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  1. bluerose

    The Moon Reflected in Every Rice Paddy Hair Gloss

    This is going to be a hit with vanilla/cream lovers. Though there's no cream, it almost smells like decadent creamy marshmallows. It's not foody or overly sweet, say compared to A Breathless Chuckle. It is similar, but has more depth than Stekkiarstaur. In a way it reminds me of something that belongs to the Vulva family. Specifically Glowing Vulva - not quite exactly the same, but definitely very close sisters. Also Volcano in Springtime. In the bottle, you can distinctly smell the vanilla and rice powder. I tried this on my skin first as an all over moisturizer. The scent from the bottle combines into a beautiful rich creamy marshmallow goodness. It has decent throw. I kept smelling the palm of my hand. It is so good. Makes me think of being wrapped in a fluffy soft cream blanket. I was worried it wouldn't smell as good in my hair and it would smell more like what was in the bottle. Nope. Also the same marshmallow creaminess. I kept turning my head today to catch wisps of the scent in my hair. This is a scent you can wear all the time. I absolutely love it. My favorite of all the Lupers this year!
  2. bluerose

    Loved To Death

    A scent of dark corners and forgotten mysteries, secrets unearthed in dark attics, and cobwebbed, timeworn artifacts: vanilla bean, blackened and smoked, with husky clove, cinnamon bark, and a touch of beeswax. Loved to Death sounded like it would be a heavy scent, but it's actually very light. In the bottle the strongest note I detected is honey with a hint of vanilla in the background. On the skin, it's HONEY. (But I also amp honey.) It dries down to a light honey vanilla with just the tiniest traces of spice. Neither cinnamon nor clove is evident - it's just spicy. It's okay now, but there are better BPAL vanilla blends. However, with the amazing notes (all of which age well), I think this will have massive potential after aging a bit. Edit for spelling.
  3. bluerose

    L’Essence de L’Engouement

    Sweet strawberry with a hint of orange blossom. I wish the strawberry note was just a bit stronger. I was worried about the strawberry note being the same as Pink Lace's (where it gets a bit plasticky) but it's not the same.
  4. bluerose

    L’Eau de L’Engouement Bath Oil

    Sweet pink strawberry sugar! That's what this smells like on my skin. After a couple of hours all I can smell is a nondescript pink sugar smell. It still smells nice, but I hope the strawberry note strengths as it ages.
  5. bluerose

    Gingerbread Poppet Bath Oil

    This smells exactly like the Gingerbread Poppet perfume to me. A gingerbread scent with subtle spiciness in the background. It is lovely and matches well with the perfume. Whenever I put this on, I can't help thinking of Christmas and a warm kitchen full of Christmastime baked goods on a cold winter day.
  6. bluerose

    Ice Princess Bath Oil

    This is gorgeous! It definitely smells like a relative of Winter Maiden. It is a less sweet and more creamy blackberry scent with a hint of honey. I think I prefer Winter Maiden, but Winter Maiden is a strong scent that lasts and lasts long after you apply it. Ice Princess lasts too, but it isn't as strong. If you like to switch up scents day by day this would be a better go to. Plus it's a charming skin scent.
  7. bluerose

    Bourbon Vanilla Bath Oil

    Vanilla mixed with something sharply sweet smelling. It smells like sassafras. On my skin, used as an after shower moisturizer, the sassafras amps up. It is licorice vanilla... It slowly dies back down to a sweet vanilla, but I hope some aging will mellow out the sassafras.
  8. bluerose

    Bittersweet Chocolate Bath Oil

    If someone blindfolded me, poured this bath oil into a mug, and asked me to drink it - I would. It smells exactly like rich gourmet cocoa. I usually use bath oils as after shower moisturizers. This smells like I cut up a slice of rich decadent dark chocolate cake and smeared it on myself. Less messy, but just as tasty smelling.
  9. bluerose

    Pink Lace

    On my skin it is initially strawberries and cream. The strawberry note gets stronger as it settles into the skin, but it seems borderline plasticky if I sniff too close. Still, mostly a strawberry vanilla dominated scent with a tinge of linen. This is the same almost candied strawberry note used in Beaver Moon 2010.
  10. bluerose

    Mourning Lace

    MOURNING LACE A contemplation of death: fragile vanilla blossom with polished oak, bitter clove, frankincense, myrrh, and green cognac. Very light and pretty. On my skin, it is an odd mix of non-foody vanilla and oak that works very well together. The other notes linger in the background but do not stand out beyond that.
  11. bluerose


    This is the same strawberry used in Lilith's Tea Party. In both cases, it smells more like strawberry tea than strawberry. Overall, this smells like strawberry tea infused with some vanilla, but in a non-foody way. The strawberry isn't sweet and the vanilla isn't dominant. It's a nice summery scent.
  12. bluerose

    Male Nude, Arms Upstretched

    This blend needs more love. These are simple notes that turn out perfect. It's amazing. In the bottle, I could smell the dark musk, linen, and red chypre. It smelled a bit on the strong side, but on the skin? Dark musk and red chypre blend to form something that smells like tempered red musk on me. Mmmmm.... red musk and linen. It's what I wanted Red Lace to smell like. So very naughty.
  13. bluerose

    Glowing Vulva Bath Oil

    This is amazingly beautiful and very versatile. I smell mostly cream and amber combined that makes me think of super soft silky vanilla cream. The scent itself is light, but lasts forever. When I use it as a moisturizer, I can always get wisps of GVBO whenever I move around.
  14. bluerose

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    No worries. I thought you found a super secret ninja way to bypass the CA sales tax in CCNow!
  15. bluerose

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Hmmm, that's really weird. I've tried it both ways. On my computer, picking CA shipping or United States shipping both brings up the sales tax on the final page. I also figured that even if you went with the generic United States shipping option, once you get to the second page where you enter your shipping/billing address you have to put CA as your state so CCNow will see that you're in CA, and try to hit you with a CA sales tax. plainjean, is your shipping and billing info both in CA too?