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  1. Dark Seraphim


    I couldn't wait to get my hands on Smut, so when I finally got it. I was quite pleased. Bottle: It's certainly quite musky and boozy. Wasn't what I expected as I thought it would be a little more musky and a bit less berry-like. Still, a very nice, strong scent. On Skin: Here the berry-like scent is overpowering and proves to be rather nausiating. Too bad, really as it's not a bad scent, but this is one of those scents that can be naseous for me. Worth getting at least one imp though. 6/10.
  2. Dark Seraphim


    Beautiful earth scent mixed with rose. A perfect combination. Does fairly well on my skin as the throw is strong and remains a decent rose. Doesn't seem to last as long as other scents though. Still, it is a great burner scent. Works for me. 9/10.
  3. Dark Seraphim

    Mata Hari

    For me, it was pure coffee with a hint of jasmine. Beautiful, polished scent that doesn't last long on my skin, but is truly wonderful as a burner scent. Too bad my mother doesn't like it. She says it smelt like poop and bugspray. Bah. Does happen to be a scent I like a lot as a room scent. I can't imagine it not being on my favorites list. 9/10.
  4. Dark Seraphim

    Dragon's Eye

    Took a lot of getting used to as it had a slight rotting scent at first. After awhile, I found it quite pleasing. In bottle, it smelt leathery and floral. Very nice and it grew on me nicely. On skin, it failed completely. It irritated my wrists and became a not so good powder scent. In the burner, it fares much better! I can smell the lilac and it's most certainly a floral, but it's a subtle floral. Beautiful scent in burner. Nice, but not something I'd get a bottle of. 6/10.
  5. Dark Seraphim


    Bottle: I got this one as a surprise gift imp. It's very nice in bottle. All I could think of was "Yellow Yellow" floral. Yellow rose, yellow flowers. On skin: Very long lasting. One of those "next day" scents. Smells pretty much the same on skin as in bottle. The throw is not too strong, but it's enough. Burnt: Doesn't change, except that I detected a mint powder. Nice. It's a nice scent, but the scent is such that if I use too much, it could be nausiating. Still, I liked it and wouldn't mind another imp. 7/10
  6. Dark Seraphim


    Bottle : Butterscotch. Perfect butterscotch. Skin: The rum appears out of nowhere and dominates the scent. However, the throw is non-existant and the scent quickly becomes beer spilling onto stone-like smell. Did not work to well on my skin. Burner: Very nice here. The rum and butter mix very well together. Subtle, but strong and smells great. Not meant to be worn on me, but clearly belongs in a burner. Very good scent. 7/10.
  7. Dark Seraphim

    Anne Bonny

    Bottle: Very woody, spicy scent. Sandalwood, patchouli. Very nice and exotic, but lighter than I imagined. On Skin: Doesn't seem to change much. The throw is strong, but short-lived. However, it does last for quite awhile. Even if it's not strong on my skin, it persists. Burnt: Excellent here. Nice, strong, and powerful. A decent blend, but there are better ones out there for me. 6/10.
  8. Dark Seraphim


    All I could think of was "fair Ophelia" as it truly is a very fair scent and I mean that in a very good way. This scent is gorgeous. Smelt mostly like roses on me, but a very light rose with quite a strong throw on me. One of those "all nighter scents", which meant that it lasted from the evening until the next morning. Love it! 9/10
  9. Dark Seraphim

    Lady MacBeth

    Whoa! This is an excellent scent! It smelt very fruity, sweet and powerful. It's also a berry scent that doesn't nausiate me(I love berry scents, but they tend to make my stomach turn. Waaa...). When worn, the throw was very strong on me and there was very little change on drydown, except Thyme became known. Love it. A excellent scent! 9/10!
  10. Dark Seraphim

    Snow White

    I managed to snag an imp of Snow White 03. Bottle: I got an apple/light floral scent. Very sweet and crisp, but light. On Skin: I got a very weird metallic scent. Like a poisoned Apple. Not bad, just a very odd apple-like scent. The throw is subtle, but there. After awhile, it began to smell like apple/cinammon/light forest scent. Burner: Takes awhile to appear, but when it does, it becomes a very beautiful apple tea/cobbler/cider-like scent. Like it a lot here. Reminded me of Empyreal Myst, only more subtle. I like this scent and might consider it should it ever be available again. 7/10.
  11. Dark Seraphim


    Bottle : Smelt "stony". Must have been the cedarwood and leaves. Was very lovely as I tend to be a sucker for things that smell "stony" Worn: Doesn't change much, but it smells a little "sweeter". Nice, but short-lived as it fades away quickly on me. Certainly a very nice scent, but just not strong enough to be a 'keeper' to me. 5/10
  12. Dark Seraphim


    Bottle: Seemed kind of weak to me, but obviously masculine and quite pleasant. Worn: Proved itself here a thousand-fold. Had a super strong throw on me and lavender was clearly the stand out note on me. Lasted for hours, even to the next day. Yes, it was masculine, but it smelt great on me. Loved it to pieces. 9/10.
  13. Dark Seraphim

    Empyreal Mist

    Vial: Like an apple tree orchard. Or, someone who cut an apple and then the juice sprays in the air. Skin: At first, it smelt like a potato, then on drydown, it became a light apple cider scent. However, it went very light very quickly and faded within the hour. Burner: Works very well here. The light apple scent remains, but it remains noticable even though it's not as strong as other burn scents. Very pleasant scent. I wouldn't mind an imp of it, but I doubt I would get a bottle. 7/10.
  14. Dark Seraphim

    Jolly Roger

    This is certainly one of the more potent scents. So strong that it eminated from the imp bottle(I got this as a frimp from BPAL). I love this scent. It smells like a very nice mixture of sea water, wood, spices and a little bit of leather. Does fairly well on my skin too. A keeper. 9/10.
  15. Dark Seraphim

    Graveyard Dirt

    One of the best scents ever. Smells exactly like the Earth after it rains. After testing, it smelt like grass. It doesn't last too long on skin, but I don't think it's meant to be worn. I think it's meant to be burnt in an oil burner. I just love this scent to death! Perfect. 10/10