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    Dia de Los Reyes, Bliss, Velvet, Gluttony, most things with chocolate.


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  1. You know, I've never tried Chimera or Shub; may be time to try those layered with something! I LOVE Bliss, although it's a taaaad "scratch-n-sniff" on me after a couple hours. Maybe mixed it'll warm up differently?
  2. My all time favorite scents seem to involve chocolate... Any recommendations for: Dia De Los Reyes (any year), Gelt, Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Cognac Truffle, Dark Chocolate and Pepper-Smoked Caramel...?
  3. Batness

    Blizzard (WoW, RPG) Scent Suggestions

    Sorta on topic, you can currently enter to win some of the RPG scents on the Wyrdcon blog right now!
  4. Batness

    Blizzard (WoW, RPG) Scent Suggestions

    Clearly, Pandaren would be anything with booze. They are sort of the preeminent brewmasters of Azeroth, after all. Crazy drunken-master kung fu bears... There needs to be bamboo x fire x booze scents....WAIT IS THERE? I feel like this is something I've smelled...
  5. Batness

    Blizzard (WoW, RPG) Scent Suggestions

    I never even thought about Pandaren! Awesome! I'll have to look into this... AND OH MAN. We should expand this into other Blizzard territories....
  6. Batness

    Karmê (Κάρμη)

    It was great to get Imps of this at WC for the food drive! In the Imp: I got a pine-y grass sort of smell; like when you walk through a winter nursery where they're selling poinsettias and pines. Doesn't smell at all like squash/vegetables to me. Smells earthy, but not in a masculine dirt type of way. Wet on skin: Went on strongly of plants, but not florals. On me I smell eucalyptus and babies breath. It feels like a strange mixing of two seasons (Winter/Summer) because of the specific plant smells I'm getting (eucalyptus/pine + cold plant). Has a dewy grass quality to it, but also a crispness like a winter chill. I'm getting a faint "florists shop" type smell. Dry: I could barely smell it on me, it was so faint. I actually like it more than I thought I would; maybe it's because I have great childhood memories of working in a garden. It really smells to me like a nursery or florists shop, especially around Christmastime when they're using eucalyptus, pine, and babies breath all together. Don't get me wrong; it is not like the eucalyptus used for humidifiers and the like, this is the actual woodsy eucalyptus smell, like the wide-leaf kind used in floral displays. Has a winter dewy meadow smell. Not woodsy like cedar or moss, it's a dew-laden eucalyptus forest if a cold chill ran through. I think it would be great for people who like gardening, or just like the wild outdoors. It feels like it could be a unisex scent, since I'm not getting any strong florals or powdery-ness to it, at least not ON ME. To me there was a slight change from bottle to drydown; it went from more warm grass to a crisp florists shop scent. And on me it is so light it's incredible; I didn't wash or do anything that would wear the scent away. I agree with VioletChaos that it'd be nice as an atmosphere or linen spray. I feel it would be lovely when used in combo with another oil, since on me it fades fast.
  7. Batness

    Blizzard (WoW, RPG) Scent Suggestions

    Those are interesting! I had a really hard time with Human and Draenei, no clue why. I also tried not to use the RPG line, 'cause well, it felt like cheating. XP Worgen - Loup Garou, LE Wolf Moon,... Voodoo - Wolf's Heart or Forum LE - WILF! Draenei - Dark Del's Alien Invasion Dwarf - Beer from the Marsh Woman's Brewery, LE Iron Phoenix (RPG: Dwarf) Gnome - Steamworks' Phoenix Steamworks or Galvanic Goggles (RPG: Gnome) Human - Blood, Dee, Miskatonic University Night Elf - Forest Reverie, Fae, Bewitched Goblin - LE Yule: Ebenezer Scrooge, Goblin Blood Elf - Blood Kiss, Bon Vivant, Swank (RPG: Elf) Orc - War, Dragon's Claw, Dragon's Hide, (RPG: Orc) Tauren - LE Yule: Faunalia, Coyote, Nocnista Troll - Bayou, Troll, Omen, Machu Picchu Forsaken - Burial, Brimstone, Black Forest, Eau de Ghoul
  8. If you're on Facebook, check out the Lab's new post: Brian did an interview with WoW Insider and discussed what World of Warcraft race would smell like what. It also says "In the meantime, what would your recs be?" I personally make little lists about what TV/Book/Game characters would smell like what BPAL scent, so this was a fun game for me. Here are the WoW races they listed: Worgen, Draenei, Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf, and Goblin, Blood Elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Forsaken What about other Blizzard games, like Starcraft (oooh to smell like Zerg) or Diablo? What would you guys recommend?
  9. Batness

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    Has anyone tried Mr. Nancy and found it very cookie-like?