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  1. rkold

    Antique Lace

    I am so so so so so sad right now. In the bottle: AL '17 smells like Original AL wet: things start to go wrong... something smells off and not like original AL dry: at times it smells absolutely beautiful and I get whiffs of it and think, this is AL and other times all I get is plasticy vanilla. UGH Original AL doesn't go plasticy on me at all and neither does Pediophobia. It reminds me more of French Vanilla Single note which does have that tendency. I am so disappointed, it's not the same as original AL for me at all. Maybe aging will help, I don't know. I tested original AL a few days ago and it was lovely everything I remembered.
  2. rkold

    White Chocolate and Asian Pear

    I blind bottled this scent because I love Asian Pear. Sometimes BPAL's chocolate notes either don't work for me or just vanish completely (I'm looking at you White Chocolate and Sugared Violets!) which is not a bad thing if I like the other scent. In the bottle: Amazingly delicious chocolate. It doesn't smell like white chocolate to me, this is full on real chocolate. Wet: I want to eat my wrist. It's chocolate with just a hint of pear and so delicious. This is how I wish every BPAL chocolate scent smelt on me. Dry: Still a lot of chocolate, though occasionally it fades and I get more pear, only for the pear to fade and the chocolate to come back. It's been about 4.5 hours and it has definitely gotten fainter, but for the first 2 hours it's just a glorious scent. I definitely do not regret blind bottling this and now I want to try some of the other chocolates.
  3. rkold


    A lot of people mentioned a similarity to Antique Lace and so I had to try it. In the bottle: Definitely getting that AL smell Wet: Lots of tobacco, this is not the delicate scent I was expected based on other reviewers. It's deeper and more smoky than AL for me. Dry: The tobacco disappears and I finally get the dried linen floral and vanilla of AL. It's not exactly the same as AL on me, but it is definitely similar and that is enough to make me keep my bottle. I suspect that as this ages some of the smokiness will mellow, definitely a keeper and glad I ordered it.
  4. In the bottle: Strawberry bubble gum Wet: Anything remotely strawberry, orange, or champagne vanishes for about 10 minutes and I get a weird violet scent before the strawberry slowly starts coming back. Dry down: Very very sweet strawberry candy with that weird violet note in the background every so often.
  5. rkold

    Sue's Great Old Puppet Show

    In the bottle: Chocolate! Wet: Hot Cocoa with a tiny bit of marshmallow Dry: There is a brief period where I get Hot Cocoa and coconut (maybe I am interpreting the glue as that) but for the most part I am getting hot cocoa only. It reminds me a little of Lump of Coal in the dry down. I'm glad I ordered this scent because I like it muchly!
  6. rkold

    Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf

    In my decant: Luden's Cherry Cough Drops Wet: Luden's Cherry Cough Drops+ some apricot, but not a super sweet apricot Dry: The apricot becomes stronger and it feels like there is maybe a touch of almond but the scent as a whole hasn't lasted well. It's been barely 2-3 hours since I put it on and even when I huff my wrist I can't smell it.
  7. rkold


    In the bottle: Wonderful boozy and delicious butterscotch smell Wet: Rancid chocolate Dry: Eventually it dries to something sweet a bit like marshmallow and reminds me of the dry down of Velvet Pink Kitty. Fortunately for me, this scent did not have strong throw and did not last on my wrist long.
  8. rkold

    Mother Shub's Spiced Lait de Chèvre

    A dear friend was kind enough to send me a tester/1/2 decant so I could decide what I thought of it. In the bottle: A very nutmegy egg nog, creamy and yummy! Wet: NUTMEG with a hint of cream and cinnamon Dry: Cinnamon and some mace come out to join the nutmeg but the cream note is really staying in the background. Sadly this scent has no staying power on me, (vs. Bake Sale which I am still smelling despite it being nearly 36 hours +a shower since I put it on) it has nearly completely vanished within 2 hours and left just a sort of powdery nutmeg and cream base behind. Ah well.
  9. rkold


    I.... think I have a new favorite scent ;;_;; In the bottle: Berry and vanilla with a hint of booze Wet: The berry mostly vanishes and I get a lovely boozy vanilla that is not too sweet with a hint of light floral, this smells just like my decant of Antique Lace I adore, only stronger and more vanilla. Dry: Stays the same as wet and is lasting well, it's not a super heavy scent but it's definitely still there (though being overpowered a bit by Bake Sale on my other wrist) It's just so lovely, I'm so glad I splurged on this bottle.
  10. rkold

    MVJHL Bake Sale v3

    In the bottle: Banana Bread with a bit of boozy butterscotch Wet: Banana bread! And then it morphs to coffee.. Dry: This is the most morphing I have ever had with a single scent. It stays coffee and then goes to coffee and something sweet and baked and then goes to maple syrup and slowly gets a more pancakes and maple syrup scent. This scent is VERY strong.
  11. rkold


    Another member was kind enough to send me a tester of this for which I am so grateful! I was curious if this would finally be the perfect chocolate scent for me. Unfortunately, I don't think it is. ;;_;; In the bottle: Cocoa Powder! Wet: Cocoa powder and something else, it doesn't seem like cream to me because it doesn't seem creamy and it might be nut, but it's not like a nut chocolate it's more like cocoa powder sitting next to some peanut butter? Dry: Gah, for a few minutes I get a funky dirt note! Then it goes away but this is definitely a very dry scent on me, it's not a rich a chocolate at all so much as it smells like I have the remains of dutch processed cocoa powder on my wrist from making brownies. It's not sweet either it's like actual cocoa powder. It lasted for about 3 hours on me and now (5 hours) if I huff my wrists I get hints of something of like tootsie roll. WEIRD!
  12. rkold


    In the bottle: Very sweet but not sugary almost tea, melon and floral blend Wet: I get melon, but not a sugary sweet melon a less sweet melon mix with some sort of floral, I'm guessing peony, but it's not something strong like magnolia or jasmine or rose, with a hint of peach tea. It reminds me a little of Earth Rat only a lot less sweet. Dry: The melon fades more and sweet floral becomes a little stronger 5 hours later: I'm not getting very much anymore, just a hint of melon and floral. It's very pretty and feels more Summery.
  13. rkold

    Playing with a Loaded Gun

    In the bottle: Ginger Ale, but not a super sweet one, just a hint of sugar. Wet: Freshly grated ginger with a hint of creaminess, I am loving this scent. Dry: The ginger becomes slightly less strong for me and the creaminess picks up, it reminds me of those ginger candies you can buy in Chinatown. Definitely a keeper!
  14. rkold


    I'm not sure when mine is from but it's one of the older ones since it is in the cobalt bottle. In the bottle: MINT! with the slightest hint of cocoa powder Wet: MINT! with a hint of sweetness behind it, maybe a touch of vanilla Dry: Still very much Mint for me. It last wells and to me this is a more pure mint than Tokyo Stomp or Snowblind, and has a creaminess the other two didn't quite have. I really like it, but for me it's very very strongly mint.
  15. rkold


    When I am holding the bottle all I get is the cinnamon and sweetness more like honey than sugar. When I spray it I get smoke, like when I put wood into my wood burning stove smoke and then it suddenly goes all honey and cinnamon again and then back to the smoke, alternating between the two. It's quite strong for me, but I can't decide if I actually like it. ;