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  1. leslie260

    Kweku Anansi

    I adore Kweku Anasi...passionately. I agree that it has a masculine edge, but to me, it just smells sexy. I found that in the beginning, the smell reminded me of a hamster's cage (nice imagery...sorry), but it mellowed out quickly and morphed into something warm and sensual.
  2. leslie260


    In the bottle: I distinctly smell incense and geranium...and while it smells a bit strong, I can already tell that this will be a good one for me. The worse they smell in the imp...the better they smell on my skin. On my wrist: The same...maybe a bit muskier. I can pick out the rose and lily now...but the lily has more of a Lily of the Valley scent than I expected. It smells lovely. After a half hour: Very floral. Unfortunately, a lot of the heavier incense smell has gone away and has been replaced by a generic floral scent. That really bums me out. Verdict: Gorgeous at first....too floral by the end. I'm disappointed but I've had worse scent experiences. I'll keep the imp.
  3. leslie260


    Alecto has entered my top five fragrances of all time...right after Saturnalia. In the bottle: Woody and not so exciting. I really had to get myself pumped up to even put it on. But I trusted Beth's magic.... Initial skin contact: Dusty and woody...with a slightly green feel to it. It still didn't floor me, but I gave it some time. After 10 minutes: LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It's so mysterious and glam. The wood notes are still there, but there is a greenish incensy undertone that is just beautiful. Unfortunately, it fades out fairly fast. I guess I'll just have to reapply all day.
  4. leslie260

    Rose Red

    Just perfect! This smells exactly like those small, imperfect roses that are loaded with rich, rose scent. Unbelievably good! My only complaint...my skin sucks it up so quickly. After about a hour I can't smell a blessed thing.
  5. leslie260


    Skadi is the epitome of a December scent. Overall, the first thing that hit me was the ripe berry scent...a crisp, tart berry scent. Then the pine kicked in...but it never drowned out the berry. Even after a couple of hours, Skadi smelled gorgeous on my skin. I got many compliments on this one when I wore it...mostly from men, strangely enough.
  6. leslie260

    Snow White

    Snow White is GORGEOUS. Slightly minty, slightly floral and just perfect. In a really odd way, it smells like Scotch brand Magic Tape...which is a really good thing. I associate that smell with wrapping paper and Christmas, so when I smelled Snow White, I nearly fainted with happiness. It smells exactly like a winter smell should! (sorry for the lame tape analogy.... )
  7. On my skin, Belladonna smelled distinctly of cinnamon ribbon candy (which I associate with Christmas). It also disagreed with my skin and burned, but the smell was very pretty.
  8. leslie260

    Berry Scents - Blackberry, Red Berries

    Lampades is a definite. The Red Queen is also a red berry scent that's quite lovely after the dry down. Wet it smells a bit like toilet cleaner...ehh. But that fades in about three minutes.
  9. leslie260

    June Gloom 2004

    Teddy's gloriously dismal creation. As a lover of rainy days, grey skies and chill air, summer is his antithesis. A spell of June Gloom is always welcome in our household. A bouquet of bright summer flowers dampened by the scent of morning mist and rain. First of all, I'd like to thank Shollin for selling me June Gloom. I have been dying to try this (the name just pulled me in) and she gave me that opportunity. In the bottle: The strongest lemon scent...like Dawn dishwashing liquid. My eyes burned as I smelled it. Initial Impression: Still lemon...with the *slightest* hint of a floral coming through. After an hour: Wow! This is beautiful! The lemon has subsided and a sugary floral is coming through. It smells like some sort of candy..but I can't put my finger on it. This is a very pretty scent and would actually be nice as a room air freshening scent. I might have to drop some in some candles tonight...
  10. leslie260


    In the vial: Sweet Orange and a slight hint of something incensey. On the skin: The sweetness of the orange is coming out, but I can now also smell some of the floral notes peeking through. So far, so good!! An hour later: Less floral, more spice and the orange is still there. It's a very pretty scent...and one that doesn't overpower.
  11. leslie260


    This is my favorite rose scent that BPAL makes. It smells so much like pure roses that I find myself sniffing my wrist constantly when I wear it. My husband doesn't care for it and says it makes him sneeze. Whatever. I wear it anyway...
  12. leslie260

    Sudha Segara

    Sudha Segara: In vial - slightly lemon, very much full of sweet honey. The ginger is there, but it's slight. On skin - a lemon-honey mix...I don't get ginger anymore. After an hour - Holy crap! This is a must for people who like Lush's Honey I Washed The Kids or BNever Shower Gel...it smells like milk and honey. I don't normally go for this kind of scent on its own, but this smells sophisticated and good. This makes me want to put on my pyjamas.
  13. leslie260


    This is the smell of a black and white picture of an older woman sitting in an adirondak chair eating chocolate cookies. It's dusty and dry...but there is a definite hint of cocoa and a rich wood smell. I didn't like it at first, but after an hour, it has melded nicely into my skin.
  14. leslie260

    Old-fashioned yet modern?

    I think that Pride smells a bit like a woman from another time and place. It's so obvious and decadent... By the way..."Hi!". fellow Lush forumite!
  15. leslie260


    Mmmmm....I love Marie. Pure, sultry violets, with a touch of rose. It's definitely not a subtle scent, so I wear it when I want to get attention.