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  1. fundercat55

    Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

    I'm so glad I blind bought a bottle of this one. It's really nice. I was a little scared of the rose note, as I don't tend to enjoy rose, but it makes only a brief, light appearance. What I get from start to finish with this one is primarily sugared clove and light patchouli. It reminds me so strongly of high school nights, smoking Djarum cloves and wearing the patchouli oil I got from the local headshop. Just softer, sweeter, and lighter. Total hit. Medium wear length and throw.
  2. fundercat55

    Cigarettes and Offerings

    I'm really digging this. Wet and in the first five minutes of wear, I was sure this was going to be a hard pass. Slightly acrid, sharp, mentholated cigarette smoke. No thanks. But as it dries down, it becomes sweeter, softer, rounder- incense and the sweet, chewy scent of pipe tobacco. Lovely. It's a fairly low throw, medium wear length on me.
  3. fundercat55

    The Other Hot Chocolate

    The other mother took the bacon from under the grill and put it on a plate. Then she slipped the cheese omelette from the pan onto the plate, flipping it as she did so, letting it fold itself into a perfect omelette shape. She placed the breakfast plate in front of Coraline, along with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a mug of frothy hot chocolate. "Yes," she said. "I think I like this game. But what kind of game shall it be? A riddle game? A test of knowledge or of skill? "An exploring game," suggested Coraline. "A finding-things game." "And what is it you think you should be finding in this hide-and-go-seek game, Coraline Jones?" Coraline hesitated. Then, "My parents," said Coraline. "And the souls of the children behind the mirror." The other mother smiled at this, triumphantly, and Coraline wondered if she had made the right choice. Still, it was too late to change her mind now. "A deal," said the other mother. "Now eat up your breakfast, my sweet. Don't worry-it won't hurt you." Coraline stared at the breakfast, hating herself for giving in so easily, but she was starving. "How do I know you'll keep your word?" asked Coraline. "I swear it," said the other mother. "I swear it on my own mother's grave." "Does she have a grave?" asked Coraline. "Oh yes," said the other mother. "I put her in there myself. And when I found her trying to crawl out, I put her back." "Swear on something else. So I can trust you to keep your word." "My right hand," said the other mother, holding it up. She waggled the long fingers slowly, displaying the clawlike nails. "I swear on that." Coraline shrugged. "Okay," she said. "It's a deal." She ate the breakfast, trying not to wolf it down. She was hungrier than she had thought. As she ate, her other mother stared at her. It was hard to read expressions into those black button eyes, but Coraline thought that her other mother looked hungry, too. She drank the orange juice, but even though she knew she would like it she could not bring herself to taste the hot chocolate. From start to finish this is the platonic ideal of opening a packet of Swiss Miss on a cold day, tiny marshmallows and all. I love it. This is one of my go-tos when the weather is cool. Sweet, comforting, and nostalgic.
  4. fundercat55

    A Cute Kid

    I was not expecting to like this one as much as I do. I got it for the lavender note, but fully expected it to be too sweet for me. And it is sweet, no doubt about it, but in such a clean, non gourmand way that it I'm obsessed. Wet, it's a blast of strawberry bubblegum with a whiff of chalk dust in the background. As it dries, it reminds me of the scent of a toddler's hair that has been washed with strawberry scented shampoo. It's sweet, and clean, and innocent. Low throw, medium wear length for me. I never get a lot of lavender out of this one, but I think it's what grounds this scent from pulling into a totally candy scent. Once it's completely dried down, it reminds me quite a bit of LUSH's Snow Fairy. This one is unexpectedly bottle worthy for me.
  5. fundercat55

    Spinning on Graves

    Wet: A grassier Serpentine. Dry: Dorian with clove. I looooooove this one. If you're a fan of The Serpentine or Dorian, jump on this one.
  6. fundercat55


    Warm amber, a bit of spice from the Bay Rum, and a bit of sharp oudh. Sexy, clean, softly spicy, and wears close to the skin. This is exactly what you want someone you find attractive to smell like when they hug you close. I cannot stop huffing myself when I wear this one. I don't find it overly masculine, but I do file it under "sexy man scents" in my mind. My only complaint with this one is that it is sooooo low throw that I feel like I practically need to bathe in it. Medium wear length.
  7. fundercat55

