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    Niche Perfume (of course), Buildering (rock climbing minus ropes), Lush, Animal welfare, Vegetarianism, 1950’s fashion, Punk Hardcore, sci-fi, Harry Potter
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  1. Delvian Gardener

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    I really like the idea of this thread. I'm pretty new too and its sort of hard to pick out things that sound good in the description but still work well on and are something I would like to ware. Ok so my personality: I hate reality, I pretty much only read fantasy or scifi novels. I have a Bachelor in Social Science (government policy and social services). I work part time in a fresh hand made cosmetics store. My favourite tv show is Mad Man, i love late 50's early 60's fashion (that Marilyn Monroe pin-up eye liner is my everyday look). I always ware heels if Im not working, I came from a migrant working class family, Im first generation to be born in an English speaking country. I inherited my grandmothers skill of looking like I came from money even though I don't. I grew up with Scandinavian pagan mythology from my grandmother who never said dreams aren't real. I have very vivid and disturbing dreams. I'm a vegetarian sometimes vegan. If I feel like reading a trashy romance I read Jane Austin. I love dry British comedies like Red Dwarf, Black Books and the Young Ones. Im easy to get birthday present for because I like pretty things. I've been told that Im very good at polite and amusing small talk. Just a side note: I really cant do almond and I'm not so keen on honey. im realy interested to see what im recommended
  2. Delvian Gardener

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    TRANSEO GA cologne that (almost) blends well into human society: benzoin, orange blossom, cumin, King mandarin, gaiac wood, juniper berry, Calabrian bergamot, Ceylon cinnamon, and blood camouflaged by wine I'm in love with Transio but I know its on its way out and i would like to branch out into the General catalogue collection to try and find something similar. what i love about it is that it has a good throw and lasts a long time (and the smell obviously). if you've tried this one what do you think it smells similar to? or is there anything that sounds similar in description? Also very open to "if you like this you'll, like this" recommendations. Please help!!!!
  3. Delvian Gardener


    got a sniffy of this and omg i love it! its like what an urban faery would smell like. i hope its not just because its aged. we shall see when my lab order gets here.
  4. Delvian Gardener


    yet another perfume oil that my body just absorbs. the smell is light and pleasant but on it just gets lost on me. Going to try it today im my scent locket. Im wondering if this will age into something stronger?
  5. Delvian Gardener


    Im not a fan of this one. in the bottle she smells exactly how i imagined Hunter to smell (at east when she's just had a wash). But once i put her on she disappears almost immediately. I've even tried putting her in my scent locket. The only reason im not bitter about not liking this is that the money went to a good cause.I ended up giving this one away to someone with different body chemistry. I have a few other Gaiman's coming, i hope they have better staying power.