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  1. virusq

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    I have a few! I prefer the ones where you have to work a little harder to attract your companion, though. The visual novels don't carry that attachment, for me. I have an imp of Good. The RPG series was actually my first purchase! Sadly, none of them worked out for me. Good has all of the right notes, but completely evaporates on my skin. It is a woeful event. I have not seen Cupid Complaining to Venus. It looks tasty! I'll put it on my wishlist. Thank you! I have imps of Mary Read, Coyote, and Tombstone. My skin chemistry does strange things to all of them. Tombstone worked out the best, but it amps "candy" on me so bad that my everyone around me just gets hungry. I'll keep an eye out for Macbeth and the Witches, The Coil, Tenochtitlan, and 51. They all sound like fantastic things I'd somehow overlooked. Thank you!
  2. virusq

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Holy crap, look a the date! I think it's been three years since I first posted in this thread. How about a do-over? I'm short, blonde, and stubborn; I'm stacked like a dwarven shieldmaiden and have the constitution of an asthmatic (gnome) necromancer -- it's really not my fault that my body is allergic to sun, and air, and stupid... Anyway! I went into college with aspirations of becoming an old-school cel animator and came out of college with 72 credit hours in computer programming and library sciences, which lead directly into a six-year job as a veterinary assistant. Clearly, I am fate's plaything. All hail the Raven Queen! My interests lie in space operas, samurai, and sky-pirates; corgis, parrots, and bugs; Mandalorians, Krogan, and Dwarf Lannisters. My dream is to run the first American game design company that specializes in romance sims (think Mass Effect without all that pesky shooting) -- or to at least figure out how my DSLR camera is supposed to work. (I'm currently focusing on converting my 1980s townhouse into an Industrial Paradise, while surviving paycheck to paycheck working in Software Quality Assurance.) I'm a desert girl: lots of sand and sun and sky. I love The Lion, and it loves me. The scent notes of my childhood are creosote, chlorine, and wet concrete. Ozone and acacia are my most sought after scent notes, but I can't ever find them. I love Perversion, Noisome Clockwork Tin Locomotive, Humbug!, Licorice Bats, ... Swank, Cykranoshian Catnip, Fae, Liz, and Regina Elebi love me. Ginger and lilac despise me. tl;dr: I'm an INTJ, I own two corgis, and am seriously considering getting a Lupin III tattoo for my 30th birthday. Have at!
  3. virusq


    Holy smokes, this scent is unique. For the first few hours, all I could smell was calamine salve. It wasn't a medicinal smell, but it was definitely reminiscent of sunburns and picnics where ants wage war with mankind for the last slice of watermelon. (That's summery, right? That's good?) In the last few hours, it's mellowed out into this incense-ash and carnations smell that is generally peaceable and cozy. I expected more heat and spice from Sunbird, but I'm not at all disappointed with what I wound up with. It also loves my skin chemistry! Good job!
  4. virusq

    Agnes Nutter v2

    Agnes Nutter v1 did not work for me as well as I had hoped. It smelled old and rusty. Like grime. So, I was very excited to hear that it was being remade for SDCC! I love this remake! There's something homey about it, like holiday candles or baking, but it's not the overwhelming cinnamon pinecones I expect when someone says "holiday scents". There's definitely something hot and spicy in there -- not quite clove, probably cinnamon -- that I did not pick up on the original. It is definitely sweeter, too! Not quite burnt sugar or vanilla, though. I can't put my finger on it. It also has a great lasting power -- I put it on at 7 AM and it's still around six hours later. It's a very warm scent. Almost foodie. Definitely worth a shot!
  5. virusq

    Single Note: Burning Book

    I wound up doing a group order for this scent and brought all the bottles home to disperse them. My sister opened and sniffed them all, (clean, from the bottle, just smelled, I promise!), and we were shocked to discover that each bottle had an entirely different presence. The first bottle smelled like ozone. The second was chocolate. The third was tobacco. The last two were clever mixes therein. I absolutely adore the BPAL ozone note, so I wound up keeping the most ozone scented one of the batch. I've tried it a few times and have not been disappointed! The ozone is subtle but ever-present. It lasted all afternoon and had a decent throw. There was a warm and smooth note in there, as well, which I would guess was a chocolate or leather note. Overall, it was very warm and smart, which was exactly what I expected. This one is a total keeper!
  6. virusq

    The Palace of Electricity

    I have been waiting for this scent to arrive in my mailbox for MONTHS, and it finally landed in my hands courtesy of an excellent swapper. Normally, the BPAL ozone note is superb on me, but this one is slightly overwhelming. The entire combination comes off as that Axe Bodyspray accelerant smell, with a musky aftershave hint. It did not work well for me at all. No citrus, no ozone. Just bodyspray.
  7. virusq

