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  1. Sultaana


    This was some seriously pink bubblegum perfume in the imp, and immediately on my skin it was SUPER bubble gum and I thought I might have to scrub it off. But, a few minutes in and it's LOVELY. A more complex bubble gum with that womanly perfume and a little spice. Very naughty and unexpectedly sexy. Sometimes, though, when I take a deep sniff of it I get big, orange carrots and I'm not sure what that's about. Love it more than expected, that's for sure.
  2. Ha! My mom has declared every perfume oil I've held out for her "powdery." Embalming Fluid is the only one she's approved of. No wonder: White Tea and Ginger is her favorite B&BW. They still sell it, by the way. New request: my favorite B&BW ever is the delicious and discontinued (and now priced higher than a bottle of BPAL) Sunset Mango from the awesome Temptations collection. Mango seems to be a pretty rare note here, but is there anything from BPAL that is very mango-y? I wonder if Ushi is hard to get ahold of? I went halfsies on a bottle with my bestie and she ended up loving it so I felt bad taking my half and let her keep it. It was VERY mango but in a grown up, sexy perfumey way. Red musk, crushed tomatoes, mango, and fig.
  3. Sultaana

    Raven Moon

    I am horrible at Lunacy cutoffs and always miss ones I want, and this was no exception. Thankfully, I saw a 2009 bottle up for cheap in a sale so I snagged it just so I could experience this one for myself. In the bottle, I get heavy dark patchouli and I'm reminded a lot of Banshee Beat. Once I put it on, I get a big smack of baby powder which I wasn't expecting, and that's normally a turn off for me but I think this is keeping it from going too dark on me. The spices are wonderful, I really enjoy the nutmeg and I wish there was just a liiiittle more chili. The baby powder fades and the smoky vanilla comes out as it dries. Whoa. This is WAY sexier than I imagined!
  4. Sultaana


    YUM, this one is the best of the three Pandora scents. It's my favorite kind of foody - the one where it is sweet and rich and you want to eat it, but there are support notes that make it a foody PERFUME. It does turn very fruity for a while because of the apricot, but the pink pepper and honey are magical additions. What's amazing to me is orange blossom is usually an overpowering, cloying scent on me and it was mellow the whole time.
  5. Sultaana


    Not what I was expecting! I get a lot of sweet ocean aquatic and honey - it's very clean and fresh smelling, though, and the nectarine notes are very playful on the drydown.
  6. Sultaana


    The jasmine does what it loves to do and overpowered this whole scent for me. I loved the other notes and wish they could stand on their own in a blend someday!
  7. Sultaana


    This scent fits so well for Norman, but not so well for me unfortunately. The pine needle dominates this scent on my skin, and I feel a bit too much like an air freshener, although there is a bit of the milk note, too. I really do wish I could smell what the ectoplasm was supposed to be!
  8. Sultaana


    This is mostly beer and dandelions wet. And eventually just dandelions. Interesting, but not really what I imagined from a Roadhouse. Maybe I watch too much Supernatural?
  9. Just a heads up, some CnS packages (seems to be the June 3rd CnS packages) were mis-scanned at origin by the USPS. They were supposed to be accepted by the post office, but instead were accidentally marked as DELIVERED in North Hollywood. I received mine safely and soundly, however the tracking information will not update past DELIVERED in North Hollywood.
  10. Sultaana


    Very soft, almost couldn't smell it in the vial. This is another gorgeous leather that ACTUALLY WORKS ON ME without turning foul, but it really needed some layering to let it stand out. Pretty soft on it's own, and it's nice enjoy the frankincense in the background for a change. Evil paladins, though, are sexy.
  11. Sultaana


    Very strong and heavy, deep earth drunks crafting away. It is very true to it's namesake and I know many dwarf rolling men who would LOVE this blend.
  12. Sultaana


    This is a subtle evil. The honeytongued backstabber, the sabotager, the sexy stranger that sleeps with you only to steal your secrets. It smells like a den of sex and deceit and I cannot believe it is a real smell. This is TOO good.
  13. Sultaana


    All the great smells of camping without the bug bites. It didn't turn into any sort of cleaner or weirdness and it stayed true for a long time. Layers nicely with the sweeter perfumes, like Elf or Halfling, to keep things from getting to I'M A MAN IN A FOREST TRACKING THIEVES AND ETC.
  14. Sultaana


    I never understood the fascination with leather because no retailer or perfumer can put leather into a blend that doesn't smell terrible on me. I got rogue anyway, to round out a 6 imp sample set. A LEATHER THAT WORKS ON ME! I am over the moon with this perfume. It has that GORGEOUS hemp note that reminds me of the one I love so much in Banshee Beat and the leather doesn't smell like I just mixed too many chemicals to clean the bathtub. Gorgeous. Not too masculine either, which surprised me, and I swear to god it layers so perfectly with the sweetness of Halfling. Wow.
  15. Sultaana


    This is the only of the RPGs that I blindly bottled, because of my long love affair with elven characters in the RPG and fantasy settings. I was expecting a letdown somewhere, just because of how closely I hold elves to my heart. Seemed inevitable, right? WRONG! This was gorgeous! Not too much tree, not too much flower, soft honey sweetness, warm golden musk...it's haunting and captivating and EVERYTHING I wanted.