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  1. paradoxicaljlb

    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat

    I made a lemon poppyseed loaf recently that called for sugar infused with meyer lemon zest, and the infused sugar smelled very similar to this blend. It starts off icy, but gets more sticky as time goes on. It stays fairly close to my skin and fades away after 3-4 hours. The lemon is more sweet than tart, and very pure. No hint of any chemical cleaner associations, but the scent is cleansing and refreshing. I imagine it will be in heavy rotation come the dog days of summer. And dare I say it? If you stripped Dorian down to its sweet, citrusy aspects, you'd smell Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat.
  2. paradoxicaljlb

    Changing the Shadows

    For the first few hours, there's something that reminds me of muscadine grapes --- very juicy and sweet --- along with prominent tea and sandalwood. The mate and carnation add spice, but it's in the background. After about an hour, the orange blossom amps up. All of these notes play very nicely with one another. It's been about eight hours since I put this on, and I'm still getting whiffs of spicy, herbal red tea. Overall it's very pretty and uplifting.
  3. paradoxicaljlb

    The First of the Three Spirits

    First of the Three Spirits smells so much like Giant Vulva on me that I had to make sure I didn't pull it out of my imp box by mistake. Strange, because the only note they have in common is musk, and it's not even the same type of musk. I can pick out the amber but the rest is as bright as it is soft and sweet. Very strong and long-lasting.
  4. paradoxicaljlb


    Winter-Time reminds me of how, when it snowed, my grandmother would gather some clean snow and add a little sugar, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract to it to make snow cream. To me, this smells the way snow cream tastes. The cold of the snow translates to the delicate mint in the scent, and the rest makes it soft and sweet. Very pretty and ephemeral.
  5. paradoxicaljlb


    Resinous, dusty, charred, earthy, cool, candlelit, stony and drafty. And I think I smell roses, or maybe rosewood? Very evocative.
  6. paradoxicaljlb

    Black Lotus

    Evil Egyptian bubblegum incense! I don't know how else to describe this. It's strangely sweet and pink and juicy, while at the same time sleek like a black cat. It didn't last more than an hour on my skin. Not really my thing.
  7. paradoxicaljlb


    Once again, jasmine or something like it doesn't play nicely on my skin. The sharp, floral aspect dies down after a while, but I still smell nothing in the earth, moss or herb category. I do detect something dark and resinous, but mostly just something I suspect is Doom Jasmine.
  8. paradoxicaljlb


    The citrus quality others have described seems more like bergamot to me, making the tea note not just a regular black tea but more like Earl Grey. This is the most prominent note, but after a few minutes, it mellows and the vanilla sweetness becomes more prominent. There's also something a little earthy and shadowy ... maybe oakmoss ... that is just barely detectable after a few hours on. Dorian lasts through the day on me, and it doesn't smell strongly feminine or masculine. Bonus points for the occasional whiff of sexy spicy sugar cookie that I get with this one. This is a must-try for tea lovers.
  9. paradoxicaljlb

    An Introduction to the Stash Manager

    WOW. All this functionality is absolutely stunning.
  10. paradoxicaljlb

    The Arabian Dance

    I adore this scent! The only note that’s immediately identifiable is leather, when I expected I would also be able to easily distinguish the tobacco, coffee and hazelnut. It’s all coming together as warm, sexy, sweet and spicy leather, but in a subtle way, and doesn’t really do much morphing on my skin. It’s my favorite of the 2010 Yules and probably the only one I’ll purchase a full bottle of.
  11. paradoxicaljlb

    Mahogany Hall Atmosphere Spray

    New Orleans is one of my favorite places and I love that I'm able to bring different aspects of the Big Easy into my home via the Trading Post. The gorgeous, rich woods dominate for the first few minutes, but when they settle into the background I notice the swirls of bourbon-vanilla sweetness and smoky, caramel-like tobacco, and something a little herbal, earthy and medicinal. It is a sexy, dark, lush scent that leans masculine, but the sweetness rounds it out and reminds you of what you came to Mahogany Hall to do. I adore it and I really appreciate that the proceeds support Habitat New Orleans. It'll be hard to keep myself from hoarding this.
  12. paradoxicaljlb


    Boo 2010 is my Antique Lace Lite --- very similar to AL on my skin but without the floral aspect, and the musk is turned waaaay down, if it's even there at all. The creaminess stays way in the back, warming up the vanilla and softening the sharpness of the cotton/linen. I still catch whiffs of it 6+ hours after applying. I absolutely adore it.
  13. paradoxicaljlb


    The boy's review: "Mmmmm. What is that? Oooooooh. You smell good. Fruity. Like oranges. Mmmmm. I like it." (This is noteworthy because he very rarely comments on the multitude of scents I wear.) Then he buried his nose in the nape of my neck and you can fill in the rest... I applied Amor as a perfume before going to bed (with the boy). Just like the description says, it really is phenomenal and I can testify that it worked like a charm every time. To my nose, this blend smells of wet cherry lollipops, dry almonds, rose, and orange. Throw is a little less than average on me as my skin has a tendency to drink this oil.
  14. paradoxicaljlb

    Monster Bait: Underpants

    For the first minute or so, I get the same caramely-sugary-vanilla goodness that others have mentioned. I love this stage. After that, it turns to pure dryer sheets, something similar to the linen note in Antique Lace. So much that I can't smell anything else. Not even the sandalwood. I'm not sure which note to blame the dryer sheets on, but overall Underpants just isn't working for me the way Smut and Antique Lace do. So I tried a drop in my scent locket. Same thing. Apparently, I can't wear Underpants.
  15. paradoxicaljlb

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Lovely shot, dragoncharmer...now I want them even more. My bank account is afraid. Very, very afraid. I wonder what's in store for the Underpants label...? *Squee*