    Absinthe and Lace

    This one actually works really well for me! It’s much softer than Tin Locomotive, which I enjoy the sharp tones of. Absinthe & Lace’s softer tones are nice and airy. It is strangely difficult to describe, other than possibly “white and lacy” and then maybe a bit “smokey.” But it's more steamed, like hot tea, than smokey like tobacco. There is a green in there, something more like spearmint than absinthe or licorice. I don’t get the boozy note at all, either. It’s overall very delicate and clean without being overwhelming at all. It reminds me of Victorian themed tea parties with white lacy dresses and big frilly umbrellas, really. (And those cucumber sandwiches that are cold and crisp!) Very nice!
  8. virusq


    Sooooooap. I tried, Elf. I tried. I wanted you to be so good. So green and woodsy. I even overlooked the amber and violet to give you a shot, because, clearly, you'd smell better on skin than in the bottle, right? Please? No? Sigh. On my skin, Elf is very soapy. Well, more clean and crisp than hotel soap, to be fair, but that's what amber does on me. The musk and honeycomb are probably what smooth it out, but I don't get the warmth and creaminess I expect from honeycomb and musk. It's just sharp. The violets are the next thing I can detect, since BPAL's violet amps on me LIKE WOAH. But it's also cut down with something more gentle and breezy; either the lily or aspen. Probably the aspen, because it reminds me a bit of Yggdrasil. Unfortunately, I don't have any more of the more grounding scents I had hoped for. This will probably move on to my sister, who likes the green woody smells, and then off to the swap shelf. Ah well.
  9. virusq

    Goldenrod Crab Spider

    Oh my goodness, this is so coconut on me. It's buttery and sweet, which is normally a really good thing, but it reminds me of my coconut/shea body wash with a hint of lime. I prefer my perfumes to remind me of something other than daily life. LOL Very nice! But not for me.
  10. virusq

    Schrodinger's Cat

    I have tested this scent several times and, whereas it’s not bad, it’s not memorable. I was hoping for something a little more peppy from the citrus and peppermint, but all I can discern is something green. Maybe the oakmoss and a smidgeon of chocolate? The throw is not bad, but it smells like handsoap from a distance. No adverse reactions, but not really interesting.
  11. virusq

    The Vine

    I'm going to be the odd man out: Pepper. This smells like peppers, honey, and warm milk, on me. Like an odd bechamel sauce. It's not bad! I like it! It keeps a low profile and last all day, but I'm getting absolutely no pears from The Vine. I thought it might be reacting to something else in my chemistry/environment, so I took a few days off from perfumes and tried it again. PEPPER. It's so weird! It's like white pepper and honey. It reminds me a lot of Queen or White Rabbit. SO WEIRD. But not bad!
  12. virusq


    I ordered Askalaphos for my sister, since she loves BPAL’s soil notes. It had pomegranate in it, so I figured I’d try it out. Very nice! Wet, it smells like pomegranates or a nice fruit punch. It’s red, rich, and inviting, but not overpowering. The floral notes are not overpowering, either, which is a change of pace for my skin chemistry. They add something delicate and sweet to the mix. I can’t pinpoint the soil directly, but there is something grounding in there, that smooths it all over so it’s not super sweet. Dry, Askalaphos mellows out even more. It settled down into a nice, earthy sangria and lasted for hours. Very happy with this one, but I prefer Regina Erebi or Swank for my pomegranate fix, and the earth notes aren’t quite Zombi.
  13. virusq


    Wow. I put this on and immediately detected limes. Not lemons, but bright, green, Corona bottle decorating LIMES. And I like limes, so that was a good start! Unfortunately, during the drying process, there was a powdery white flower smell that invoked images of a mass of tiny white flowers. During my commute, I was overwhelmed by the flowers. Tons of flowers. Flowers everywhere. I was set on cleaning off my wrist as soon as I got to work. An hour later, it's much less aggressive. It's still floral, but more delicate. It's a little like jasmine handsoap, now. Total bummer.
  14. virusq


    In the bottle and wet on the skin, Kabuki was overwhelmingly sweet and red. It was definitely Cherry Twizzlers and I was not amused. It didn't take long to mellow out, however. As soon as the anise started to poke though, things got a little better. On my commute to work, I was catching whiffs of spicy anise with a sweetness from the cherry, but nothing definitively CHERRY. A few hours later, it has settled into a soft/sweet anise smell with a soft/musky undertone. Not my favorite anise option, but it's a keeper.
  15. virusq


    First off, I have to apologize and thank whomever frimped this to me. It was never on my radar and I was kind of disgruntled when it showed up in a package. I'm sorry. I really am. It's been over a year and I'm finally trying it. I regret not trying it before! Thank you, frimper, for having thrown this in the box. I'm really not sure what I'm smelling, here. It smelled soapy, in the bottle, so I didn't have high hopes for it. My dog smelled the change, first. She came in and started /staring at me/. And then it hit me. Something nice and soft, delicate and spicy. It kind of lurks in the background, shadowy but sweet. Maybe palm trees, but not beaches. A little woody, like oak. And ... a buttery sweetness, like coconut. Very nice.