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  1. Hallows_Eve

    Torture King

    In the bottle, I get the smoke and bourbon. On my husband: Smoke, leather and bourbon while walking in the woods and burning an amber based incense stick. I am a real fan of scents that take its smells from rougher, or less ethereal inspirations. I have tried it on myself yet, because my husband has horded the bottle to his workplace. However it does mix well with him, the amber and musk mix well with the leather, bourbon and smoke on him. Can't get the lemon or the lime on him though. He's happy with it, so its a hit as far as I am concerned.
  2. Hallows_Eve

    Buck Moon

    The drydown on this is very sweet (in the literal sense). Reminds me of what I had been hoping Peitho would be, Buck Moon comes closer to my expectations since there is no Jasmine to overwhelm the rest. A very nice, slightly woodsy scent- very feminine to wear, so much so that my husband doesnt want to try it. It's ok though, more for me.
  3. Hallows_Eve


    In the bottle- Violet Candy. Sugar Violets, a bit of the clove. On me wet: As with anything with violet, though I love it, it is all I can smell once it hits my skin. It smells exactly like it does in the bottle (minus the clove) and I keep thinking I will taste candy if I lick my arm. On me dry- baby powdered violets. No problems if you like violets. I do. But its almost like a single note for me, cant really get much of anything else except a sweet note.
  4. Hallows_Eve


    In the bottle: subtle and flowery, I smell lilies I think. Normally this would spell trouble since lily notes amplify almost as much as rose does. On me wet: I smell the flowers, more certain that it is lily, and...oh no. I think I get some rose. It is not taken over yet- I still smell the herbal things besides. It reminds me of soap, just a little. Still pretty and likable. On me dry: I am still getting the flowers- lily and rose. You know normally I would avoid both on me but somehow this seems more subtle and subdued. The other notes must tame it down. I am not getting any sandlewood at all though I wish I did. It is a good companion to Embalming Fluid, which is my husbands favorite. I like Shroud much more than I thought I would and if I am right about the rose (white rose, of course) then it would be only the second one that doesnt choke on my skin (Eve is the other). Its pretty, light (once the flowers settle)- a springtime/early summer scent, I think.
  5. Hallows_Eve

    Bed of Nails

    In the bottle: Smells how some of my back teeth (with the fillings) taste when it goes near metal. Or metallic well water. I know you know what I mean... On me wet: Smells a bit like my husbands body wash. This is the ozone note mainly but its ozone-cologne-soap in the rain instead of ozone on dirt and concrete right before the downpour, which was actually was I was hoping for more. On me dry: I dont get dry wood at all. I get freshly chopped living young wood, almost ferny, I havent smelled anything metal since it was in the bottle. Still comes off slightly soapy. On my husband dry: It meshes well with his deodarant and body wash. Nothing really distinguishes it from that. A sort of clean top off to complete the routine. He likes it a lot, I'm okay with it- just no mystery or fantasy to go with it. I like living wood smells but in a way BoN is too masculine for me, the one who has no qualms about sharing my hubby's oils. I guess its the distinction between perfume and cologne, and I get mainly the latter.
  6. Hallows_Eve

    Medicine Show

    In the bottle- a bit like the home remedies or vintage medicines that grandma would have around, slighty antiseptic. On me wet: Hallelujah, something with the word rose in it isnt turning bad on me! Granted its rosewood and not quite the same, but baby steps, baby steps. I get fresh plants and salve out of this and a tweek of the rosewood. I can pick up the ginger, it kind of enhances the medicine smell to it. A bit like Apothecary. On me dry: I get more tobacco out of this now. Not smoking tobacco, the fresh kind. The rosewood is still distinct on me. Not picking up much of the balsam at all. This, I think, will be a good winter scent for me, its got that warm spice to it that seems like it would go well with mulled wine.
  7. Hallows_Eve


