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  1. greenforrest

    Lady Luck Blues

    Imp: Sweet cloying dark creamy floral. Initial: dark rose with sweet honey and peony After Initial: the rose keeps deepening, the honey and peony stay sweet on top almost like caramel on the tounge, the plum and iris add depth and sultryness. Far throw and seems to last. Impressons: THIS is what I wanted Wanda to smell like. This is a hoodoo thrown to ensnare a helpless lover slave on a hot late summer day abuzz with insect drone and wind in the treetops that never seems to reach the ground. The forbidden scent of the lady's dressing table glimpsed behind gauzy veils. The scent rising above lazy sweating bodies in the juke joint. The Matron scent of Grand Dames, Trannies and gorgeous cross-dressers. And.. OMG.. the incomperable Bessis Smith just to top it all off. *THUD*
  2. greenforrest


    Imp: Deep parma violets without the sweetness, and dusky smokey vetiver Initial: same! After Initial: same again, but going quite peppery on drydown. Smoky black pepper-y, not paprika or bell pepper. Impressions: The air in a dark dank dance club after everyone's left; the hall after the revelery; the lingering scents post-orgy. Much much to Paperrose for this!!
  3. greenforrest


    Imp: sweet and heavy dark reds, maybe red patchouli and crushed black cherries, spicy, musk-y like maybe civet, but very heavy and dark Initial: heady, sexy amped up sexy sexy, dark musk in the rut in the middle of an ancient dark forest, slight spice which may be aged cloves, long throw. Maybe patchouli-cloves-civet? Any light notes really blended and either became undetectable or were just *that* well mixed they becme part of the whole. After initial: stayed very true to the initial/wet scent and throw. Stayed for hours. Impressions: I really didn't know how to review this one, it was so unique, I couldn't pick out any actual notes, and it had some very strange properties. One, as soon as I drifted downstairs, my hubby exclaimed "Ohhh smell pretty!!" which type of thing he NEVER says. Two, I feel I must have been a Satyr in a former llife as this one settled so instinctivly around me. Maybe I wore antlers one spring... I did feel like prancing through a forest in search of love... and I certainly felt I had the right to do it, and the musk for it. Three, I got some strange attention in public (all positive, but I can't recall the last time I had guys loudly calling love out to me.. or the last time I laughed it off and wasn't annoyed). Very odd. Very sensual. Very nice.
  4. greenforrest


    Imp: chocolate!! squee!!!! Initial: darker cocoa and patchouli After Initial: bang-on to a sensual masculine smouldering scary yet irresistable ancient aztec priest if yer ask me! the cocoa and patchouli come on strongest, with hints of incense and leather, very light on the ancient flowers. Bottle worthy, swoon worthy, doesnt knock my beloved DeSade off it's platform, but is just as empowering in a more green-nature vibe. Impressions: sadly makes me want to go out in search of a sensual masculine smouldering scary yet irresistable ancient aztec priest to snuggle up into. (sad b/c where do you find that these days?) This is one hot-stuff perfume blend! EDIT to ADD: *weeping* this one just doens't last on me at all. Maybe an hour-two. Maybe I need a bottle with which to continually slather myself?
  5. greenforrest


    Imp: floral with a darkness underneath that suggests a pain under the pleasure. Huh..fitting. Initial: all floral. None of the lovely hinting, suggestive darkness that I could detect in the imp. After Initial: still all floral, with a bit of powder. Lovely on my skin- IF I were an old lady Gone within an hour. Impressions: Quite a nice floral, but obviously didn't work on my skin as I seem to need v. heavy, dark and intense scents.
  6. greenforrest

    De Sade

    I can't give this any kind of unbiased review. Its got to be my signature scent, and I didn't know I had one. I know a fair bit about leather, leathers and different applications. I love masculine oils, and this is v. definately a very comforting, deep, and evocative scent. Puts me in my happy place, which is a bit much to *ask* of a perfume, but wonderful to take from it.
  7. greenforrest


    A lovely gift Frimp- thank you wonderLab! Imp: ohhhh lovely! I can't pick out a single perfume or oil note. But it smells like our old large yard with the old wood shed and lily gardens and mature oaks and pines after a hurricane has gone through; tangy ozone air, damp earth, deep green beaten and broken vegetation, old wood and iron and debris kicked up and thrown down by the storm. Very intriguing! Initial: RAID!!!! ARGH!!!!! Had to wash off immediatly. Didn't get it all off (and must have a drop near my puter) and am getting whiffs of nasty nasty nasty nasty (I *loath* Raid) Raid bugspray hours later. I must have been a nasty bug in a previous life, because Raid is one of the most laothsome smells to me- ever. Impressions: usually I"m a vetivert-wearing fool, but there is something in this that completely clashes with my body chemistry. I admit to having no clue what "China Rain" alludes to, although it appears to be a known perfume blend type? I once had a friend come over and he smelled exactly like he picked up a can of Raid by mistake instead of deodorant or something... I was too mortified to mention it. Perhaps he was wearing this note and didn't pick up on the Raid-smell? Perhaps he DID pick up a can of Raid and was too muzzy headed to notice? Whatever. Raid= BAD anyway you slice it. This one is a locket smell I guess, it smelled really great in the imp.
  8. greenforrest

    Black Cat

    A Frimp from the lab! Imp: nothing. Nothing? Curiousity killing me, I impulsively slather it on my wrist. Does the juju in Black Cat *work*? Quite obviously. Hubby (the ever-so-NON-perfumed) astoundingly allowed this on his wrist to test the magic (no report back as of yet but his even allowing it speaks to the efficacy). Initial: cassis maybe, and anise Past initial: damask rose with something sweeter, probably peony. Lasts very well on my skin, where nothing usually lasts well. I love the lab roses, having never grwon up with old ladies and bad memories. Impressions: A lovely black cat walking in my rose peony garden. I don't get mint, but then maybe mint does not show on me, because when I use mint, it is very strong and pure. I"m not one to throw evils anyone's way, but I did get a little urge to just *try* (giggle) so I'm sure this one has got some real power.
  9. greenforrest

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I guess the answer to my Q is, that BPAL will send USPS, and doesn't insist on sending UPS like many American etailers. (?) Good! Right now, as far as I understand, UPS does not or does no longer offer a self-brokerage (at least that's what I was told here in Canada). There is a minimum $30-odd brokerage fee for anything coming over from US. They tell you it's for the paperwork etc, but even in cases where the paperwork would be *minimal* the 'service charge' is still $30-something. I've spoken to them at length these past two years and never yet had a different answer... let us all know if anyone finds out otherwise!
  10. greenforrest

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Weeellll... I know I"m likely going to get demerited for this, asking another shipping Q and all.... but I swear up and down that for the past three/four weeks I can NOT find this info on any search, forum or BPAL homepage FAQs. SO: Canadians- is your stuff coming across the border from UPS??? The reason I ask, is that I know USPS uses a secondary carrier to ship across the border. Sometimes Canada Post. But sometmes they hand it off to a carrier such as UPS or don't allow a company to send UPSP in the first place, so force them to use UPS. I *know* there should be no duty (customs fees) on BPAL since it's made in the 'states. BUT.. *any*thing that comes over to me from UPS comes with a minimum $30-odd brokerage fee. I just got my first whiffs of BPAL thanks to a LUSH swap (yay!!) and am dying to try GEEK and many more direct from the lab, now. I just need to know if I"m going to get hit with the UPS charge. If so, my order will be in the 100$'s but if not, I can spread it out a bit more