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  1. wvgemini

    The Zieba Tree

    Okay this one is just odd. I got this as a frimp from the lab and tossed into my guy's pile as soon as I sniffed it. He wore it last night and it was sandalwoody goodness on him. A touch of sweet, a touch of green. Then I looked up the noted Yeah, that should be all girly. But not on him! Very woodsy but I'm guessing the peach blossom and orange blossom give it that slightly sweet edge to keep it from becoming overpowering. But, then again, my guy has some odd skin chemistry (he can make sweet scents smell serious sexy!) so not all too surprising, lol.
  2. wvgemini


    I got this one in a frimp from the lab. Honestly, on first sniff, I tossed it into the "off to others" pile. Not because I thought it particularly bad, I just didn't think much of it. Went through my frimp pile again and decided to skin test it. Woah, this is an odd ball. I get the honeysuckle as a sweet note, but I'm not feeling the super heavy floral I read about. Skin hot, a touch smoky and something heady in the background (opium, perhaps?). I like this one on myself well einough, but I actually decided to have the boy try this one on. Very sexy on a guy. His skin plays very well with sweet scents though (never known a man who can wear vanilla and tobacco that well, lol) so that may have something to do with it. Bottom line, a very different, floral (but not too floral), darkly sweet scent. Oh yeah, we're gettin' a bottle.
  3. wvgemini

    BPAL blends that remind us of Chanel perfumes

    Thanks for the recs! I did actually order decants of Psych Horror and Diabolical Offspring for just that reason. Unfortunately neither worked like No. 5 on me. It's amazing how differently scents can develop or smell for/on different people. It never ceases to amaze and interest me! Chrysanthemum Moon was one of my major BPAL disappointments--it always seemed like it should have worked on me. I will definitely look into Liz--thanks again! See, to me Diabolical Offspring was what Chanel No. 5 should have been, lol. Sophisticated, slightly dark baby powder. I'm eagerly awaiting a partial bottle of it now ... I may have to pick up a bottle of Liz though. Sounds very good.
  4. wvgemini

    Diabolical Offspring

    Got this as a freebie imp from a lovely .org order In the imp it was a nice, perfumy smell. Fairly sweet and soft. My son was asleep on the couch and it made me want to cuddle him Wet: Oh this is fun! Evil baby powder The powdery scent is way there but there is something much darker underneath. Drying: The darkness is going away and leaving a very sophisticated, pretty baby powder scent. Dry: Pretty much the same. I keep getting wiffs of yummy sweet powderyness all around me. Loved it so much I scoped out a partial bottle on the forums
  5. wvgemini


    A fiery Martial blend that embodies primal rage, lust for conquest, and all-encompassing desire. Dragon’s blood essence, heavy red musk, Indonesian patchouli and swarthy vetiver with a drop of cinnamon. I got this one specifically for the boy and oh I am glad I did! In the imp: Hot, smoky, dark and sexy. Wet: Very spicy and smoky still. I am not good at picking out notes just yet, but the Dragon's Blood and Vetiver seem to be playing off of each other nicely. Dry: Oh damn this is sexy I have barred my guy from wearing this unless he is with me, lol. It makes me want to bite something. Oh my. I am contemplating trying this out on myself as well to see how it works on me. Currently waiting on a bottle of this, btw.
  6. wvgemini

    Kiss Amongst Discarded Tissues

    This is very odd indeed. When I sniff the imp, I get a nice sweet scent. Soft. A little fruity, a little floral. When I first swipe it on: Hellooooo LEMONHEADS! All I get is lemon smell. Bright, clean, super tart lemons. As it dries, the lemon gets a little more subtle, but it doesn't budge to let any other note come out to play. Disappointing too, since I was looking forward to the blackberry/Indian musk combo. Oh wait, if I hold my wrist out from my nose, I get a faint hint of that softness from first sniff. Not bad, but I'm holding out for Skytyping as my lemony scent. I'll keep the imp to see if the lemon dies down at some point.
  7. wvgemini

    Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Cognac Truffle

    Oh good grief this is strong. And sexy! I put this on after a bath (with Lush Ma Bar and Heavenly Bodies ) and came downstairs. The boy was taking out the trash and when he came back in, he thought I was making brownies. The booze is definately there, but I don't find it to be too overpowering. The chocolate really comes through for me. This is absolutely not a safe for work scent but it will be broken out on a sexy night out. Oh yeah
  8. wvgemini

    Recommend a scent for a specific dress or outfit

    Good to know. I like dark sexy (a lot, lol!), but I might save that for the after-party ...
  9. wvgemini

    Recommend a scent for a specific dress or outfit

    Ooh. I like those suggestions. Why didn't I see the 'Madame-esque' connection before, lol. I do have imps of Jailbait and Bordello and my bottle of Countess Willie might just be perfect ... I think I might have to test out Kabuki though. That sounds
  10. wvgemini

    Recommend a scent for a specific dress or outfit

    Okay, here is my outfit rec question, lol. I will be going to a military ball in a few months. Fairly formal, but the unit is a very fun, laid-back group. This is my dress for the evening. I don't do florals well other than New Orleans and the CD Saimese twins. But I'm kind of lost on what this dress calls for.
  11. wvgemini

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I will try to get a pic of this one later but I figured I'd share my latest batch variation. I got a couple of imps of Czernobog with my last order. One was purchased, one frimp. One is SUPER dark and VERY generic cologne smell. So much so my guy had to wash it off. I haven't tried the other one but I wondered if anyone else had seen this with Czernobog. I'm guessing the darker one is older? But woah on the overpowering cologne ...
  12. wvgemini

    The Traveller

    Tried this on my man last night. In the bottle: Liquid Leather. Straight, pure, worn leather. On his skin: Good grief that's LEATHER!!! He said it reminded him of walking into one of the leather shops in Turkey or a boot store. Okay, they nailed the boot leather! I got a tiny whiff of the tobacco and maybe a resin, but both were quickly stomped into oblivion by the leather. Final: He wants to hang on to it to see if the leather nellows out a bit. I want it gone. Going to have to work on this one ...
  13. wvgemini

    Scents for Clubbing

    Snake Oil Bordello layered with Hollywood Babylon Hunger Basically anything deep, sexy, sweet, spicy.
  14. wvgemini

    New Orleans

    Reminiscent of hothouse blooms on a humid night, ripe, but touched with decay. Sweet honeysuckle and jasmine with a hint of lemon and spice. In the bottle: Whoosh! This is strong! Very heady, very floral and I’m very worried. Super strong floral scents and I DO NOT get along. Wet: A little better. Some sweetness to it now and the jasmine and honeysuckle are balancing each other out nicely. But this is not like your usual jasmine. This is Jasmine that has surpassed its peak and is starting to wither and droop on the plant. And the humidity is adding a sour edge to it. Drying: Heady, lemon is starting to sparkle a little and gawd, you can actually smell the humidity! This is becoming absolutely gorgeous! A few hours later: I am in a cloud of sultry, steamy, swampy blossoms. I imagine the Garden District smelled like this in years gone by. This is what you smell when someone attempts to describe New Orleans 100 years ago in writing. Not an every day scent and definitely not a dreary day scent but this will be luscious in the Summer!
  15. wvgemini

    Blood Rose

    I don’t usually have good luck with rose scents but, given my recent success with Hope, I figured I would branch out. In the imp: Sweet. Very, very sweet with just a faint hint of rose in there somewhere. Dragon’s Blood? Where are you? Wet: Still horribly sweet, but I’m detecting a tiny bit more of the rose scent. I’m not thinking this is going to be good. Dry: If there is one thing I can’t stand it is artificial grape. This is dripping with it! It’s as if someone melted a bag of grape Jolly Ranchers and poured the sinister goo all over some hapless roses. Blech! I washed it off but I can still detect the grape gag. Sorry Blood Rose, off to the swap pile you go.