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  1. steelgoat


    This might just be me, because I found out recently that I'm expecting, but this smells just like a baby eating those puffy baby cereals. It's slightly milky, sweet, and so very comforting and happy. This smells just like my nephew did when he was an infant. I got more banana in the bottle than on the skin, now I think the banana is mostly just adding to the sweetness, sort of like a gooey smear on the face of said baby, mixed in with the cereal. It's like that banana sludge that gets stuck in the corners of the high chair. That might sound gross, but it isn't. Basically, like huffing an infant. It's adorable. ♡
  2. steelgoat

    TKO Atmosphere Spray

    I love this so much!! TKO the oil was a little too much for me on the skin, but the atmo spray? Holy crap! LOVE!!! I had no idea I would adore this as much as I do, and now I am sad that I only got one bottle. It's my favorite atmo, by far! Sweet, fluffy, lavender marshmallowy dreamy goodness that makes me all warm and gooey.... I spray it on my bed, and on my clothes when I need an extra boost of coziness <3 It's absolutely perfect.
  3. steelgoat

    Aristocratic Couple

    So glad I decided to spring for a decant of this! I wasn't too sure how the apricot would play on my skin, because I'm not sure I have tried any other bpal with apricot as a main component. But I had no reason to fear, because it's amazing. Of all the decants I got, this was the one that really sang to me from first sniff. I applied a little bit a few hours ago already and it is still going strong. It's a light, sweet, almost floral scent. It's hard to describe. I don't really get much vanilla, at least not any vanilla I'm used to. In fact, I wouldn't have known there was apricot, vanilla OR cardamom in this if I hadn't read the description. It's so well blended, it's just a pretty, girly scent that is unique and sort of playful. It's not stuffy and it isn't too perfumey. I really like this one! I may just need to pick up a bottle...
  4. steelgoat

    Bastet Atmosphere Spray

    Luxuriant amber, warm Egyptian musk, fierce saffron and soft myrrh, almond, cardamom and golden lotus. OMG I'm so glad this is a thing!! I absolutely love Bastet, so no matter what form it comes in, I'm in. This atmo is spot on, too. It smells just like the original oil. It's perfect. Plain and simple. I immediately sprayed my bed like fifty billion times and it is Ah-mazing. Like being wrapped up in a luxuriously rich, warm blanket of exotic, spicey goodness. I have two bottles... this may not be enough
  5. steelgoat

    Single Note: Stage Blood

    To me, Stage Blood smells EXACTLY like pez candy. It's that "red" candy smell with a chalky feel to it. It's pleasant but simple and it doesn't last very long.
  6. steelgoat

    Blood Popsicle

    In the vial: Blood Popsicle to me smells sort of bright and chilly, fruity in a blood orange kinda way, mixed with something slightly metallic. Very strange, indeed. Wet on the skin: The orange moves to center stage on me, backed by a kind of musky, incensey scent that makes this seem very serious to me for some reason. All the chill has gone out of it once it hit my skin, now it smells very warm and sorta spicey. It definitely reads as more "perfumey" on me than I typically care for. It reminds me of something a no-nonsense older lady might wear, not really my thing. And boy is it strong! It seems to follow me around everywhere and stick to everything. Dry on skin: Things are starting to settle down now. I feel like this gets a lot sweeter as it dries down, more fruity and less musky. I tend to amp sweet stuff, so I'm not really surprised there. Most things eventually turn to candy on me and this is no exception. However, that old Gladys stage there at the beginning is a bit of a deterrent. I don't mind the dry down, but not something I need more of. Too bad everything I own smells like Blood Popsicle now!
  7. steelgoat

    skekNa the Slave-Master

    Hmmm... this one is strange. In the bottle it's all booze and padlocks. It goes to my head a little and threatens to give me a bit of a headache. It sort of even turns my stomach a little... sorta worried here Wet on the skin, it seems much lighter now. It's morphed into just a very subtle spice. The booze is undetectable, the metallic note seems to get sort of lost in the spice. This doesn't really come off as creamy ot cakey to me, at least not yet. And I can't find the leather anywhere at all. It almost has a generic holiday spice feel to it which I didn't really expect from this, but then I didn't really know to expect to begin with at all and was just super excited for some Dark Crystal smellies. Maybe I should let this rest since it's fresh from the mail box...
  8. steelgoat


    Soooo excited, Shy just came in the mail today!! Ok so, wet on the skin, it's basically just CARNATION!!! It is a pretty pink carnation though, very girly. It isn't as shy as I would imagine, it seems to have quite a bit of throw on me. Not a whole lot else going on until it dries down, then the vanilla and a lil bit of the juiciness from the pear comes through. I love it! I think I'll wear it when I'm feeling super girly, yay!
  9. steelgoat

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    The only variation I've encountered so far has been with Bastet. I bought my first bottle back in 2009 and it's a very pale, clear oil. However, I spilled most of it almost immediately So I bought another bottle about a year ago and this oil is a dark crimson. They smell very similar (I still have the near empty first bottle), with the first bottle smelling only slightly lighter with an almost citrusy feel lingering in the background. I just bought a third bottle recently when I ordered my weenies and it's identical to my newer bottle from last year, a deep red color with the same gorgeous resiny scent.
  10. steelgoat

    Beaver Moon II 2013

    On me this is sweet and fuzzy brown. There's a little bit of cologney-ness to it, especially in the dry down, but after a while it's this wonderful, almost creamy, sweet brown musk. I don't really get any snow from this at all. Delicious! Super yummy and cozy, snuggly awesomeness.
  11. steelgoat

    Alice in the Pumpkin Patch

    In the vial, this one is AH-MAZ-ING! It's a light, sweet pumpkin surrounded by sweet, creamy tea with a subtle floral bouquet. Alas, my skin devoured the Alice! She was completely swallowed whole in under five minutes~! Darn you, skin! I really should invest in a locket... Really a beautiful scent though!
  12. steelgoat

    Blood Amber

    I just got this as a frimp with my last order and I have always wanted to try this one, so I was pretty excited. I don't really know why because I'm not a huge fan of dragon's blood because I amp the crap outta sweet and it's a little overwhelming on its own. But I *LOVE* amber. So initial impressions, straight out of the vial I was a little worried because it seemed to pretty much be a DB single note. But after a little time on the skin, the DB backed away and the glorious amber stepped in. And now, I don't know how or why or if maybe I'm crazy and my nose is broken but this - this smells like my beloved Black Opal. I am sorta baffled and completely ecstatic. I have been in mourning of its passing for nearly a year... And here this comes along and it's like, "Yea, dude! Been here the whole time!" The only difference to me so far is that it doesn't have quite the same staying power. But whatevs!! I shall douse myself profusely with it!! Haha!! yay.
  13. steelgoat


    This smells like pure happiness! It's impossible to wear this and be gloomy. It reminds me of the sugary sweetness of the girly pink toys from when I was a kid. Very nostagic. Very, very adorable. I <3 this so hard! Got my back-up bottle in today so I can never be without
  14. steelgoat


    This is my first review so be gentle... But I completely agree with AmandaKay. I really love the myth of Persephone and pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits so I really, really wanted to like this one... However, straight out of the vial, it smelled like it had been fermented. And not in a pleasant way. Then when I put it on it just smelled sort of rancid. After it had dried, it faded to what I can only describe as intense old-lady smell, it was like cotton balls and talcum powder. Gross. I really enjoy most of the other concoctions I've tested thus far from BPAL, but this one was a definite let down :-(