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  1. bicyclette


    Liz is all leather and smoke on me initially, with a sweetness in the background keeping it from being too deep and dark. The vanilla comes out on the drydown, but I really never get the florals, other than in the bottle. But that's okay. Liz is definitely sexy, but not overwhelmingly so. I definitely see this getting heavy rotation, and my husband requested I "just keep wearing that one, please," which is always a good sign. So happy this one is GC so I can slather away!
  2. bicyclette


    I had to get this after reading the description, since I have a little boy who loves strawberries and I can't get enough of that baby skin scent. In the bottle it's very pink STRAWBERRY, like candy. As it hits the skin, though, the lavender comes out and tempers the sweetness. I get the impression of high-end shampoo or bath products; it's very clean but without being soapy or cloying. As it dries the honey comes out a bit more and (to my nose) makes things a bit warmer, as if the super-cleanness is kind of settling, warming with body heat and mingling with a natural skin scent. D'awww, I'm getting all verklempt thinking about the story behind this blend. I think I'll be reaching for this one often, especially as a comforting scent for day.
  3. bicyclette

    Blossoms in Springtime

    I somehow overlooked this when I made my first perusal of the Lupers, but reading the initial reviews I was like, WHOA, back the train up! and added it to my order. I'm so glad I did. As everyone else is saying, this is gorgeous. I get really foody vanilla in the bottle, but on it's much more sophisticated, a clean, warm creamy skin musk scent. It definitely has that vanilla floral-but-not vibe without any majorly heady florals going on. This will be a beautiful daytime scent for spring and, well, pretty much any time. Nice throw and staying power, too. Love love love!
  4. bicyclette

    BPAL and pregnancy

    I'm sorry for your loss, AnArtfulDodger- I hope all goes well with this pregnancy!
  5. bicyclette


    I'm totally in love with Thousands of Lights. So gorgeous. Warm beeswaxy incense goodness. Also loving Ondurdis and Pumpkin Masala Rooibos.
  6. bicyclette

    Lick It Discreetly

    O HAI MINT. MINT. mintmintmintmintmint. Did I mention mint? This one will clear your sinuses for sure- it's a blast of peppermint that reminds me of Polos or those crazy XXX Mints-oh the British candy of my childhood-and gradually calms down into a lovely minty vanilla. I really like the drydown, and I bet the minty blast will be really nice in the summer. Bracing!
  7. bicyclette

    Pink Snowballs

    Argh! In the decant and wet on skin this smells AMAZING- rose and sweet creamy vanilla snowballs. And then, just like Snow White does on me, it vanishes. Poof, no rose, no snow, no nothing. Just a super faint whiff of...dust. Sadface.
  8. bicyclette

    Winter Heavens

    I also found this very evocative of a cold winter's night- wet, I get a lot of the champaca, kind of a heady white floral, along with a blast of the chill air. There's also something a bit green- the fir needle? But as it dries I mainly get the white musk and grey amber, and it's a very pretty combination. The amber kind of warms and sweetens the further into the drydown it gets.
  9. bicyclette

    A Wonderful Light

    Her little hands were almost numbed with cold. Oh! a match might afford her a world of comfort, if she only dared take a single one out of the bundle, draw it against the wall, and warm her fingers by it. She drew one out. “Rischt!” how it blazed, how it burnt! It was a warm, bright flame, like a candle, as she held her hands over it: it was a wonderful light. It seemed really to the little maiden as though she were sitting before a large iron stove, with burnished brass feet and a brass ornament at top. The fire burned with such blessed influence; it warmed so delightfully. Three radiant ambers with honey, linden blossom, bourbon vanilla, and orange zest. In the bottle: creamy, sweet orange, possibly some floral (the linden blossoms?) Wet on skin: So this is definitely orange ZEST- I'm getting creamy orange for sure but there's also really bitter note like citrus pith- it's the difference between taking a bite of plain juicy orange and accidentally biting off some of the peel too. It actually reminds me of Halls vitamin C drops- they're sweet and citrusy but then there's almost a medicinal quality, like mint or eucalyptus. It's kind of off-putting. Dry: Much nicer- everything seems to have settled down and now this is a warm, sweet well-blended scent. I can't really pick out the individual notes, but the bitter note has disappeared. I'm going to hang on to it for awhile and see what (if anything) happens with the overly zesty zest and if I like the drydown enough to reach for it.
  10. bicyclette

    Pumpkin Masala Rooibos

    Rooibos tea with red ginger, green cardamom, fennel, peppercorns, almond, and licorice, sweetened with coconut sugar and jaggery. This was the Yule scent I was most excited about- it seemed kind of random and different, and I was not disappointed. In the bottle: Warm, rich spice. I do smell some pumpkin, and the red fruitiness that I associate with rooibos tea. Wet on skin: Sparkly red ginger and cardamom (?), with a kick from the peppercorns and a subtle sweetness. I can still smell the rooibos in the background. Drydown: Still getting a lot of the spice from the wet stage. As it dries down further there's more sugar, similar to Sugar Skull but with a tinge of creamy coconut (and jaggery is a kind of unrefined cane sugar, so I'm guessing it's just further sweetening the mix). This is really nice- I like spice but I'm not really a fan of cinnamon or cassia in perfume, so this is perfect. It's vaguely foody without being bakeshop foody, in my opinion. I didn't get any of the fennel, licorice or almond, and the coconut was a supporting player at most, giving a little bit of a creamy background to the whole thing. Lots of throw (but I like to slather) and okay wear length- still getting whiffs 3-4 hours in. All in all, a really interesting take on the spicy holiday gingerbready scent. I'll definitely keep my bottle around and may even snag a backup as I anticipate wearing this a lot.
  11. bicyclette


    Oh, man. Carnation is one of my favorite notes so I was super excited to snag a bottle of Hod Resurrected on the forum. And let me say, it does not disappoint. In the bottle and wet, it's OMFGCARNATION. Spicy and creamy, yum. I'd have been happy with what was effectively single note carnation, but as it dries this amazing creamy vanilla-amber blends with the spicy floral and elevates Hod from really pretty to holy grail status. Lots of BPAL oils are faint on me, but this has tons and tons of throw. This is a huge, huge win and possibly a new favorite.
  12. bicyclette


    In the imp I get the buttery note I often get with cake-y blends. On skin, unfortunately, the milk goes sour and overpowers everything else, so I get sweet sour milk with a boozy undertone from the wine. Sorry, Cockaigne, no love from me.
  13. bicyclette


    Guh. It took me a bit of rolling to get the oil to blend- in the bottle initially there was a separate later of deep, dark, chocolatey sludge. On, I get heady Snake Oil with a cocoa undertone, but as it sits on my skin it becomes really well-rounded and creamy, with the rice milk and teak grounding everything. The wood keeps it from being over the top sweet. This is gorgeous.
  14. bicyclette

    Beaver Moon 2011

    In the bottle it's definitely buttery- I agree with the comparison to Boo posted upthread. Wet on skin, I get a big hit of lavender that quickly gives way to a gorgeous creaminess. Dry, I keep getting whiffs of this amazing vanilla that I can't actually smell when I put my nose up to my wrist- it's really, really nice. Definitely a comforting, feminine, wear-to-bed scent for me. I don't get any of the tartness I usually associate with cheesecake; this reminds me more of a lavender creme brulee.
  15. bicyclette

    The Ta-Ta

    Wow, this is really nice. I'm mainly getting spicy carnation with a warm, soft, sweet background from the tobacco and leather. I don't get coffee at all, really, but that's okay. So glad I took a chance on a bottle of this!