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  1. Moonbell

    Snooty Rose

    Got this as a frimp - I'd ordered some rosey scents so it might have been sent along as a "try this, you'll probably like it" imp... and if that's the case, they were right! On opening it smells like such a fresh, dewy, beautiful rose, there's one in my grandmother's garden that smells exactly like this, it has these huge flowers and as a child I would shove my whole face in it... in the imp, that's exactly what I get. On skin, the rose is still very potent but the woody notes of the oud and sandalwood come through without being overwhelming, instead they just gently ground it. No plum or bergamot initially, but with time this beautifully tart sweetness comes through. All the notes play together very nicely together, and my skin seems to like them too - nothing going soapy or otherwise weird on me! I might have to go for a full bottle of this one.
  2. Moonbell

    Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom & Lemon Peel

    This sounded amazing as a concept, I got this specifically because it sounded very sunshiney and pleasant and most of my perfumes tend to be very smokey, warm, and cozy, OR very sweet, and none of those are particularly great to wear in the warmer months. When I first tried it on the day it arrived (very eager, lol), it was mainly the pink pepper coming through in the bottle, then the lemon peel really shone through on my skin. Now that it's rested a couple of days I tried it again and the orange blossom jumps out in both the bottle and when dry. The lemon peel comes through at times, and the pink pepper lends it a spiciness, but if you're not sure about orange blossom this one is probably not for you because it definitely feels like it takes centre stage. It might be my skin as well, but it really amps up the orange blossom note, with a hint of cleanliness. This might just be personal association but to me it's a bit of an old lady note, and in this blend it comes with a cleanliness to it, not soapy but more like clean sheets. Clean white sheets at your grandma's house, and it's summer and you're safe and cozy. Not what I was going for when I bought this, but I'm not complaining! As time passed it also developed a certain sweetness (again, this might just be a me thing - my skin tends to bring out a sweetness in most notes), someone above mentioned neroli and I definitely get that, a honeyed neroli coming through. It definitely becomes more interesting and wearable with time, so I think when I'm wearing this out I'll put it on just as I'm starting to get ready so it has time to interact with my skin and do its thing.
  3. Moonbell

    Honey, Black Lilies, and Gardenia Petals

    This is not a scent I would normally order. I love my sweet scents, and I love my florals, but something about this sounded too ~mature~ for me (I tend to like really girly, sparkly scents). But... it got described as a "9ft tall big titty vampire goth mum, you know, from Resident Evil" scent in the 15 minutes of fume video and I was sold on it. I got another honey pot scent this year and right off the bat the honey hits you in the bottle in both cases. I'm not sure what kind of honey this is but in the bottle and when wet there's almost a buttery note to both of them, like you've just put honey on hot buttered toast. The flowers are barely noticeable in the bottle for this one. Once dry, however, they come blooming through so beautifully. I was right about it being a more mature, ladylike scent, as opposed to a girlier sweet floral, but I really love it. The honey and flowers don't compete but blend together into a really heady, seductive sweetness with really impressive sillage. It interacts with my skin in a very interesting way, something gets brought to the forefront just a tad that I can't quite pinpoint - I think it might be the lily? The longer it stays on, the more I love this one. Really happy that I grabbed this! Edit: Just a little update to say I've worn this all day and even taken a shower with it and while the scent is obviously faint now it's STILL detectable. The wear on this is tremendous!
  4. Moonbell


    Got this because I wanted a cherry scent and boy did I get a cherry scent! It was almost all cherry when I first smelled it in the bottle, I actually feel it did have an almond vibe to it contrary to another comment here; a bitter, tangy cherry - my favourite kind. The rose musk really comes through on the skin, especially with wear. It becomes a very lovely blend of almost equal parts cherry and rose, the musk makes it almost creamy while the cherry keeps its tartness so even though my skin tends to bring out the sweetness in a lot of scents, it doesn't go too sugary even on me. Lasted about 4-5 hours on me which was pretty nice too (this was on my wrists and I definitely did wash my hands a few times so it might be even longer lasting if applied somewhere you don't repeatedly wash throughout the day!)
  5. Thanks! I've been wanting to try Vasillisa for quite a while to begin with so that's definitely good to know! Didn't even think of the vulvas before, though, thanks for pointing those out!
  6. Moonbell

    Rosewater & Myrrh

    The myrrh in this really jumps out to me right away in the bottle, and that's also the case on my skin. Definitely sort of medicinal, almost reminds me of a dentist's office... Fortunately I do quite like that (but bear in mind I genuinely like the smell of Dettol, lol), but I can see how some people might think it's a bit too medical. It's actually quite hard for me to pick up the rosewater note in the bottle and it's not until a good while after it's dried on my skin that it comes through. It's quite gentle, and doesn't go powdery on me either. I think the notes do actually blend together, at least on me. Once fully dry there's definitely rose, but with that sharp spiciness of the myrrh. It's very interesting and I'm definitely keen to try layering it with other scents. Like most people above have mentioned, I think I tend to associate myrrh with frankincense, so I'd be interested to see if that softens the myrrh a bit more. Edit: I put it on around 2pm yesterday and now it's 11am the day after so I've worn it for ages, slept on it, showered with it... and call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I can still smell a faint powdery myrrh on my wrist. The staying power on this is nuts!!
  7. Sorry if anyone's already asked for this but I couldn't find it - anything similar to In Omnibus Caritas? I love that one so much and would love a full size bottle of it but for now I'll take anything that resembles it!