    I thought that I would like this scent by the description, and I am happy to say in this case it was dead on for me. In the bottle: Wood scents always kind of smell a bit like a wet dog, being a fan of wood scents, I know that the "true" nature of the scent does come out until it touches the skin. On Me (wet) I smell cedar and patchouli only at first, very smoky, a slight tobacco sort of note. On Me Dry: Once the cedar starts to fade, I am able to pick up the other notes, some pine, though no where near as much as say, Nocnitsa. The mosses sweeten the overall smell. I can only pick up the cinnamon if I am really trying. After about an hour, I am getting a rather masculine underrtone- a bit like Villian without the lavender. The leather works really well with the rest in combo. This smell is like meeting a lover in the woods somewhere, some warm and animalic notes, some cooler and naturey notes. Not quite what one expects from a geek, unless the geek is the lover... I am happy I took a chance on this one. This can be seen as a masculine scent, but I like its wood and spice notes (as I do for all wood and spice combos, nearly) Its after the cedar settles it subtle enough to trick the mind into thinking that one just really smells good and works outdoors rather than someone obviously wearing perfume.
  8. Hallows_Eve

    King of Clubs

    In the bottle- Strange, it comes of almost antiseptic-y and medicine like. Slightly like apothecary because of the moss and fig notes, I think. On me (wet)- Yeah, I'd hit it. I would much rather wear this than the Queen, because there is no rose for my skin chem to amplify. That said, I am getting mostly green amber in a leather coat. There is a high note from the almond but it seems to come off as part of the fictional leather coat. On my husband (wet- the oil, on my husband)- nearly the same as when I first apply it, except I can smell the fig on him where it was non-existant on me. On me (dry)- Amber always dries really sweet on me to the point of being powdery. The almond in KOC makes it less ethereal. The musk becomes sweet. Only a slight earthy after note. And I still have a bit of a leather coat feel. On my husband (dry)- On him it smells of amber with earth. Musty sweet with a tad of tobacco. The leather coat smells stronger on him. Like I said, I prefer this because I can't wear QoC for the rose, but the differences between the female and male wearing KoC complements each other rather well. My husband likes it- I think he placed it among his top 5. A very good couples scent, and I bet those trying out the K and Q oC are having a grand old time!
  9. Hallows_Eve


    PEITHO The Goddess of Persuasion, Seduction and Sexual Wiles. A member of Aphrodite’s retinue, she is also Aphrodite’s daughter and sister to Tyche and Eunomia. Lusty myrtle and jasmine with red sandalwood, stargazer lily, and clove over an opulent, rich bed of warm musk and bourbon vanilla. In the bottle: Kinda powdery, almost aquatic. Rather light and feminine. Reminds me of something. Something that I havent felt since.... On me (wet): Something familiar about this. Its nice, not bad or anything. But there is a baby powder sort of smell to it on me. Jasmine probably. Vanilla sweetens severely on me. Not getting much of the clove or sandalwood here. On me (dry): I got it! Love's Baby Soft. It smells like the Love's Baby Soft which I used to wear in high school years ago. I smell only the Jasmine and Vanilla on me, and a bit of the musk. Still can't get the clove or sandalwood distinctly out of this, but it does seem to have a bit more oomph than LBS- more smoky and grown up. Its a nice scent. Very feminine. Not so much a *me* scent. But I can see it as an afterthought kind of scent. More of a "going out to meet old friends" scent as opposed to a "Seduce and Lust" scent.
  10. Hallows_Eve

    Sri Lanka

    SRI LANKA Indian sandalwood and cedar, and the dry incense smoke of olibanum, gum mastic, patchouli and myrrh. Oh...my...gods....I want to put this on my husband right now and climb on top of him. Or wear (only) this myself when doing so. A damn fetish in a bottle is what this is. In the bottle: a bit of a shock at first because it smells more like a wet animal than anything else. This is the wood. On me (wet): Its a bit contained at first, but picture some very exotic incense that you have stored in a cedar box. Now, its a hot day, no a.c., you have the fan on and your windows open, you throw some pillows on the floor, and you feel like burning some incense, you open up the box and you get this concentrated combination of smells. On me (dry): Now its burning incense, smoky. Hot Harem Harlot. Sandalwood and Cedar really work well with me. I *heart* wood and spices in this combo. Now- a couple of things- It is not a distinctly feminine scent and I can see it being classified more as a masculine one- this does not bother me, because I very much into woods and spices. Also, a little will take care of you. Too much will knock people over. But for me, it works. I love this scent.
  11. Hallows_Eve


