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  1. childdoll

    The Manuscript

    In Bottle: Very soft leather... faint papery smell. I get the impression of ether in a way. It's hard to describe... like chilly dust and smoke? Probably one of the hardest scents for me to nail down individual notes, but it's very ephemeral and light. Wet on Skin: Very light on the skin. Soft, airy paper with slight hint of leather. Dry Down: Partically fades away on me the moment it dries. Low throw. Only left with faint scent of soft leather. After only 5 minutes of drying and I can barely even tell it's there anymore. Overall Thoughts: This is a very interesting scent, and my first time trying out a BPAL "leather" scent. I think it's a very gender neutral scent. Oddly wispy, but it fades away so quickly on me that I'm not sure if I really want to keep it. Also not sure if I like the leather notes on me, as soft as it is... just not sure if this is a "me" scent. But I could see it being an easy favorite for others.
  2. childdoll

    Trying to find the right winter scent for me

    A friend of mine recommended Skadi to me as well, actually. Might have to track it down. Ooooh is Talvikuu part of this years Yules? I must have missed that one. Sounds like Nuclear Winter and Go To Sleep, Darlings might very much be up my alley too. These all sound great, thanks all. It's been hard finding the right wintery-snow scents. I hope one of these works out for me
  3. childdoll

    Trying to find the right winter scent for me

    Oooh thanks for the recommendations everyone, I will look into these. Much appreciated! annemathematics - I have been eyeing "Go to sleep, darlings" since many reviewers mentioned it's like Snow White without the Play-Doh effect. Decisions, decisions
  4. I am very much a winter child and have wanted to find the right winter scent for me for a while, but nothing I get ever works for me: I'm one of the people who can't wear "Snow White" because it turns to the Play-Doh sorta scent on me and I recently purchased "Chionophobia" but that one ended up being all oakmoss on me - not white, snowy-ness at all So I am on the hunt for the right winter scent from me and could really use some help... I like white scents - anything crisp and fresh. Ozone, sharp evergreen and mint are all good. Not crazy about anything too foody smelling - not a fan of vanilla scents at all. Not looking for any of the spicy Winter scents either (nothing with nutmeg or cinnamon, for example). So I'm trying to find one that captures the essence of snow/winter/ice that works for me. Any suggestions?
  5. childdoll


    In The Bottle: Wow! Overpowering punch to the nose. Reminds me of the strong perfumes my grandmother wore. Wet: Meh... turns all to oakmoss on me. Very earthy. Smells more like a damp tomb than snow to me. Dry: The oakmoss scent isn't as overwhelming, but that is still all I am really getting. Not getting any of those artemisia or muguet notes at all. Overall Impression:: Very disappointed. I was really hoping this one would have more of the snow and ice in it but all I get is moss and earth. And for me, it isn't a pretty earthy scent on me. This one just doesn't seem to work with my chemistry. Just like Snow White. I'll be in a corner crying forever until I can find a nice snowy, wintery scent that work on me for a change.
  6. childdoll


    Bottle: A strong blast of white florals hit me. Almost overwhelming. There was also a scent in the background that somehow reminded me of lace. Wet: The heaviness immediately faded in a lovely, light and subtle clean floral fragrance. It's sweet without being cloying. There is a very clean, almost soapy scent to it. Very light and delicate. Dry: Dry it smells much the same as well, but a tad more subtle. A bit of a powdery smell comes through as well. Overall Impression: I am in love! It is so wispy and light. Very ethereal and haunting. Feminine, soft, and subtle florals. A ghostly kiss for sure. So glad I picked this one up - it ranks as one of my top favorites.
  7. childdoll

    The search for "Clean" scents - general discussion

    Hello, I wanted to know if I could get any reccomendations for scents with a very crisp, clean, natural scent. Almost like Irish Spring soap. Notes that reflect mint, water, and freshly cleaned cotton. I really loved "The Unicorn" scent, and I thought it came close to that clean & natural smell, but it isn't around anymore, so I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions on ones that might be worth trying out. Thanks!
  8. childdoll

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    I'm in the same boat :/ I was also saving up for a bottle of The Unicorn. So sad. I really loved the scent. So can anyone offer any reccomendations for what might be a good substitute?
  9. childdoll


