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  1. Bumping! Moving, want to destash completely- prices lowered, but make an offer!!

  2. wanderingredhead


    When this first hit my skin it was a fresh bright lemon/citrus scent. Then it suddenly turned "shampoo-y". I didn't know the notes when I was trying it on, an experiment I've been trying lately. this is what I said at the time: dries down into citrus "skin" to me it smells like a sweaty child, with a hint of shampoo, like hot skin without the B.O. Looking at the components now, I think that my skin must just be amping up the white musk a lot. It's almost entirely white musk on dry down, with barely even a hint of citrus, and that only if I bury my nose against my arm. I got the imp hoping it would be all lemongrassy and that clearly did not happen, so while this isn't particularly offensive, it's really not me and it's off to the swaps.
  3. wanderingredhead

    Leanan Sidhe

    At first application I thought of gentle meadow flowers, and leanan sidhe smelled a little "perfumey" as it dried down and sweetened up. Soon into the drydown however, the sweetness mellowed and became more herby- I thought of chamomile. This has continued morphing a little, now sweeter, now more dry and herbal, but it has a pretty limited range and stays a scent that is best described as "gentle" to me. I like. It would be a perfect smell for a rainy spring day, when the air is fresh and soft. I'm keeping the imp.
  4. wanderingredhead

    Honey Moon

    I was very excited to try Honey Moon, because a lot of my favorite BPAL scents have a honey component. On me, however, this moon was very herbal with a faint thin tinge of honey. The herbs were thin and kind of piercing. Ultimately, very not me.
  5. wanderingredhead

    Drink Me

    In Imp, Drink Me was completely buttery, and I could see that the Jack comparisons were justified. On my skin, the butter cooled off a little to make way for an icky plasticy scent. The burnt plastic got stronger and stronger until I had to wash it off. ugh. I will say though, that when not mixed with my skin, Drink Me is a fairly nice. I spilled this imp all over my floor, and traces of the scent are still lingering. On my floor it is a pleasant, deep, sweet and complex scent. See, if it had smelled like that on my skin, I would have been happy. As it is, off to the swap pile
  6. wanderingredhead


    I tried this without knowing what the notes were. I think I got it confused with Eos, because I had buttercups on the brain for some reason. Anway, this is what I wrote: Very sweet, like jasmine, only more yellow than white. spicier on drydown, veering into headache territory for me. After a little while it reminded me a lot of lighter, brighter version of Sacred Whore of Babylon. Like the 'Ho as a maiden, or something. Don't know how much I'd actually wear this, but want to try it again a few more times.
  7. wanderingredhead


    in the imp this smells like bananas and bubblegum. The oil is dark brown, so the smell seemed counterintuitive to me. On me Shango dried into something sweetly tart with spices. The fruits may be the greatest contributors, but overall this is an extremely well blended scent- my (admittedly insensitive) nose can't pick out any individual components. I like.
  8. wanderingredhead


    In the imp this smells light and citrusy to me. It smelled pretty much the same on my skin, but with a hint of spices...maybe a little clovey. I thought "smells like lotion" but I have no idea WHY I thought that. Dry, it's sharper, sweeter, with less tang and a little bit of dust. It still vaguely reminds me of lotion...come to think of it I thought had that same thought with Port au Prince. Maybe it's the hint of cloves. ultimately it becomes darkly sweet, spicy and woody, but not heavy. I enjoyed this scent although I can't see wearing it all that much. maybe a tad masculine for regular use.
  9. wanderingredhead

    Sudha Segara

    My notes on this read: very soft, kind of milky, sweet but not cloying. as it dries it's fresh and creamy at the same time with a hint of lemon. overall- soft and clean but not soapy. i like.
  10. wanderingredhead


    When I first applied this, it was fairly purely lemongrass (I LOVE lemongrass) with a hint of earthiness in the background. It's clean and fresh, and clears the mind but isn't biting. As it dried it turned a little soapy, which is probably the jasmine and rose, my skin doesn't really like rose. It gets a lot stronger with drydown and becomes all soapy white florals and no yummy lemongrass. After a few hours it faded into a pleasant light floral, but I really didn't like the strong intermediate phase, so this is going to be swapped, sadly.
  11. wanderingredhead


    Danube- in imp: floral, soapy on skin: fresh florals, lighter than in the vial. Still vaguely soapy though. Pleasant enough, but not really me. Vaguely reminiscent of Bath and Body Works Cotton Flower soap. To the swap pile.
  12. wanderingredhead


    in the imp, nephilim is very herby, sweet and sharp, with a dry, dirt smell underlaying it.. Once on, the herbs amp up a bit, and the scent becomes thinner, airier, reminiscent of but still grounded by the the thick earthiness. Within a couple of minutes, my skin amps the fig and I'm liking this a lot more than I thought I would. The mentholiness fades into the background, but stays around. The combination of fig and earth with the high sharp menthol is intriguing. I can't make up my mind on this one. Like so many BPAL blends, I feel that I MIGHT like it. Will keep it around for a while. ADDED Jan. 29: This oil confused the heck out of my nose: At first it's a swirl of earth and menthol- like darkest crimson purple shot through with aquamarine. The two components seemed to stay separate. I didn't have the notes in front of me when i tested it and I wondered if it contained juniper. It was sharp, but not offensive, and almost sweet. About 4 hours later, it became really a really yummy, spicy oriental type scent, that felt bright, not dark, with flashes of spicy wetness. I wrote: Can water be spicy? if so it would smell like this. I adore it, and really really want to smell it on a crush. that would be... gah.
  13. I just put my two current favorites, Hell's Belle and Sacred Whore of Babylon on each hand and realized that they smell alarmingly similar. HB is sweeter, more honeyed, and Sacred Whore is "brighter", spicier somehow, but they are almost identical. Bear in mind that I do have my period right now and so my chemistry might be amping particular notes out of proportion.
  14. wanderingredhead


    like everyone else, i'm getting lavender/citrus from Sylph, with various herbs emerging as it dries. Someone said Chamomile, and that sounds about right to me. definitely a different lavender than the other BPAL lavenders I've tried, much lighter, not as smoky. overall, a pleasant, fresh and light scent. as for intention, I haven't really worked with it much at all, it didn't elicit an immediate reaction to it the way Salamander did. I do like Sylph though, and I'm keeping the bottle.
  15. wanderingredhead


    Hmmm, salamander. Wet: bracing, with a strange mix of freshness and muddiness. Very interesting. wet on my skin: sweetly astringent with deeper, almost muddy base notes drying on my skin: I already knew I had somewhat strange skin chemistry, but I'm getting something almost floral out of this. Can't pick out any specific notes, but it smells like flowers over a base of mud, in the most positive way possible. I really like it as a scent, actually. General feeling: This does actually invigorate me. It's a very driven, determined scent. the first time I tried it was just before I went to bed, and I felt too worked up to sleep until I got up and washed it off. I quite like salamander, both for the scent and for the implications. I'm definitely keeping the bottle around for when I need to be productive and get things done. A good errand running, crossing items off lists scent, if that makes any sense at all.