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    Good Notes - Boozy scents especially amaretto and red wine, tobacco, peach, strawberry, leather, tea, butterscotch, coconut (bpal coconut doesn't show up on me), plum, most fruity, hibiscus, hyacinth Bad Notes - Cloves, licorice (that would include Anise then), pumpkin, cinnamon, most green scents especially eucalyptus, pine and juniper, rose, jasmine, honey turns to plastic, neroli I suspect is turning scents too sour Favorite Blends thus far - Perversion, Bordello, Elegba, Fae, Kali, Empyreal Mist, Tamora, Lady Macbeth, Titania, Neo-Tokyo, Blood Countess, Pink Moon, Strawberry Moon, Maenad, Red Lantern, Bewitched, Lampades, Monsterbaits: Underpants, Lioness, Eat Me, Treat #1, Stardust, Bow and Crown of Conquest, Black Tower Least Favorite that I've tried - Santo Domingo, Peitho, Twenty One, Venice, Rome, Iambe, House of Night, Moraguse, Ouija, Rosalind, Queen Gertrude, #20 Love Oil, Baku, Has No Hanna

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    Some interests copy pasted from my livejournal - strawberry_star.<br /><br />art, amélie, annabel lee, aquarius, ave maria, BPAL, chasing rainbows, cherry ring pops, clouds, creativity, dance girl dance, decorating puddles, desire, dominance, dungeons and dragons, elegance, emotion, enchantment, ewan mcgregor, faeries, fairies, fall, fashion design, female fronted rock music, forgotten realms, francesca lia block, free thinkers, freshly cut grass, garbage, garden gnomes, going to the bookstore, graphic design, happiness, harry potter, hole, hooverphonic, i love lucy, ida rentoul outhwaite, imagery, individuality, infj, intelligence, interior design, j.k. rowling, jack off jill, jezebel, john william waterhouse, jumping in leaves, jumping in puddles, katherine mansfield, knowledge, learning, lotr, lucille ball, lunch boxes, lust, mae west, margaritas, mazzy star, metallica, moulin rouge, muse, my faerie tattoo, mythical creatures, nature, nature inspired poetry, opals, originality, placebo, plastic jewelry, poetry, popcorn, portishead, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino movies, radiohead, rain, rain hitting the roof, rainbows, rainy days, reading, renaissance festivals, romanticsm, rpgs, rubber duckies, rufus wainwright, running through sprinklers, seduction, self expression, self indulged writing, shirley manson, sleeping beauty, slurpees, smell of play-doh, smell of rain, snake river conspiracy, snow cones, star shaped anything, star wars, stealing beauty, strawberries, tattoos, teddy bear picnics, teddy bears, temptation, the cranberries, thinking like a child, thrift stores, trainspotting, traveling, vintage clothing, waterfalls, weeping willows, windchimes
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  1. strawberry_star


    In Vial: My immediate reaction was "EW!" and I said it outloud. I was actually afraid to put it on my skin. I have no idea what it is yet; it's just extremely strong and gross. On me - wet: I got the nerve to try it out and I swear it smells like pine or juniper. Something green. I don't like green smells especially ones that smell like pine. Judging by the notes, I would guess Lavender and Nag Champa mixed together is what is producing this smell. On me - Dry: Okay, it becomes a lot nicer. Smells like a strong oriental designer fragrance. It borders on smelling even like men's cologne almost. I still get absolutely no tobacco from this which is weird because it tobacco usually is very strong on me and it's the note I was hoping would come out. Hours later: I think it's still very unisex and smells like an ordinary oriental perfume would dry to, without the nasty rubbing alcohol of course. Overall: It's not for me. I like oriental fragrances, but this one is a wee bit strong and too musky smelling for me. I'd be interested in seeing what it smelled like on a man. I know one thing for the ladies, this is not a summertime scent. Can definitely be worn by a woman though who likes strong fragrances.
  2. strawberry_star

    Leo 2007

    In the vial: It smells like a mixture of amber and oddly enough lemon. There's no lemon in this though, so I think it may be the chamomile, because chamomile sometimes gives off a lemon scent to me. On me - Wet: Amber gets to amping up and then something not so great is in there too. It must be the walnut bark, because there's nothing else in here that smells close to this. On me - Dry: Okay that weird smell is gone and it's turning into a lighter smell of amber which is reminding me of Lionness (I have not yet tried The Lion) in a way. Also the chamomile is settling into not so much lemon but the lovely scent of a sweet, light tea. It has a decent throw to it as well. Hours later: Still there 9 hours later. It smells like chamomile now with a hint of amber. Makes an almost vanilla-like impression that reminds me of Dorian. Overall: I really like it! It's Dorian and Lionness' love child!
  3. strawberry_star


    F5 A refreshing scent! GET IT?! Aloe, white musk, lime peel, fresh mint, seaspray, verbena and green tea. Wow, am I really the first one to review this? *amazed* Hope I did this right... In the bottle: Green tea!! Yum. I love green tea. It's reminding me a bit of Shanghai. On me: I put it on and the green tea is still very much present. It is indeed refreshing, definitely. There's also something else there that is reminding me a bit of Mock Turtle's Lessons. I looked up the notes and it's the mint, but there's also a slight aquatic smell as well. I didn't like The Mock Turtle's Lessons all that much, but mainly because of the mint mixed with fruit. This is mint mixed with green tea mainly with that hint of aquatic, so much better! I can't decide if I like it more than Shanghai, but it's still a very nice scent!
  4. strawberry_star