    The Goddess of Mischief

    I don't even know how to properly describe this one, except that I love it. Of the six Lilith decants I received, this was the only home run for me. It applies wet with a blast of lavender, and then quickly morphs into something that reminds me of OLLA Adam's little sister. Maybe it's just the mental Hiddleston connection between Loki and Adam, but something about the musk and lavender in this scent immediately brought to mind the leather scent in Adam, but softer, sweeter, and less aggressive. The wear length was middling, but my skin does tend to eat perfumes. Definitely a bottle buy for me.
  8. fundercat55


    Exactly what it says on the tin- Lavender, Coconut, Vanilla. It goes on with a super nice blast of Lilith's lavender, followed quickly by coconut. As it dries, the lavender sweetens and fades and the coconut comes further forward. I definitely see the comparison with TKO as another sweet lavender scent. I would call this a younger cousin to TKO. It's lovely, snuggly, soft, and sweet. I am enjoying the decant I got of it, but am on the fence on if I need an entire bottle as I think I just slightly prefer TKO to this. I might cave and get a bottle for my daughter as a bedtime scent, as the little bit I dabbed onto her pjs smelled divine.
  9. fundercat55

    My Little Grotesque

    In the bottle: Exactly what I wanted- all sugared cardamom, all the time. Wet: Cardamom and sweetness, ahhh! If this stayed this way, this would be an all time Top 5 scent for me. Dry down: The Lab cake note just does not work with my skin chemistry, to my eternal disappointment. Dusty, plasticky, old stale cake with a hint of its previous cardamom glory behind it dominates the drydown. One hour later: The dusty plastic smell has gone, and so has the cardamom and I'm left with a pleasant, vague sweetness. Still, what I had hoped for was a super duper sugared cardamom scent, and this just didn't pan out.
  10. fundercat55


    I love patch, I love nag champa, and I love clean skin scents, so this one seemed like a no brainer for me. I'm so glad I played it safe and waited for a decant. All I get from this is a giant, angry, screaming bar of cheap motel hand soap. Which totally fits for the character it's based on, but is definitely not what I was looking for in a perfume. The soapy scent isn't necessarily unpleasant, but it totally drowns out everything else. Wet: SOOOOAAAAP Dry down, 30 minutes in: soap Dry down, 1 hour in: Gone
  11. fundercat55

    Dead Leaves and Sugared Cardamom

    I love, love, love cardamom so this was a blind bottle buy for me. Unfortunately, my skin chemistry amps the aquatic, cologney note of this to high Hades, leaving the cardamom in the dust. It's all sharp cologne until at about 90 minutes of wear when it calms and softens and eases into a vague, very light sweetness that smells slightly of cardamom. I like that dry phase, but it's so very light, and I am so not fond of the first hour and a half of wear, that I think I'm going to regretfully let go of this bottle. I had such high hopes of smelling like autumn dusted in cardamom sugar, but that's just not how this one played with my chemistry. Le sigh.
  12. fundercat55

    The Serpentine

    This is so, so nice. A sweet, innocent, cuddly scent. Dorian, with a touch of lavender and an extra breath of sweet, white flowers. It's so calming, so lovely- elegant, but innocent. This and Baby's First Krampuslauf are not only my favorite of the Liliths this year, but are maybe two of my favorite BPTP/BPAL scents of all time.
  13. fundercat55

    Pumpkin Sugar

    Well, this one acted exactly like last years Pumpkin Lager did on my skin- CINNAMON and a tiny bit of pumpkin. I was hoping for a little bit softer sweetness, but the spices just seem to scream on me. I'll probably try to swap this one away- it's pleasant, it just does not play well with my skin chemsistry.
  14. fundercat55

    Spider Witch

    Lovely. This wears on my skin as a younger cousin scent to Streets of Detroit- one of my most loved scents. It's lighter, a touch more foodie, and doesn't wear as long as Streets, but has the same nutty, dark but sweet patchouli soul. I love it and am happy I got a whole bottle.
  15. fundercat55

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    2015 Version- From the description, I was hoping that this would be a straight up foodie scent, but alas, that is not what I got. Even when well warmed and rolled, both in the bottle and on my skin I get a very sharp "commercial perfume" scent with just the slightest undertone of chocolate. It's as though I'm walking by the perfume counter in a department store and someone two steps behind me is eating a chocolate bar. Not what I was expecting and the floral, stridently perfumey notes give me a headache. Eventually (like 2+ hours later), it does settle down into a soft, vaguely sweet note on my skin. I recently received a decant of Baby's First Krampuslauf and it's everything I hoped Candy Butcher would be. Skin chemistry, man.