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  1. Teipu

    Guatemalan Volcanic Coffee Bean

    In the bottle it smells like coffee-flavored candy, very yummy. Wet on skin it turns a little bit bitter, more like true coffee, but this stage only lasts a few minutes. Dry it turns very sweet, even slightly floral on me. There is a hint of coffee, but it smells more perfumy and feminine than I imagined. It's almost like a coffee scented candle, which I like! Sometimes I still get whiffs of the coffee-flavored candy from the bottle-stage. I haven't tried Guatemalan Volcanic Coffee, so I have no idea if it actually smells true to its name. It isn't the straight up coffee scent that I hoped for, but actually sweeter and more wearable. I really like it nevertheless!
  2. Teipu


    Dracul starts very spicy on me, almost like pepper. I also get some smoke when it's wet. During the dry-down I get a strong, spicy tobacco and clove which overpowers the other notes, but that fades once it is dry. In the dry stage it's still spicy tobacco but mellowed by the mint. I can even detect the fir in the throw. When it has faded to nearly nothing (about 7 hours after intial application) it's sweetened by the orange blossom. Complex, warm and less masculin than I expected. Has a sophisticated feel to it, like I need a Whisky glass in my hand when wearing this.
  3. Teipu

    Eastern Comma

    In the bottle: spicy orange Fresh: smells like the licorice orange Tea I had yesterday. Spicy orange with something like clove and licorice (the plant, not the candy). I don't really know how straight up tobacco smells, so that could be the spice-note. No hay yet. Dry: mellowed out and became very faint on my skin. I still get a light throw though. Creamy warm orange with a hint of spice. I really like the dry stage and hope it get's a little bit stronger with aging. ^^
  4. Teipu

    Dark Chocolate, Lime and Chocolate Mint

    I get a lot of mint at first, the chocolate comes out after 5 minutes and lime after 10. The notes mix very well together and I love the chocolate note as it's not too sweet on me. I'm glad I got a bottle.
  5. Teipu

    Jasmine Cottage

    Camellia, jasmine, heather, orange blossom, osmanthus, wisteria, thyme, angelica, freesia, granny's nightcap, and English wildflowers. I love floral blends, so this is an instant winner for me. When wet on my skin I definitely get the green some reviewers were talking about. Also I smell a lot of heather. For the first ten minutes it's a little bit soapy, but I actually like that. When it's dry the soapiness is gone and it smells mostly like jasmine and heather to me. Unfortunately it fades really quickly and I have to sniff close to my hand to smell anything after 2 hours of wear. Even though it fades quickly I really like it and am planning to buy a bottle soon.
  6. Teipu

    Horn of Plenty

    Frimp in a purchase. This a beautiful sweet and fruity blend on me. In the bottle it's the sharp and kinda grassy (vetiver?) with a cherry undertone and I didn't really wanted to try it at first. On my skin it turns to almond and cherries mixed with vanilla. Extremly delicious! I don't get any smoky or woody tones others mentioned and I'm very glad about that. Right now I totally want to buy a bottle, but I'll test it again once it's not so extremly warm outside.
  7. Teipu

    Great Grey Witch

    At first this smells lovely of chamomile and white sugar. It's a sweet and almost girly smell and I love the chamomile. Unfortunately after quite some time orris comes out (which seems to be a note of doom on me) and I smell like play-doh. I don't get any lemon. Definitely not a bottle purchase, but so many other moths and butterflies worked out well on me that I'm not really sad about it ^^
  8. Teipu

    Common Jezebel

    Unfortunately this is pure fail on me... I had high hopes because of the apricot and lemon sugar. In the bottle and fresh on the skin it's pure vetiver on me. After around 10 minutes apricot makes a very very short visit and the other notes don't bother to make an appearance. Unfortunalety after that the vetiver turns into something nasty and now I smell like a glue stick... ICK!
  9. Teipu


