oranges!!
  8. circe_blue

    Ghetto Oven

    I'm a klutz. It's one of those days/nights. Everything I touch goes kablooey! So I was trying to bake a cake for my fiance and I'm using this incredibly ghetto oven that's come with my apartment. First, it only goes up to 200 F. Then, once it reaches 200, you have to turn on the stove to "re-ignite" it or something. Then, 7 times out of 10, the temperature keeps going to 450. No matter what you set it to. 450. I don't know why. So, of course, I stupidly decide to bake this cake and at the slightest smell of cooking sets off my fire alarm. WTF. I freak out and attempt to turn it off (can you turn off fire alarms?) or take it down, and blissfully, and before I can get my hands on it it stops. (In case of actual fire, I'm pleased to discover that the alarm is REALLY FUCKING LOUD and REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING) But, I decide i need to take it down anyways in case it goes off again while I'm cooking. I balance precariously on a barstool. I think you can see where this is going. I fall, hard. I think I make an embarassing sound like, "whoommoop!!" while I am going down. If BPAL made a scent called Ghetto Oven it would smell of burnt cake, burnt chicken, and despair (lightly burnt). I've opened all the windows in the apartment to air it out (it *still* smells like burnt cake), and now I'm going to sleep.
  9. circe_blue

    Obligatory "X-Files" Post!

    Why is this entry called an "obligatory" post? I suppose it's because it my favorite show of all time and I'm sort of surprised I haven't posted properly about it yet. Seriously, I remember watching the premiere of the very fist episode when I was ten, sitting in front of the big TV in my parents living room. I was bored, and fully prepared for the show to be lame. Little did I know, I would continue to watch every week until I finished up my freshman year in college! That still baffles me sometimes. This entry wouldn't be complete without a for the sequel coming out this summer. So, in anticipation I present to you a list, all in good fun (note: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES!): Top Three Unintentionally Funny Moments on The X-Files 3. "Scully Performs Science-Magic" in Redux-Okay, so you might be asking yourself "Why this episode? The X-Files has always tried valiantly to at least be scientifically feasible, but it's a sci-fi drama, why knock it?" I blame it all on freshman year biology in college. I had the privilege to be taught by Dr. Anne Simon, who coincedentally was also a science advisor for the show. She called our attention to this episode. Specifically, she mentioned that Agent Scully needed a Southern Blot (a method to check for a DNA sequence) results "by 7pm". "But that's impossible!" says the lab tech, there isn't enough time and they'd need a "blazing hot probe." So Scully does it herself. Cut to the next scene, and sure enough it's done! Science-magic! Dr. Simon kept telling us that she tried to persuade the writers to change it, but of course they didn't. Turns out, at various conferences other scientists wouldn't let her live that one down. And knowing how nitpicky and snarky scientists can be, I can't help but laugh/grimace every time I see this scene. Also: "Blazing hot probe" Heh heh heh. 2. "Mulder Shows Us His Ugly-Cry" in The Field Where I Died-C'mon you know the one. He's going through regression hypnotherapy to find out who he was in a past life, then out of nowhere, BAM! His face scunches up comically and then it's an Ugly-Cry, complete with close-up. Yikes. I don't care if you're super dignified Helen Mirren, if you pull an ugly cry I will giggle uncontrollably (and most of the time, inappropriately!) 1. "Scully Gets Attacked By Puppet Cats" in Teso Dos Bichos-Ah, yes, this one. (In)famous among fans for extremely fake looking cats Scully gets attacked by. Seriously, they looked like hand puppets. Supposedly, Gillian Anderson is allergic to cats, so fake "stunt" cats had to be made but damn, the prop department must've been on vacation that cold week in Vancouver, becuase those weird furry, stiff puppet thing? Not a cat! I submit this piece of evidence for your viewing pleasure (not much in the way of lighting-this is The X-Files after all, but still hilarious):
  10. circe_blue

    The Ring!

    Beautiful ring! I love the details that you see when you view it from the side. I just received one too, and I'm being a total magpie by going 'Oooh, shiny!' everytime it catches some light Good luck with your mom, hopefully she'll be thrilled
  11. circe_blue

    Hello again!

