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    Midway, Spooky, Gingerbread Poppet, Midwinter's Eve, Jester, Swank, Titania, Pink Phoenix, MB: Bloody Mary I love love love fruity, foody, sugary scents. Heavier florals and musks don't seem to agree with me.

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    Shopping, cooking, baking, reading reading reading. Netflix marathoning. Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Suits, Nashville, The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Bob's Burgers. Movies based on Jane Austen novels. Anything starring Colin Firth.
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  1. -Jamie-

    Berry Moon 2009

    In the bottle: Blueberries and musk. Wet on skin: The honey comes out a bit more, there's almost a baby-powdery scent going on for some reason. The musk fades as is dries. Dry on skin: The honey is definitely there, mixed with bit of blueberry, with hints of citrus in the background. There's a little fruit-scented-plastic-doll the longer I wear it, but I sort of like that, haha. I love this one!
  2. I've wanted to try this since the chocolate box first arrived, thanks to the sell/swap forum I finally get to. In the bottle: Mmmm chocolate and raspberry. Not white chocolate, more milk chocolate to me? Sort of like opening a bag of mixed Tootsie rolls, with the chocolate and fruit scents combined, yummy! Wet on skin: WELL HELLO THERE, RASPBERRY. Dry on skin: Chocolate comes through again, fading a bit the more time passes until it's more of a background scent with the raspberry and apricot taking center stage. I really really like this. And sort of want to track down bottles of all the other chocolates just for the truffle pictures on them.
  3. -Jamie-


    Wet: APPLES. With a hint of caramel. Dry: I love this! The caramel comes out a lot more, and the apple and caramel are very distinct, separate scents on my skin somehow. The caramel doesn't go "burnt" on me like a lot of sugars do, which is awesome. There is just a touch of coconut as well. In conclusion: YUMMY. This is such a delicious scent!
  4. -Jamie-

    Beaver Moon 2005

    In the bottle: Vanilla cupcakes mmmmm. A tiny bit of a cheesecake scent, but mostly vanilla and cake. Wet: Vanilla and waaaaay more cheesecake. It's taking over! Dry: Almost totally cheesecake and graham crackers. The cupcakes, they have disappeared. There is a tiny hint of vanilla still running around, but the tangier cheesecake scent is super super dominant. And possibly holding a whip.
  5. -Jamie-

    Pink Phoenix

    Pink Phoenix is one of my comfort scents. I reach for it when I anticipate a bad day. It just makes me happy. If it were possible to smell a color, this would be what pink smelled like. In the bottle: Vanilla, lots and lots of strawberry, and a touch of what I think is the sweet pea? It's a bit floral, but hard to pinpoint over the smell of the other, super sweet scents. Wet: Pretty much like in the bottle, but the honey starts to peek out. Dry: Strawberry and vanilla and honey. There's an almost powdery scent in the background, but only a bit. It's just very sweet and edible smelling. And hooo boy does it last! Easily one of the longest-lasting oils I've ever tried.
  6. -Jamie-

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    This is easily one of my absolute favorite perfumes of all time. It couldn't be more perfect for me. In the bottle: Sugar and cherries cherries cherries. I think the other fruits might be lurking in the background, but I mostly get a strong cherry scent. Wet: Same as in the bottle. <3 Dry: The sugar and cream come out a LOT more as it dries, so that they're almost the main scent. It blends with the cherry so amazingly well, I can never get over how wonderful it smells. Or how long it lasts! It's one of the few perfumes I wear that I can smell hours and hours after applying it. I need to hunt down another bottle soon. The rate I'm going through it scares me!
  7. -Jamie-

    Trick or Treat

    This is so yummy. In the bottle, pure butterscotch pudding. On my skin, the butterscotch takes a back seat to cinnamony spices and slightly burnt sugar. A very warm, very sweet, very autumn scent. Love it. I wish candy corn really tasted like this.
  8. -Jamie-