    Although I have a private LJ (and a blog for cross-stitch) I think a scent journal would be useful. My LJ friends have not the slightest idea of perfume and I don't want to spam their friends list with perfume ramblings. I think a blog here is a nice idea as mostly people who like BPAL will read it (if anyone at all reads it anyway). This will be my space for pondering over what to include in my next order and post short reviews. With the new update I want to place a new order, so question is what to order? I think I'll pass on the Fledgling Raptor Moon. I love the concept and the artwork is beautiful but woods are not very me, I'm still unsure how vanilla works for me (same with sandalwood) and I have never tried Hinoki, Massoia or West Indian bay. Until now I also thought I wouldn't need Chaos Theory because it's too risky but yesterday I got a decant from some CT Vanilla and it's vanilla-creamy orange and smells sooo yummy. Also in the reviews incense hasn't been mentioned much so i'm kinda save. It's not that I don't like incense but I have many imps smelling like it so I don't need more. So I will take the risk and hope for a foody or fruity or floral Vanilla blend. Also on my order will be Tiki Princess and an Imp pack of the Tiki bar (consisting of Blue Fire, Mahana, Rangoon Riptide, Red Tide, Screeching Parrot and Ehecatl). All those sound delicious for summer! I'm not the biggest fan of warm coconut (Paduan Killer Swarm is nice once in a while but the coconut is a little bit too much), so I hope the cold coconut in Tiki Princess will be as awesome as I hope for. I plan to get my first GC bottle. With my last order I got an Imp of Glasgow and it's GEORGEOUS!!! I love the heather and blackberry. It's such a subtle, warm and soft blend that I could wear it everyday if there weren't all those Imps to test. So the (new, edited) breakdown: CT Vanilla Tiki Princess Glasgow Durian Fruit infused Honey and Brandy Imp Pack + some Wandcaps This will be the biggest order I've placed so far but as it's my birthday in 3 days I think it's okay to make myself a small present ^^ Okay EDIT: I completely forgot!!! I also wanted to order Durian Fruit infused Honey and Brandy. IMO it's the best infused honey because it's not so overly green like Doll's Eye and a little bit more complex than Jerusalem Cherry (which is also nice but I only need one Infused Honey). I haven't tried Yew Berry but that's okay. Maybe the fact that I forgot it in the breakdown is a sign that I shouldn't order it at all? But it's such a nice light scent... And in July I might want to order the Moths and Butterflies when I'm finally done testing them all.
  10. Teipu

    Rosy Maple

    Everytime I open the decant I smell watermelon! Maybe it's the combination of notes which makes it smell like this and it vanishes as soon as it hits my skin (and now I need to search scents with watermelon!) When it's fresh on my skin it's very sugary with hints of the acai berry and huckleberry. Dried down it's mostly candyfloss and sweet pea and it smells wonderful!! I'm glad this smells so awesome, because the moth is so cute! Definitely a candidate for a bottle-purchase.
  11. Teipu


    This is a very beautiful floral smell. I don't really know how heather smells, but I get rose mixed with something else. The blackberry is faint when wet and unfortunately vanishes when dry. I really love florals and this is one of the best I've smelled so far, so I'll order a bottle in my next order ^^
  12. Teipu

    Jerusalem Cherry Infused Honey

    I really couldn't believe that this would really smell like tomato plants but now I have my decants and it REALLY smells like that. When it's very green and smells like my grandma's vegetable garden in a bottle. I got whiffs of honey when it dried down and dry it smells like blossoms and nectar! The smell is fantastic. Very faint I still get the green vegetable smell, but I have to concentrate on it. When wet I thought I would be satisfied with the decant but now I'm not so sure anymore, as it smells so good when it's dry.
  13. Teipu

    How to make a paypal order.

    I have a newbie-question. I moved to another country for a year but I can't change the country of my paypal-account from Germany to Japan. The only option would be opening a new account for Japan but I'm returning to Germany in 3 months so I don't want to do that. Do I just state my Japanese adress in the comment box and ask them to ship it there? (and in case it doesn't all fit into the box, send them an email?)