    So according to this, the last time I wrote a blog entry was in May. oops. Not too much have happened since then and if you care, here's a rundown of events: - I actually got an A Virology! Yay! I'm still super-proud of my grades on the final exam and the final project 'cause I thought acing that class was going to be im-fraking-possible. -Summer: Hung around, spent time with the bf, got some reading done. Read The Stand finally. With my love of apocalypse-y things, I dunno why I haven't finished it before now. Oh, my bf (A) also introduced me to RPGs. We played Shadow Hearts, and I wasn't impressed. The last game I ever played all the way through was Mortal Kombat II on the Sega Genesis, so you can figure out that a) I've been out of the gaming loop for a Veeery long time and b ) this whole Standing Still While Your Enemy Gets A Turn at Beating Your Ass Up did not compute with me at first. SH had its moments though, and from the demo of Eternal Sonata I played, it looks like that might be a better "fit" for me. Also, I make a bad gamer because I am content to just sit there and watch A play. Seriously. This is what we did for all of the Silent Hills, and for Bioshock. Which leads me to my next statement that I suck at First Person Shooters. You know that scene in The Office where Karen makes fun of Jim 'cause he sucks super-hard at Call of Duty II and keeps running into and getting stuck at walls? That is totally me Playing through the first level of Bioshock all you would hear me say was "Ohmigod, how do I turn around?!" "Wait, what the hell, is this up or down?!" Urg. Also during the summer, the 'rents and I visited Niagara Falls. I'll post pics and commentary up eventually. -Now, I'm back at my apartment at school, being annoyed with myself because the reason that we've not been receiving any mail lately was because I've neglected to post my roomie and my name on the inside of our mailslot. WTF. Luckily, energy and cable bills have yet to be sent out, and the only thing I have to worry about is getting Netflix to re-send their stuff (i'm borrowing A's Netflix while he's away. He said he put a bunch of "surprises" in my queue so I was really excited ) Also, since I've moved to a new place, I am no longer within walking distance of the school This means driving and much more annoyingly and agrravating, parking. I hate having to car-stalk people or roll my window to ask the most frequently asked question in the garage: "Are you leaving?" Anyways, that's what I've been up to. Exciting, yes? Now I'm off to go do more exciting things like, make coffee and catch up on reading for class. Ooh, what adventure!
  12. circe_blue

    I got called a "nigger" today.

    Oh. My. God. I can't believe he did that! Props to your bf for standing up to him. I probably would've just remained fuming mad while wishing he fell into a ditch or something.
  13. circe_blue


    Dudes. My mom called and was mad at me becuase I missed one of her calls! I was out getting lunch and left my cell phone in my apartment by mistake. I didn't check it when I got back so I had no idea she even called in the first place. Also, she is mad at me because I've decided to stay at my apartment after I took my last exam and start packing a bit (we're moving out Saturday), instead of returning home right away. I can't stand this. This is completely ridiculous, and I have no idea how I'm gonna live with her for 2-3 months when I move back home (my lease wasn't renewed because they're renovating etc). Also, a couple weeks ago, I transfered $8,000 from my savings to hers becuase she wanted her account to look good (she's applying for to own part of a franchise). She wasn't going to use it, it's just gonna sit there until they/she gets all the papers in order and then she'll transfer it back. Well, it's been a couple weeks, and it's still not back in my account. I don't think she'll actually use it/steal it, but I'd like my savings back now please. I'll ask her about it in a subtle way, after she stops being pissed at me for no reason. It was going to be my "Texas" money (which brings me to my next issue). My bf of more than two years might be moving to Texas (or Ohio) depending on if he gets the internship (residency?) he wants after he's done with med school (spring '08). I refuse to do long distance relationship that is MD to Texas long, so most likely I'll be moving with him. I won't be living with him, but I'll get a job and an apartment in the area. I'm kind of looking forward to it, so I can get away and become more independent of my parents. This is my issue. My parents are super conservative and overprotective to the extreme. I cannot imagine how they are going to react when I tell them. In fact, this is the thing that I worry about the most. It seems that every serious conversation we have, ends with them yelling at me, becoming angry, and me in tears. I'm 24, and I can't believe I'm still in this situation with them. What should I do? How do I tell them?
  14. circe_blue

    Exams etc.

    I feel like doing this Just calculated my grade and I need to do very well on the final (at least 95%) to get an A in Virology. Arrrrrhgggh! I don't think I can.....I've got a project for this class too, and ...just.....there's too much stuff going on Now I just feel like not putting in so much effort into the project and studying if I'm just going to get a B anyways. I'm not this grade-grubby usually, I swear. I just liked this class a lot, put a lot of effort into it so I wish I did better. On top of that, I've been running around trying to find a moving truck for the apartment becuase while it was *implied* that we reserve the truck when we reserved the storage space, it is not so. I miss my friends, and I miss my bf. I'm tired of being cooped up in my room studying or writing papers/projects with no one to talk to. I am burnt out! And obviously I don't handle stress well. All I wanna do snuggle up in bed with hot cocoa, turn down all the lights watch my new Pan's Labyrinth DVD and take a nap.