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    I'm still newish, but the strong scents like Jabberwocky, Nephilim and Tintagel are my loves...

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    BPAL, obviously, Renaissance Faires, fantasy, science fiction, erotica, cuisine, anything crafty
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  1. bellevivre


    Samhain '10- it's my first Samhain, and I am in love, though dont know if I'll bottle it- in the vial it was such a strong apple I almost thought it was rose, which is BAD, but now it's sweet-apple-forest and thus, delicious
  2. bellevivre

    The Hag

    it was funny, out of the bottle this smelled like nothing more than pecan pie! on me, it's sweet, mossy, dark... it's nice, but not a bottle for me.
  3. bellevivre

    The Decrepit House

    This feels like Nephilim, but on a chain-smoker. I get all the lovely dark, rotting, rich earth and spiciness, but there's this pervasive smell of like, a cigarette smoker's breath... It's mellowing now, been on about 10 minutes, but it's so much like Nephilim to me I think I'd rather just have Nephilim from the GC
  4. bellevivre


    In imp, it smells exactly like lemon poundcake! on me, buttery, sweet, something citrus, and the wine, like a sweet riesling... I dont often like sweet/foodie, but I really love this!
  5. bellevivre


    Out of the imp, this is overwhelming chocolate! but as I wear it, something sweet comes out, not rose, cause rose goes crazy on me, more like... freesia maybe? I am really liking this- it may be a bottle buy for me...
  6. bellevivre

    Yule Cat

    in the bottle, I thought this would be a sub for my much beloved Nephilim... they have the same earthy/woodsy/spicy thing going on... Unfortunately for me, mid-dry, it smells like BO. Like sweaty man who hasnt bathed and is covering it wih perfume oil (I'm a Rennie, I KNOW this smell!) as it dries farther, the salty sweat wears down, but it's too much there to make this one of my regulars...
  7. bellevivre

    On Darkness

    rosewood big time... it reminds me of a really posh soap some victorian lady would use...it's kinda 'meh' to me- I mean, it's really pretty, but it's just not ME
  8. bellevivre


    wet, it's complex- I actually get the carrot! on, it is super hazelnut, and then POOF here come the berries- and now it's just sickly sweet berry like a bad drugstore berry lotion... *sigh*
  9. bellevivre

    Gacela of the Dark Death

    mmmm... i love this! possibly too masculine for me to wear, but it's gorgeous- they meld into a perfect balance... I imagine this is what Aragorn or Robin Hood would smell like- crisp, spicy, sweet, like a dark forest and rain...
  10. bellevivre

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    so, we know rashes can occur- currently, I cant put any scent behind my ears as they are all bumply, though luckily not itchy) any ideas on how to soothe the reactions? I'm assuming oatmeal may be good for this in spite of the non-bothersomeness (i just dont like the skin behind my ears feeling like bumply snakeskin!)
  11. bellevivre


    Ive got to say, this is the most interesting one i got in my first batch of Imps. In the vial, it really is evocative, to me, of a dark, ancient forest, maybe where a tree has just fallen over and exposed some fresh soil- there's a depth to this I love... I didnt really think it was 'perfume-able', though... ON, I adore it. somehow a spiciness comes out in it and tempers the soil scent and it smells just ancient and mythic... (hah! like its namesake!) Unfortunately, its noon, and it's pretty much gone on me... I think my skin just eats scents. It goes powdery, then disappears... This may be my first bottle!
  12. bellevivre


    Arcana- there's something about this one- I LOVED it in the imp... and then... it was just SO sweet... the smell really reminds me of something, but I cant quite place it. The neroli/verbena citrus screams at me, and it just continues when I wear it- not a wearable scent all day, no matter how much i LIKE the scent- there's something about it that grates on me after a while. I used it to scent one of my feather fans that I use for Renaissance faires... may try it as a room scent...