    IMP: Strong honey, tea rose and carnation notes. Very sweet smelling. Remind me alot of Alice. WET: While wet, the honey, tea rose and carnation notes are still very strong on me, but not as strong as the initial whiff in the imp. It starts to settle down a bit. DRY: Now the morph begins. Honey, tea rose and carnation are still the most prominent notes, but they are not too cloying. It's alot like Alice, but softer and a bit more floral. There is a powedery floral to it like a honeyed tea rose. I think I can detect a bit of the mandarin and ylang ylang back there somewhere. It's sweet, but not too sweet. Floral, but complex. OVERALL IMPRESSION: I LOVE this scent. I am a huge fan of Alice, but I think Klara wins out here. Alice has more of a cloying sweeted milk smell... a tad too sweet and foody at times... like a cupcake. And as much as I love Alice, sometimes that can be a tad too sweet for me. But Klara... oh my dear Klara... you are a perfect alternative as something I can wear on any occasion without worrying about it being too sweet. There's sweetness there, yes, but the soft, powdery nature of it makes it light enough to enjoy at any time. Ultra feminine and dainty. As already mentioned, highly recommended if you already love Alice.
  10. childdoll

    Snow White

    I just got the 2010 version this weekend: IMP: It smells exactly how I would imagine a scent named Snow White to smell - crisp apple notes with a distinct chilly smell. It really does smell like an apple sitting in a bank of snow. Crisp, light and innocent. I had my husband smell it without telling him the name of it and he said it smelled of "Snowflakes and apples". WET: As soon as the oil touched my skin, it morphed into a rather odd and somewhat unpleasant scent at first. It became very musty and musky smelling. Almost dusty. The apple notes went a little sour and the crisp chilly snow disappeared. DRY: After letting it dry, the apple notes returned, though I'm still not getting that snowy scent that I liked in the IMP. It settled into more an earthy smell on me. Kinda like the Apothecary oil, but with a strong apple note leading the way. There's a slight vanilla musk note in the background that gives it a faint winter smell, though I'm not catching any of these night-blooming flowers in the description. OVERALL IMPRESSION: It's a bit earthier than I was hoping for, but that being said I do like earthy scents. The apple is strong and crisp enough to give it a light, fresh zest to it. Still happy that I got it.
  11. childdoll

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    I'm going to be playing in a Changeling: the Lost LARP soon and I'm playing a character heavily inspired by Odette from Swan Lake. So essentially the concept is a swan princess type character. I am looking for a very wispy, ethereal scent. I'd like to stay away from anything too heavily vanilla scented. Nothing too sweet either. Just something clear and soft. Any reccomendations?
  12. childdoll


    IMP: Lemon-y with slight florals, white resin, maybe? WET: Very similar to in the imp. DRY: Soft lemon and citrus, not overpowering. Mingles with some background white, whispy florals. Light, delicate, but the citrus gives it a zing. Like a nice subtle citrus. OVERALL IMPRESSION: Very interesting. It doesn't morph much on me. The scent stays pretty consist from imp to drydown. I usually don't like lemon or citrus scents, either because they tend to smell too much like cleaning products or just too foody, but this one was nice and subtle enough to enjoy. The florals helped to cut that sharp lemon edge off, to just make it fresh and crisp without being overpowering. I like it. Not my favorite, but it's a nice, clean scent.
  13. childdoll


    Got this as a frimp in my last order (Thank you! BPAL ^.^) IMP: Buttery vanilla and musk... maybe amber? WET: Vanilla, light musk, touch of amber with a hint of florals in the background. I detected an almost dusty, earthy notes. DRY: Soft buttery vanilla with hints of amber and light musk. OVERALL IMPRESSION: I am surprised how tame this scent is considering that I tend to find vanilla scents overpowering. It has a more soft, powdery quality though. It's one of the nicer vanilla scents I've come into contact with, however, I am still not a fan of vanilla. It's a nice scent, but it's not quite right for me. I prefer florals.
  14. childdoll


    Got this as a frimp (Yay! Thank you so much! I've been wanting to try this scent <3). IMP: Oddly, I got the scent of apples for this one. Apples and floral blossoms. My immediate impression was the smell of an orchard or country farmstand. Sweet, but not overly so. There's more a fresh and natural sweetness. WET: The apple disappeared and the florals were present. I couldn't pick out the specfic floral notes, but they blended well together in a lovely fragrant melody. Smelling some aquatic greens in the background. DRY: Apple scent returned, but very lightly. Light greens, more on the aquatic side, vague apple scent, powdery florals. I think I can pick out the carnation now, but it's nice and subtle. OVERALL IMPRESSION: I love this scent. It's so fresh and dainty. Not overly sweet that you get in alot of sweet florals. It's just nice and soft. Very delicate and subdued.
  15. childdoll

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    I am a gamer geek and am planning to participate in a LARP in which I am playing an inventor. I love matching scents to my characters for an extra layer of immersion, so I wanted to know if anyone had any reccomendations on scents that might work for this character. I was looking for a very steampunk scent... something with a metalic and oily smell since she spends most of her time building airships and tinkering in her workshop. I ordered an imp of Phoenix Steamworks, which sounded like a good fit, but I was wondering if anyone had any other reccomendations that might work. Thanks!