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  1. Dove

    Phallus Festival Atmosphere Spray

    This is really beautiful! When first sprayed I think of Grand Marnier but then it settles into a super comfy bedroom type scent. I mainly smell almond, amber, orange, and then the beeswax and leather give it support. Like if you were sitting on a soft leather couch, having a rum cocktail while a amber orange candle is burning. It's not the in your face orange that I thought it could be nor does it hit you when you walk into a room. This is the spray when you want to relax and just have your place smell comfy and kind of sexy.
  2. Dove

    In the Wild North

    This really reminds me of Snow White but with more trees. First applied, I get a lot of cold tree smell with a hint of the sweet snow note. Dried, the snow is upfront and center with a hint of trees and the flowery smell of Snow White. I like Snow White but it tended to border the plastic vanilla smell on me. In the Wild North is perfect. No plastic. Sweet snow and woods. Best of all, it lasts forever on me and has great throw. It's not quite the in your face forest smell I expected but it is beautiful.
  3. Dove


    Henryka Weyssenhoffa Terebinth, fir needle, and smoke. Sooo... I have no impulse control and I had to test it right when I got it even though I know I should have waited. Slathered it on and instantly was sad. It became old bathroom bar soap. But! I tried it later and it was much improved. I don't get much smoke from this, instead it really reminds me of the bloc na nollaig atmo (yuletide in a bottle). It has pretty decent throw but settles close to the skin after an hour or so. I might be wearing this more for winter but it has great layering capabilities for fall I think.
  4. Dove


    To me, this is definitely cherry cream with a touch of blackberry at the beginning. Hours later I still get cherry cream but there is a hint of baked goods that somehow snuck in there. My skin loves this. No cherry medicine and it has great throw and longevity.
  5. Dove

    Baby’s First Krampuslauf

    Lilith loves Krampus. Shes loved Krampus ever since she was a wee tiny thing, and every Christmas Eve, she leaves chocolate and beef jerky (long story!) for him alongside the cookies and milk she leaves out for Santa. Last December, Lilith attended her first Krampuslauf at ArtWalk in Downtown Los Angeles. She was overjoyed; she absolutely loves Krampus, and being surrounded by so much excitement (and the strange joy of so many scowling bestial faces, swishing switches, and baskets awaiting unruly children) literally swept her off of her feet. She loved the parade, she loved the costumes, and she believed with all her heart even just for a moment, but maybe forever in her heart that all of these hairy horned beasts were real. Her favorite Krampus one she has known since she was a toddler gave her a card that proclaimed that she was naughty and destined for the basket. Of course, she treasures it. Dark chocolate and a hint of woodsmoke. Krampuslauf came~ It needed a good shaking and likes to separate. At first from a distance I smell like cozy hot chocolate and a nice fire but no, come closer and it's like a dusty bakery got caught in an inferno. After the inferno goes out I now smell like bitter chocolate and smoke. It's fun and if you like bonfire night and the more sweet gorobble, then this is for you. It's sweet and menacing all in one.
  6. Dove

    Honey Pumpkin Stout Soap

    I really enjoy this soap! I have it sitting in the bathroom and you can smell it walking by. I get mostly pumpkin with honey but when lathered I can smell a little of the beer. A perfect autumnal soap! It lathers really easy and I can smell it close to my skin when I am done. A perfume version would be really nice!
  7. Dove

    Devil's Night

    I have the 2011 version and I am soo confused by this scent! I love that boozy, smokey, sweetness it has in the bottle, but for some reason it has the same salty quality as The Phoenix does on me. I like it in the Phoenix but I can't get why my skin is taking this and making it smell like tangy salt. I'm not giving up on it yet in hopes that it was my nose, or it will have to remain as a scent locket smell. It really is awesome in the bottle.
  8. Dove

    The Vampire Bride

    I really wanted this to work on me, but sadly the white tea took over. In the bottle, it's mainly white tea with the violet trying to show through. When wet on my skin, the white tea turns to a odd citrusy cleaner. It is a little better when dry and I can get some violet in there with perhaps some dust, but I can't shake the citrus cleaner.
  9. Dove

    Unspeakably Evil Temple Atmosphere Spray

    I just sprayed a little on my pillow last night and I wasn't sure that I liked it because I kept waking up going "What on earth is THAT". So I woke up this morning and blamed it on possible conflicting scents so I just said balls to it and sprayed my entire room like a maniac. Now I completely agree that this is full of beautiful resins and is such a mood setter of serious business. It is intense and lovely, a keeper!
  10. Dove

    Tricksy Bath Oil

    Oooo first post from me but I am a long time lurker. And this was too fantastic to keep quiet about. From the bottle I mainly smell the patchouli. Yet, when I tested it in the bath, my entire bathroom started to smell like this fantastic campfire, without the burning of the eyes of course. I assume that this is due to the aquilaria wood. The patchouli is still pretty strong but it blends really well the wood and it is not to sweet (which is what I love about it). Out of the bath, I can now start to smell a little of the honey which mellows out the campfire smell. It is quite sexy in the end. The oil in mine is very smooth and strong so I didn't use a whole lot in the bath water but I put it directly on my skin and let it soak off in the bath. I don't think there will be any problems using this in the shower or any other uses such as shaving or applying in the hair. Overall, I am very happy with it!