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    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Why didn´t I get HGM? Why??
  2. Hahaha, that´s brilliant! A lot of people have mentioned that the boys like Bordello. It´s actually not so inappropriate as it sounds, scentwise. Also, from what I can recall, men in general seem to like sweet scents? Don´t quote me on that, though. I´m usually one to fall for the jeans, and then realise that when he takes them off, it´s all downhill
  3. modesty_blaise

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Oooo, thanks, parrot_suspect! I was just going to say that I haven´t found anything like Usher in the GC, but then again I´m not quite sure what to look for. No notes stand out for me either I do get a similar feel from Dorian, though. I think it´s the slightly masculine fougere thing...
  4. Aizen-Myoo reminds me a lot of Swank (and Twenty-One and The Hamptons) with the kinda sharp, refreshing citrussy feel
  5. modesty_blaise

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Aha! Thanks! It´s been a while since I read this thread, apparently
  6. modesty_blaise

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I got my lab order yesterday, and while I´ve seen many amber bottles around, I was a little surprised the GC came in those as well. I always figured GC would come in the blue bottles, am I totally insane for thinking that? Is it random, or will the amber ones become the rule now? Anyone? All (that would be five, tops) my other GCs are blue... and I don´t mind the amber bottles, not one bit, cause they´re all so shiny & pretty
  7. modesty_blaise

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    Well, for what it´s worth; Beth´s dirt blends were the ones who made me realize how talented she is. I don´t wear them very often, but man; Graveyard Dirt (in particular, since it´s pretty much dirt and nothing else) smells just like wet soil! It´s absolutely amazing.
  8. modesty_blaise

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    Well, based on my own experiences; The Hesperides is apples an a tad bark-y/oak-y. Hamadryad is another autumn scent, at least I think the older, more cinnamonny stuff was. Personally, I´d say Graveyard Dirt, or Zombi, if you´d rather go for a GC Also Nosferatu and maybe Jazz Funeral? I tend to think of the smell of dirt/soil when I think of autumn, but YMMV, yes? Oh, and Bliss, for that gooey, just-wanna-stay-snuggled-up-inside-scent.
  9. modesty_blaise

    Recommmendations for Green Scents

    Hmmm, I think I remember The Apothecary as quite green/grassy? And Amsterdam, if you don´t mind a bit of flowing water & peony with the grass
  10. modesty_blaise


    Oh, this is gin allright Fresh, crisp gin, with the juniper note and a slice of lemon. It didn`t strike me as overly boozy at first try, but I had it coming when I reached for this at work... I had forgotten to put on any perfume one morning, and as I noticed, I grabbed Twenty-One from my purse, thinking it would be refreshing and help me through the day. Hah. Let`s just say that the Martini made it highly inappropriate for early morning wear, not to mention that I work with little kids and had to try to stay as far away from their parents as possible
  11. modesty_blaise

    Lump of Coal

    So, so amazing! And even a tad bit better than Bliss (but I guess Bliss will have to do when I run out..)
  12. modesty_blaise

    Good scents for travelling, vacations

    Well, if you`re travelling far, Safari (in Panacea) would help cure the jetlag
  13. modesty_blaise

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Bliss is one of my new loves, it really grows on me; pure chocolate! Gluttony (along with Elegba and Hellcat, Jack and Grog) are a bit on the buttery side, but definitely a good choice for a foody scent. Midway is gorgeous. The Monster Baits should be interesting. Check out Eat Me and Drink Me, new additions in the Mad Tea Party. Quite a few previous LEs should be floating around in the swaps/sales threads; Trick or Treat (Halloween LE), Gingerbread Poppet and Sugar Cookie (both Yule LEs) ETA and Beaver Moon, of course! A Lunacy (LE) from...November?
  14. modesty_blaise