    Fruit Moon

    I've learned that I have to try most scents twice to get a real idea of how they smell on me. The first time I wore Fruit Moon, it started out sour and ended up incredibly tangy, which made me very sad indeed. But trying it a second time, I fell in love. In the bottle: MELON. Nothing else really comes through for me. Just lots and lots of melon. On my skin: Still melon. As it dries, some other fruits peek through. Peach and pomegranate, something citrus. Lime, I think? It's adding a bit of tartness that balances out the sweetness of the other fruits. Overall the scent is just really lovely and fresh.
  9. -Jamie-

    Gingerbread Poppet

    Oh my god. Within seconds of opening the bottle, I was desperately in love. Wet: Almost pure nutmeg. It makes me think of slightly bitter French toast. Dry: Christmas in a bottle. Warm gingerbread, not too sweet, with just the right blend of spices. None of them are overpowering, it's a really nice balance. Please oh please let it be released again this year. I need multiple bottles. This is going to be used a LOT, especially as the holiday season approaches.
  10. -Jamie-


    Oh my. I'm really sorry I found this after it was discontinued, because it's beautiful. My wee little imp will just have to last a looong time. In the bottle: citrus floral minty goodness. It's very clear and crisp. On my skin: it stays about the same, an ozoney grapefruit and mint smell, with something flowery running around in the background. After a little while, the florals and mint fade a bit and leave a very bright, clean, citrus scent behind. It's wonderful. It does fade rather quickly on me, turning powdery before disappearing altogether, but if it were still available I'd definitely be buying a bottle.
  11. -Jamie-


    I love Numb. Love love love it. In the bottle: as someone else said, it smells like something you'd wash your face with. Astringent ahoy! On my skin: Ivory soap. Lots and lots of Ivory soap. After half an hour or so, it changes to a sweeter soapy smell, which is probably the violets peeping through. It's very clean and fresh. I may have to track down another bottle, since I can see myself wearing this quite often. One of the reasons I love Numb so much is the fact that it reminds me of my mother. In the dry-down stage, it's a mix of soap and Oil of Olay, which is how she smells before going to bed. It's a very warm, comforting scent to me.
  12. -Jamie-


    Mmmmm, yummy. There was an imp of Geek included in an eBay auction I won recently. I didn't really think about trying it for a while, but then curiosity won out. In the bottle, very sharp and woodsy. The pine comes through very clearly. On my skin, it mellows out quite a bit after a few minutes. Becomes a bit... sweeter, for lack of a better word. The pine isn't as sharp, and I can smell a bit of the leather and cinnamon bark and something smoky. Hee, Geek reminds me of my father. At one time he wore a cologne that smelled vaguely similar, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. So I'm having conflicted thoughts about it. On one hand, mmmm very sexy and lovely and RAWR. On the other hand, smells like daddy. And those are two thoughts you don't really want to have at the same time.
  13. -Jamie-


    Midway is incredible. I bought a decant of it off the forum and it arrived on the very day the CNs were being taken down. I'm so relieved it showed up when it did, or I might not have ordered a bottle at the last minute, and then would have spent a very long time kicking myself. As it is, I wish I'd ordered more than one. Wet, it smells almost like straight vanilla. Dry, it settles into a more sugary vanilla with something warm and buttery and just a little bit salty underneath. It's heavenly. I can't stop sniffing myself after putting this on.
  14. -Jamie-

    Midwinter's Eve

    I *love* this. If it comes back, I will be stocking up like crazy. I'm already terrified of using up my wee shortie bottle too quickly. In the bottle, very very fruity and refreshing. On my skin, it smells a bit richer. Less fruity, warmer, with a hint of something boozy coming though. After a while it turns into a kind of fruity punch, less boozy and closer to the original bottle scent. I need multiple full-sized bottles of this, because the urge to just slather it on is overwhelming.
  15. -Jamie-


    In the bottle, it's very sweet and fruity, which I love. It does smell very purple, a bit candy-ish. On my skin, it immediately turns almost woody and all the lovely fruity bits get pushed into the background. Way, waaaay into the background. The longer I wear it, the more woody/incensey it gets. I applied it about an hour and a half ago, and it's now all incense with a bit of vaguely floral action going on. A vast change from the bottle scent! It's lovely, and I think I'm going to try it as a room scent, but probably won't wear it all that often. My chemistry mutates it a bit too much, heh.