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    jester, three witches, jack... anything with berries or that reminds me of autumn!

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  1. slythwitch

    Getting sick of orders showing up as delivered...

    sorry -- i haven't posted in a while because of ongoing computer problems and huge loads of school work -- but my school won't take packages that require signatures; they'll just turn the post guy away and let him send it back to the sender or whatever he does in that case. so, obviously, i support the idea of optional signatures... required signatures would = no more bpal for me.
  2. slythwitch

    Cheshire Cat

    first sniff: FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!! i love fruit scents, so i put this on immediately. on: the fruit very quickly faded into a floraly blend with the undertones of citrus. slightly mad indeed =D. i wish that crazy fruit smell had lasted, but it's lovely nonetheless.
  3. March Hare is technically apricot, but it just said orange to me anyway =D
  4. i adore jester =D it always makes me feel relaxed and upbeat (and i am not a relaxed or upbeat sort of person!)
  5. slythwitch

    Home early, because I can't take the strain.

    if we can do anything to help, do let us know.
  6. slythwitch

    good enough for now

    wowww.... snazzy. i'll take down the old forums and put up a redirect later tonight =D
  7. slythwitch

    Three Witches

    mmm... just got this in a swap. yum. to me it smells exactly like hot spiced cider -- without the cider. it's cinnamony, but not the way you think of cinnamon gum or candy -- it's like a cinnamon stick you swirl in cider. it's almost foody, but not quite. i definitely like.
  8. slythwitch


    augh, i wish! too bad i'm on the other coast ^.^
  9. slythwitch

    News about forums

    everyone: shriekingviolet has kindly offered to host the forums on her site, where she has suffient extra bandwidth. thank you so much for all your offers of support =D the site will go down at a scheduled time that we will work out, and i'll export the current database to the new site, so we won't lose all our messages. i'll leave this address as a redirect as well. i've really enjoyed having these forums, and i'm sorry i couldn't keep up with the level of activity! thank you all so much.
  10. slythwitch

    News about forums

    paypal is a great idea! thanks everyone so far for being so willing to help out. i'm going to hold off for a few days to see if anyone wants to host the forums instead, and if not, i'll post more detailed information. <33 you're all wonderful.
  11. slythwitch

    News about forums

    Hi all, When I had the idea for these forums in mid January, I was eager to host them on my site. I had nearly 400 megabytes of space and was only using half of that, and mostly only for personal/testing purposes and as a place to store and showcase photographs. So it seemed like a neat thing to have something where people outside my family actually went on my domain. Unfortunately, I was quite unprepared for the response I got here. My bandwidth, of which I used to use less than 1%, is now being eaten at a rate that will put me well over my allowance. I am alloted 8GB of bandwidth per month. Thus far for February (in seven days), we have used 2.6 GB. If I go over at all, I have to pay a penalty that is more than the service itself costs. I have a few options here: 1st, and maybe best: If one of you has a place to put this forum that does not have bandwidth limits, or sufficiently high bandwidth limits, I will happily export the forums to you to host on your site. 2nd: If everyone could give maybe a dollar or so, it would be enough to pay for the additional bandwidth necessary for a whole year. This would be messy to coordinate, but it might work... 3rd: If worst comes to worst, and neither of the above happen, I'll be forced to take the forums down every time we start approaching 8GB. They'll probably be offline (locked up) for the last week of the month, and I'd put them back up for the new month. I'm sorry this is happening!!! I've admittedly not had a great deal of experience running popular sites, and I didn't forsee it at all. Please respond if you have other ideas of how to make this work as well.
  12. slythwitch

    I need help with a database.

    Sure, I could help you put it into a MySQL database online and write a front end for it if you like in PHP... i *love* php. if you do that, i can toss the perfumes your way but personally, i'm not comfortable with it being online without some sort of security above and beyond a plaintext password [unless one of the fancier algorithms are used though then it's not 'xactly plaintext now is it?] because i'm one paranoid sonuvabitch if there's info like my address on it, which is why i suggested access indeed... i could probably manage an encrypted password system, and mysql has some of it's own protections. but i don't even know if elizabeth would prefer it online or off. unfortunately, i have no idea about access...
  13. slythwitch

    I need help with a database.

    Sure, I could help you put it into a MySQL database online and write a front end for it if you like in PHP... i *love* php.
  14. slythwitch


    Hellcat... I sniffed this one first before rereading (and thus remembering) the description, and the only thing i got right was the rum. ("where's all the rum gone?" ). On me, it smelled very dry and dusty and spicy, and wasn't really to my taste. There's also the fact that whether or not I can or can't smell it, I'm hesitant to wear anything that lists an alcoholic beverage as one of the scents... particularly to class or to see my parents!
  15. slythwitch


    Huckleberry and red currant with the incisive bite of neroli. i think this is the most complex and beautiful scent i've had the honor of trying thus far. it goes on sweet, but the tartness of the berries and the citrusy smell of the neroli really balances the sweetness of the berries. i just sat and sniffed my wrist for... i don't know how long. the currant gives it a slight sharpness. this scent convinces me that the key to a winner is balance, and this is definitely a winner. EDIT: Added Lab's description --Shollin