    Oh, amber, what´s up with you?? I sometimes wonder if I´m the only one that thinks amber... reeks? Cause when people can say that this reminds them of, say, ice cream, I simply cannot understand it. It seems to me amber is the last thing to remind me of anything I can eat... Well. Berries would have been nice. As would iris. Spices? Not really my thing. Amber? All there is. Maybe something else in the background, but amber is really blocking my view. I know that some of you hate this, but Florence is just too grown-up for me. I smell like my grandma. And before you roll your eyes; my grandma doesn´t smell yucky, nor does she smell old, or poopy or anything like that. She just tends to wear heady, perfume-y scents, like Opium and the likes. It´s not like I had to wash this off. It´s just... not me. I actually caught a whiff of it earlier, when I went to the store to pick up some things, and I nearly laughed. It´s just so weird. Like if I´d drawn a mustache with my eyeliner. It´s fun around the house, and Florence is nice and evocative, but man, I have to let this go.
  15. modesty_blaise


    ..lotus and juniper with a hint of mint? More like LOTUS and mint, with a hint of juniper.. I´ve grown to like the pine/juniper lately, so I figured this would be awesome. It smells nice in the imp; juniper and mint, mingled with the flow of water. Soft, yet luring and strong. As soon as it hits my skin, though, the juniper disappears. And when it dries down? The mint is gone as well. I´m left with a very faint, sweet lotus, and I begin to realise what the bubblegum is all about It´s pretty, it really is. But it´s too meager; I´d like it to be more of a menacing, powerful scent. And I *never* thought I would say this, but there is in fact a scent out there that´s too soft for me.
  16. I´d say most of the Illyria line seems to be pretty, light florals (Titania, Ophelia, Regan, Desdemona all come to mind) And The Ghost, Leanan Sidhe, Aeval, The Dormouse, The Unicorn, Dirty, Kitsune-Tsuki, and apparently most of the Demon in My View scents
  17. modesty_blaise

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    My 2 cents: Annabel Lee smells so much like Desdemona (only better ), and it also has a lot in common with Titania (just take away the fruity notes). And I´m wearing The Haunted Palace now, and it reminds me of some GC scent, but I can´t really tell which one yet... And it´s kinda old news, but Niflheim smelled a lot like Yog Sothoth to me
  18. modesty_blaise

    Annabel Lee

    When I first applied this, I was thinking "whoa, what does this remind me of??", and yeah. Desdemona. But while Desdemona had some note that made it meh on me, this really works. It also has something in common with Titania, so I´m guessing my skin amps the sweet pea? Um, yeah. All in all, a lovely, light floral. Sweet, innocent, wistful, you name it. Nice!
  19. modesty_blaise

    Eau D'Issey

    Another quick note, just to add more to your confusion I think Spirits of the Dead is right up the d´Issey alley. It´s not the same, but I´m wearing it for the first time today, and it´s very light and vaguely citrusy. Also, Annabel Lee is a good choice. Both of these, of course, are LEs and won´t be available after, umm, 15 Jan (???)
  20. modesty_blaise

    Eau D'Issey

    If you can find Queen of Diamonds, that one´s kinda close. I used to wear d`Issey too You should also check out this thread
  21. Why don´t you try to put some on a cotton ball/q-tip and let it dry, that way you can see if it´s your chemistry being wonky Have you tried any other blood scents? Blood Lotus, Blood Rose, any of the Ars Draconis? I´m not sure if they smell similar, but it might be worth a shot (and yes, I thought you meant blood as in, well, blood, too )
  22. modesty_blaise

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Black Pearl is really sweet on me, vanilla-ish, I´ve been told. And since I lurve most things sweet and foody; Sugar Cookie, Bliss, Dana O´Shee, Midway (if you can find it), and from the ones I´ve tried, I second Gingerbread Poppet, Snake Oil, Dorian, Dragon´s Milk, Tamora, O and Gluttony (if you can handle it )
  23. modesty_blaise

    Temperature and BPAL

    I always carry a couple of imps in my purse (I´m very forgetful, so it´s safer to keep them with me at all times; no need to ruin a perfect day realizing I forgot to put on some oil in the morning ), do you really think they could burst?? Wow. It gets rather cold here in Dec-Jan-Feb, approx 0-10 F (if my maths are correct...). Anybody else experienced this? Luckily my mailbox is in my hallway, so no need to worry about the packages, I can keep ordering
  24. modesty_blaise

    Graveyard Dirt

    I love my bottle of Graveyard Dirt. It´s Zombi without the darn roses. It´s dirt, spot on. Wet soil. Autumn in a bottle. How does Beth do it?? Only one thing makes me sad; it disappears rather fast on my skin. Booo. But now that I have a bottle, I can slather