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  1. hepkitten

    The Things We Do Make Echoes

    Fruit scents are not normally my thing...but, WOW, do I love this. It starts off as chaotically fruity, then focuses in to become a coherent fruit scent with some bite at the core. (For fellow Sandman fans, this shift reminds me of the moment in Brief Lives where Delirium focuses in order to tell Destiny off and help Dream pull it together. There's chaos on top, but there's more sense and sharpness at the center of this multicolored cloud than you expected.) I would say that the one fruit you have to like for this to work is mango. If you feel iffy about the others, you might be okay, but mango's a star player throughout.
  2. hepkitten


    Sinuously exotic and rich, but kept from being too dense and heavy by bright, sweet violet. This was one of the first BPAL scents I really loved, and it's still a standout. Granted, you MUST love violet for it to work...but if you do, it is a stunner. Violet lovers, give yourself over and luxuriate in its sybaritic delights!
  3. hepkitten

    Mata Hari

    I was so sad to see this on the list for Tournament of Underdogs...but maybe its inclusion will get it some more well-deserved love? I never thought that coffee, rose, and jasmine belonged together until I smelled this; I'm so grateful that Beth saw the connection, because this scent is gorgeous. It's something a bit different from your more mass-market scents, but it's not so radically out there that you couldn't safely lure in a floral-loving BPAL newbie with it.
  4. hepkitten

    Snake Eyes Gleaming in Spring’s First Twilight

    Eventually, this dries down to a dark, soft scent that feels like the thickest purple velvet. Before that, though, it is the poopiest oud I have ever smelled in my life. 😭 It doesn’t hit me quite as strongly in the bottle...but when I put it on, it was bad enough that I had to keep my arm covered and out of range. Even then, I almost scrubbed several times. The drydown is so gorgeous, but I just don’t think I can push through the nausea. I hope this scent plays nicer with others!
  5. hepkitten

    Venus Callipyge

    If you're a more commercial perfumista as well, brace yourself: on me, this smells more than a bit like Iris Gris, one of the all-time great classic fragrances. Granted, there's an unpleasantly sharp top note that has to burn off first; it almost made it a scrubber, but it (thankfully) vanished completely before too long. Also, this is less animalic than the vintage Iris Gris I've been lucky enough to smell (and the fabulous Dawn Spencer Hurwitz recreation of the scent, Scent of Hope, which is dynamite but much pricier). But otherwise, the drydown of this is a rich, rounded thing that is succulently grand and gorgeous. It doesn't make sense to me based on the notes, and maybe something has to do with my skin or some other factor, but my imp was the best modern riff on Fath's masterpiece that you could EVER find in this price range.
  6. hepkitten

    The Inn Atmosphere Spray

    I got a squirt with a recent order, and I want more!!! I noticed the food and wood, but I also got the scent of a fireplace. Really gorgeous!
  7. hepkitten


    This goes through some weird stages on me, but it dries down to a warm rose with a touch of powder. (It reminds me just a bit of Lady Luck Blues, but I don't have LLB in front of me to compare.) I might consider getting a bottle of this, as the vanilla makes it very wearable. The jasmine is a no-show, thankfully.
  8. hepkitten

    Countess Willie

    This is definitely Bordello's more sophisticated sister. I love the rich fruits going on here, but I'm not sure that I can take the chocolate. For anyone who has more tolerance for chocolate scents, though, this is a sex bomb.
  9. hepkitten


    There's really gorgeous clovey goodness at the base of this...but it's blocked by a hairspray-laden jasmine bomb on top. Hilma hates me.
  10. hepkitten

    Dia de los Muertos

    DDLM 09: Almost a marigold single-note on me. None of the deeper notes are present at all. There is a slight bit of honeyed sweetness, however. If you hadn't told me that this was DDLM, I might like it...as is, I keep comparing this to DDLM 04, and it falls far short.
  11. I fell in love with the smell of Spice Curls soap recently, although I don't like using it that much. Any BPAL smell-alikes?
  12. hepkitten


    I get the fruit here a lot more strongly than I get the rose. It's an ebullient fragrance on me, rather than a delirious one.
  13. hepkitten


    The honey and floral notes are lovely, but the Lab's milk note goes sour on me here. Darn!
  14. hepkitten


    There's a really interesting sweet/spicy thing going on here. The scent is a lot softer than I thought it would be; I'll have to spend more time with this one.
  15. hepkitten

    Tomoe Gozen

    On me, this is fruit punch made with honey, perhaps with a splash of pee. Yay skin chemistry.