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  1. Finally found a Jungle dupe in the GC catalogue- Havana! It is a little fruitier and sweeter but they are very close once the oil settles into your skin.
  2. Just tested "Sed Non Satiata" tonight and it is very similar to B&BW's "Creamy Nutmeg"... even though no spices are listed it smells spiced and creamed in the same way that Creamy Nutmeg smells spiced and creamed.
  3. TilHelvete

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    What is similar to Loviatar? Finally found a scent the boy likes but it's been discontinued
  4. TilHelvete

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    I posted this in the last thread but it may be more appropriate here! Ripe juicy fruits with a woody floral background. I've never smelled any eucalyptus or mint in this blend. J-Horror: stargazer lily, white sandalwood, chrysanthemum, and shincha, with white mint, eucalyptus, licorice bark, and blood orange.
  5. TilHelvete

    Lilu equivilant in bpal?

    J-Horror: stargazer lily, white sandalwood, chrysanthemum, and shincha, with white mint, eucalyptus, licorice bark, and blood orange. surprisingly really fruity and tropical smelling. there is no mint or eucalyptus, i would say it's all tropical fruit (would not have guessed or picked out orange individually) layered over woody lily. It's my go-to summer scent.
  6. TilHelvete

    Milk and Cream Notes

    Blossoms in Springtime-Vanilla bean and vanilla blossom, golden honey, antiqued amber, beeswax, copal, lotus blossom, and helichrysum. Only faintly floral to my nose and is actually mostly sweet vanilla and honey. There's juuuust enough soft florals in there to make the scent complex and keep it from becoming too cakey. Similar to Beaver Moon but with amber and soft flowers. Beaver Moon would also be a great milk/cream scent.
  7. TilHelvete


    In the imp, smells very gender neutral, sharp and herbal. Drying on the skin, it is a dead-ringer for Thierry Mugler's Angel. Half wet, I smell tropical coconut and pineapple on top of angel. After a few hours, it still smells EXACTLY like Angel, but without any of the chemical artificial notes in the Mugler scent. Lawful is slightly less cloying and I actually prefer it. I have found this to be the most complex of all the RPG scents I've tried so far. It's musky sweet fig and vanilla on me.
  8. TilHelvete

    Wood Phoenix

    In the imp, it smells like my box of imps. I thought I might be smelling it on the paper label, but it smells that way wet on the skin initially. The drydown is very sweet and foody, it reminded me of Pecan Pie... maybe that's the walnut? There is a Creamy Nutmeg air freshener at Bath & Body Works that it reminds me of, if it were less creamy and a little darker. I couldn't really tease out any particular notes, it's mostly walnut, fig and "pink clove". The bamboo, chamomile, magnolia and musks are in there somewhere, but I can't smell them individually (I'll also admit I have no idea what bamboo smells like). It gives it a perfumey dimension, but overall I found this to be a foody, and not a woodsy, scent. It's not really for me, I just found it to be too sweet. You will like it if you are a fan of Sugar Skull.
  9. TilHelvete

    Eau de Ghoul

    I've had this imp for a few years now, so it's aged a bit. Wet: Bright and citrusy with an undercurrent of cologne. As it dries woody, cola-like notes begin to emerge. There is a distinct "fizzy" top note which I'm guessing is the ginger. Dry: Rooty ginger ale. There is a dirt scent underneath everything but it's very subtle and reminds me of hotel amenities. It's not a bad thing, some of the dirt scents like Nosferatu make me gag so if you've had bad experiences with dirt scents in the past don't be afraid to try this. The leather in this scent makes it lean a little more to the masculine end of the spectrum but a woman could still wear this beautifully. After an hour: This has morphed into a very soft and slightly spicy cologne. Gone are the fizzy citrus notes, as well as any undercurrent of dirt. It's very pretty but not the ginger ale dry down I was hoping for.
  10. I will give my first born child to the person who can provide me with a BPAL equivalent of Lush's Jungle conditioner. I keep a sample of the conditioner in my undie drawers but the product is just so damn hard to use! No clue what the notes are, sort of woodsy and tropical but can't really compare it to anything else.
  11. TilHelvete

    The Fainting Couch Atmosphere Spray

    I am usually not a fan of rose fragrances, even though I love the smell of rose bushes. Outside of my house, are four gorgeous rose bushes that produce huge, red, fragrant blooms that smell different from roses at a florist, and different from any rose notes I've smelled in any perfume. The Fainting Couch smells like those roses, and I was beginning to think it was impossible. I would definitely buy a bottle if it were to be released.
  12. TilHelvete

    Templum Victoriae Atmospheric Spray

    I was so sure that I'd love this spray, so my expectations were pretty high. I was expecting a honeyed, golden amber incense. Instead this was a much woodier scent. It almost smells like pine. It's definitely incensey, but it's not sweet at all. It is nice, and it's very different from the GC room sprays. However, I do not *need* to have it like I thought I would.
  13. TilHelvete

    Boadicea Bath Oil

    In the bottle: sweet, creamy vanilla. Smells almost cakey, it's actually very foody. Dry on skin: the foodiness dissipates due to the pine and amber, and this morphs into something I can only describe as perfect. The vanilla is giving the pine, amber, and patchouli a rich creaminess. I'm not familiar with the fig note so it could be in there somewhere, but I do not detect any neroli (which smells like dial soap on me), or any vetiver. Overall: Absolute love. If only it weren't LE.
  14. TilHelvete


    In the bottle: Wow, this smells EXACTLY like Judith and Holofernes. It's sweet, smoky, resinous, and incensey... completely captivating and gorgeous. On: It appears my skin amps leather, which I couldn't even detect in its wet stage. It's a very nice leather, soft and sexy. This is a very unisex scent, and I think this would also smell fantastic on a man. Alone, it reminds me very strongly of Loviatar with a golden amber and a touch of vanilla. Overall: Not what I had expected, but gorgeous none the less. Probably my favorite of all the leather scents I have sniffed so far.
  15. Maybe Bengal? Anyone have any dupes for Lush's vanilla line?