    I was really iffy about this one. I remember it was on my wishlist when I first came to bpal and then took it off, put it back on, took it off, put it back on again. The description really appealed to me, being in an opium daze seems pretty good. But no, it doesn't work on me at all. Tuberose hates me and narcissus smells way too much like a strong musk for me to like it. I kept sniffing at my arm cause it reminded me of another scent that I dislike and I finally figured out which one... Peitho. The strong musk with floral, but at least this one doesn't have cloves!
  5. strawberry_star


    Lots and lots of floral. Smells slightly spicy as well. Then... it dissappears. Which was strange cause the florals were strong and then the scent completely vanished! O.o Okay... I didn't like Sheol much I'm afraid.
  6. strawberry_star


    Oh, Spanked. You have become my #1 heartbreaker. I love Perversion, it's my favorite scent and I love leather scents in general actually. I was hoping in Spanked to get a boozy leather which is combining my 2 of my favorite scents. Unfortunately though all I got was leather and patchouli. No bourbon to be found. So on me it ends up smelling exactly like De Sade. If this was a GC, I'd keep it purely for the name but it's not so this has to be given a new home.
  7. strawberry_star


    HYACINTH!! This is the only BPAL scent that is listed with having hyacinth in it. I LOVE hyacinth. My favorite commercial perfume is Happy Heart and that has hyacinth. *in love* Anyways, yes this is fantastic. It is very, very floral but these are GOOD florals! I am so in love. This has jumped automatically into my top 10 and I am glad I bought 2 bottles recently.
  8. strawberry_star

    Annabel Lee

    OMG omg omg omg. I tried this awhile back while I was working but I didn't pay much attention to it because I was busy, but I kept catching whiffs of it floating up and it made me feel so pretty even though I was filthy. I'm actually testing it for real this time, studying it. Honestly, when it came out I thought Al-Araaf would work on me better than this one but I was so completely wrong. This smells FANTASTIC. I love the mix of sweet pea and cucumber. It is very perfumey, but I kind of like that personally. >.> Then it dries down and it becomes more subtle and even more beautiful. WOW. I am kicking myself for not ordering a bottle of this when I had the chance and taking this long to test it out. Wanna know what's strange? Annabel Lee is my favorite poem. Has been for like 10 years. So it's like it was made for me or something. Going in my top 10.
  9. strawberry_star


    Hmmm. I put it on and it smells slightly soapy, but not like soap but more like shampoo. In fact it smells a lot like the ever so old school Prell. My mom hates that shampoo, heh. It has absolutely no throw on me whatsoever and I have to put my nose up right against my arm to smell it. I dunno. I really wanted to love this because it sounds like something I would love but it's not really appealing to me at all. At least it didn't turn plastic this time like all scents with honey on me tend to do.
  10. strawberry_star


    When I looked at it, I was scared to try it because it looks like a dark scent or seems that it would be a dark scent. (I got it and didn't look at the description first hah) Opening it up and it smells strong, very musky. I put it on and it maintains the muskiness probably from the narcissus. It's also quite smokey. Then all of a sudden it morphs into a floral! What a wuss! The floral smells oddly like jasmine and I hate jasmine, but florals tend to love me so I was stuck smelling like a flower. Bleh. Off to someone who will love his dark exterior and oh so sensitive interior.
  11. strawberry_star


    My skin chemistry is being weird again. I tried this on about a week or 2 ago and it went straight to soap! (I was on my period, that may be why... shhh) So I thought for sure that this was a no go but then I tried it on last night... And it smelled very pretty!! Smelled like a commercial scent actually but in a good way. A very happy commercial perfume, but not like Happy hahah. A rich, bright, floral perfume smell. I like it and I'm keeping it unless it goes soapy again.
  12. strawberry_star

    Love in the Asylum

    Holy floral, batman! This went very very gross on me. My skin loves roses and the feelings aren't returned. It just went straight to rose on me and covered up all the pretty notes. Just rose and nothing else. *sigh*
  13. strawberry_star

    Beaver Moon 2005

    As soon as opening the imp, the smell of cupcakes wafts out and it's divine. On me, it's not quite as divine but still decent. The cupcake smell is still there, but I have a suspicion that this is hiding honey in it somewhere because I'm picking up a slight plastic smell to it. Not straight to plastic as honey usually does, but just slightly which makes me think there's a very small amount. It's still good though! Might be better in my scent locket.
  14. strawberry_star


    I got the feeling I would have loved the old Hearth, but the 2005 version doesn't work for me. It smells like caramel almost like Red Lantern quality, and it smells slightly nutty but because it contains honey, it goes straight to plastic on me. I'm not too disappointed though because I get similar satisfaction out of Red Lantern and Midway without the dreaded plastic.
  15. strawberry_star


    Popcorn is my favorite food. Especially movie theater popcorn DRENCHED in butter. Shill definitely did not disappoint. I put it on and had to force myself to not lick my arm. As others have stated, this isn't a very perfumey scent and it's not something that I would wear out in public because smelling like butter is not all that appealing to most but this scent really, really comforts me. So I'm going to wear it in my own home when I need some comfort or maybe put some in the oil burner. I love it.