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  1. Swank is strongly 60's/70's to me. Although I feel a little Sinatra with it.. maybe it's the 40's? I am useless.
  2. likie


    I have read many reviews where people describe scents as "soapy," and I've never experienced it myself. But with Lulu, that is all I could smell: soap. Period. Like, raw, freshly-milled, barely-scented soap. On my skin it was mostly the same. I suppose that's probably the gardenia, but I'm not certain.
  3. likie


    I love rose, and wish I could smell more of it in this, but basically all I got was jasmine. There were other elements around the edges, mostly a sort of powdery floral, but the jasmine just stomped everything else to bits.
  4. likie


    The use of the word "heady" in the description sort of made me want to push this away, but as soon as I smelled it I knew I wanted it all the time. It is a suspect in headaches (as I got one afterward, but I'm not sure what the cause was). But if I rule that possibility out, this is a fabulous everyday semi-conservative perfume. I adore it. Nothing wrong with simplicity!
  5. likie

    Countess Willie

    This seems, from the description (and the other reviews), like it would be a really strong, dark sort of scent that isn't for me. However, I found that I liked it a lot, and it fits well into my draw toward "spicy/fruity" oils. I did not find it to be very musky, which I often do. I like it even more than I originally liked Snake Charmer (which was a lot), because I find it to be lighter and more wearable. Also not chocolatey, despite it being the first word in the description.
  6. likie


    Sweet, wet fruits, sibilant Eastern musk, apple blossom, tuberose, calla lily, osmanthus, wild orchid, amber, and sandalwood. Wow! This is a strong fruit with a punch, surrounded by the afterthought of flowers. The fruits really smell like the "base," if you will, while the floral elements are very faint in the bottle. The flowers became stronger for me on the skin, but it retained its slightly sharp quality. I think I like it a lot. edit for lab desc.
  7. likie


    Jack is like a big old pumpkin pie on me. Pumpkin Queen is like an incensey jackolantern in a garden. The Monarch, to me, has even less pumpkin than either of them, and as such is more ginger and more mandarin. I really like it a lot as a perfume. It's on par with PQ in my opinion. It's a little different, but also a little more perfumey. I'm really glad I got it.
  8. likie


    Once again, an oil somehow smells 'fizzy.' That is such a strange effect! In the bottle, it's like the most awesome fruit soda ever. Much like the description - strawberries and peaches, maybe with some cherry syrup and a little mandarin orange. Once on my skin, it mostly maintains this quality, but begins to both fade and warm up. It's a little more orangey now, and smells more of straight fruits (without added sugariness). Later, it's like an orangey peach still on the tree on a dewy morning. I like the eventual effect even better than the original one. Although, I do have to say it's a blend that could be mistaken for a Bath & Body Works type scent. (I mean this in the most delicious way!)
  9. likie

    Staged Moon Landing

    This is easily the weirdest oil I have ever tried. In the decant it was rather planty, kind of outer spacey seeming. Like what Mars foliage might smell like. Once it was on my skin, however, it almost immediately turned sweet. It's not a familiar vanilla sweetness, almost like the Martian plants are now bearing fruit and I'm smelling it. If I sniff very closely I can smell the vanilla, but otherwise it's this kind of creepy sweet smell. I'm a little weirded out by it!
  10. likie

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Do you have any specific questions? Here is what the Lab says on international shipping:
  11. likie

    Hellhound on My Trail

    I think when I bought this I was just buying into a little LE fever. I remember trying it when it arrived and thinking, 'why did I buy this?' and putting it away. Years later I miraculously did not swap it (though I am about to sell it for financial reasons :/), and either I have changed, it has changed, or both. While I think this would be really, really terrific on a man (more so than many other masculine scents I've tried), it also works for women. I'm not sure which note I'm smelling, but I smell clove at the forefront (both in bottle and on), with vanilla muskiness in the background. No plantiness, which I was kind of expecting but probably wouldn't add anything really. A light whiff of tobacco. It's not an office perfume, but not as overwhelming as some. You could wear it for an evening and not expect to have folks weirded out by your smell (I am nervous about this with some BPALs ). eta: Ahh... and there it is, that headache that about 60% of BPAL gives me.
  12. likie

    Te Po

    Definitely the booziest of the original Atomic Luau Lounge series. I also agree with the cherry cola assessment, although I have no idea how the Lab manages to make something smell fizzy. It's quite spicy, and headache-inducing for me I'm afraid.
  13. likie

    Tiki Queen

    Monoi de Tahiti, vanilla, white coconut, tuberose, ylang ylang, white musk, red hibiscus, and neroli. I never wrote a review when I originally got the bottle, so I decided to write a review since it has now aged. In the bottle, it is very sweet, almost like tangy candied flowers. It almost makes me crave candy. It's not overwhelming, though, and doesn't give me a headache like some. It seems well-blended, as no notes in particular stand out to me (although I am hardly an olfactory expert). On my skin, it is slowly becoming less tangy, though still very sweet. Also, NOT MUSKY! Thank God, as musk usually makes everything smell like powdery awful nothing on me. It's drying well, not deteriorating too much. This is very feminine, and sort of straddles the border between floral and foodie (due to its sweetness). It's great for spring or summer, and strikes me as something that could be worn in more professional atmospheres. eta lab description.
  14. likie

    Recommend a scent for a specific dress or outfit

    That dress is seriously fabulous. It makes me think of scents like Alice, Dorian, Carnal (though not for the name ) and maybe if you wanted to be a little daring, Vice. But I have no idea what your tastes are, these are just me!
  15. likie

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge

    So I decide to finally test this properly for the first time and I dropped it, open, 3 times, spilling 2/3 of it. I hate my life. In bottle: Very creamy and buttery. Warm. Like the pumpkin note without the pumpkiny part. Wet: Bit of spice now, a comfortable sort of creamy, spicy, somewhat musky scent. Dry: Oh wow, the lotus is beautiful. Most of the spice is gone, and it just seems to be vanilla with lotus. I do know what lotus smells like, after all! Still, I wouldn't call it an orgasmic scent. A stellar daytime scent, slightly flirty, but mostly professional. However, I think I'll opt for something a little less expensive as a regular.