    A classic Victorian men's cologne: a lavender fougere, with hints of lilac, lime, and citrus musk. Got this as an Imp in my last order. Decided to try it on today since I felt like being more villainous. In the bottle: Actually, I could barely smell it in the imp- nor when I first put it on. On me (wet)- At first, I barely picked up anything at all, just a bit of the citrus. I think it was because my children use lavender shampoo and so it was a bit diffused in this manner. However, the more I wore it, the stronger the smell, and then it seemed really strong, and then it was a lot like my husbands aftershave. In fact, he asked me if I had used it. On me (dry)- I smell musk and a powdery note, which is probably the lavender since it drys soft on me- no citrus now. The aftershave smell is not very strong now either, not that it was bad to begin with- just too masculine. However, with softer and powdery feel its very appealing in this stage. VERY Appealing. I thought for sure that this was going to be too masculine for me, but in its dry stage, I found it rather feminine-but not too feminine and definately not something that screams "FLOOOOOR-AAAALS!!!". Its the musk that lasts on me. I think I could get a larger bottle of this. But I am going to have to remember that wet stage before going out in public so that I don't knock people over.
  12. Hallows_Eve


    I have had this for a while, but only recently tried it due to my avoidance of wearing alot of oils while I was pregnant. In the bottle: Green and Moist Wood and Florals. Can't pick up anything distinctive yet. On me wet: I did not pick up any of the warm tones, just the florals really and pretty much just the rose. On me dry- Its like something green, mixed with rose and baby powder and something that smells a bit like my own body odor (the non icky smell). My main problem is the rose. I can't really seem to wear rose scents, but even so the drydown isnt too bad. I did not feel the need to wash it off, nor was it distracting. I wish I could smell more wood and fire notes, but with me it really is more little girlish feminine than my tastes tend to go. Thats it! Its like a scented doll that I had when I was a kid.
  13. Hallows_Eve


    In the bottle- Pine, Pine, Pine, Pine, Pine- You get the idea. Luckily it is not so strong that it knocks you over, but I couldnt get any other note from here except the pine. On me (wet)- still pine, but with something else subtly in the background, moss and dirt, not "car freshener" pine, but the smell of whole real tree, roots and all. On me (drydown)-- Pine. But the other things are coming out stronger. The fir and earth mainly. There is also something in there that reminds me of an outdoor fire, burning wood. This, to me, will be perfect to wear in the winter. The first thing I thought of is bringing a pine tree home for the holidays. It has a bit of a candle smell to it, I cant quite place it exactly, but something like a burning scented candle, and better. Also, after the drydown, it reminded me a bit of "Baron Samedi"- though greener, and with pine in it. Not quite sure why, because there are no common notes that I know of. I will say that this is the first pine scent I have ever worn that didn't feel cheap, synthetic or overpowering. I *think* I like it. My husband loves it!
  14. Hallows_Eve

    BPAL and pregnancy

    You also have the morning sickness triggers for the food scents. If a certain food triggers you to puke, then the scent of it probably will too. Also, to me smells were stronger while I was pregnant, so everyone (including myself) would seem to wear "too much scent" by comparison. I could smell food anywhere in the office (you know that AOL commercial where the woman pops out and goes "I smell cake"? That was me.)
  15. Hallows_Eve

    BPAL and pregnancy

    I wouldn't let my husband wear Mad Hatter when I was pregnant- it has some pennyroyal in it, but it just plain out made me sick to smell it...Hearth was a problem at first as well. For myself I was wearing just the lighter scents on the knees of my jeans during pregnancy. Now that I birthed, I pretty much wear it on the back of my neck and my elbows to keep babe from being overwhelmed. For some of the smellies its been like trying them for the first time over again, because alot of the oils I got while pregnant weren't put directly on my skin- so my opinion of the oils then and now are different now that my skin chemistry comes into play.