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    Toulouse (France)
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    Tanuki - Kitsune Tsuki - Aizen-Myoo - Juliet - Hanami 2008 - Baobhan Sith - Shanghai - Wilde - Thanatopsis - Endymion - Kabuki - Kyoto

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    Hopeless procrastinator -- Love creating clothes with her bestfriend -- Lovely kitchen tyrant -- Deeply enjoy classical and instrumental music (fond of Beethoven) -- Roam around the net too much for her own good (online games, spending money on Etsy!) -- Read useless yet really interesting things (classical and asian litterature, fantasy, essays etc.) -- Have and would like to learn strange languages (Latin, Russian, Japanese or even Chinese) -- Interested in Religions and cultural studies (Japan, Middle-East, Scandinavia, ...)


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    Aquarius Capricorn rising (Angel face with an iron hand they said xD). I am also a Fire Tiger (Roaaah)... If with all that people don't understand I am a cute yet awfully moody eccentric tyrant ^^; (But, I am trying to get social, yes I swear !)
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  1. cymbeline

    Cheshire Cat

    Smell alike: Mainly like a thick berry soup Color impression: Shiny berry purple On me: What a witty kitty! Acid sarcasm at first and then a good big laugh. An optimistic scent which keeps shifting smoothly between tart and sweet Wearing: this blend does not have a good throw on me. It's really the kind of subtle shiny notes I'd wear in my hair when I linger at home in comfy pants :3
  2. cymbeline

    Forbidden Fruit

    Smell alike: hyper chemical jelly candies Color impression: juicy orange and sticky neon pink On me: in the imp, Forbidden fruit was already obnoxious and overwhelming... but as soon as it touched my skin, this blend loudly yelled "Pleaaaase, be merciful for your SO! Wash me off!!!!" Wearing: too sweet and synthetic for me. I get no flower or citrus, only something alike strawberry (?!!!). Too bad because the shy watery edge set by the lotus was quite interesting!
  3. cymbeline


    Smell alike: a long lost and bitter relative of *Aizen-Myoo* ? Color impression: Dusty yellow On me: It's pleasant and fresh, all grapefruit and citrus on my skin. The blend is only a tiny bit sweetened by a tamed kumquat. The all thing tends to get a bit too peppery on the edge Wearing: I like it. Deeply. Just don't know when and how I could use this one ^^;
  4. cymbeline


    Smell alike: smells like an old boudoir to me -or a room where *Marie*-Antoinette was in (I guess because of the rose/violet combo) Color impression: witty pink On me: It just screamed "Hi! We're Roses! We're here to stay! Banzai!", and then quickly disappeared leaving just a soft trace of unwashable violet and lingering rosewood Wearing: Definitively not for me
  5. cymbeline


    Smell alike: A matured and settled *Casanova*? Color impression: Velvet deep green and satin butter-yellow On me: This one - on my man - NOW! I was a bit fearful because my former experiences with tonka weren't so nice. But Wilde is so good I could bath in it. In fact, I wouldn't mind smelling like this after a long night with Beloved! Wearing: Not for me but this is exactly the kind of scents I find appealing on a man
  6. cymbeline


    Smell alike: Wild flowers field near a stream Color impression: Bouncing young white On me: Usually, I am not so fond of white florals. But if I'd have to wear one, it would be something like Muse. This blend is not heady and very lively thank to a soft and joyful lime. The aquatic touch of the lotus also ground the jasmine (thanks God ) Wearing: I don't often wear those kind of scents but I guess I will try this one once in a while for a change ^^
  7. cymbeline


    Smell alike: It smells like the cleaner used by the school I used to work Color impression: Chilly yellow-green On me: Bright and lemony! A slap in your face! Wearing: Not so bad, but I won't wear this one as a perfume: it lacks of roundness in the background notes and it's a bit too aggressive (yet in a very nice way!) for me
  8. cymbeline


    Smell alike: mmm, lavender always reminds me holidays in the south of France Color impression: Aloof pale purple On me: the lavender is not so masculine in this blend: it's really a sophisticated and ancient style lady's perfume -too bad it ran away quickly leaving just a soapy afterthought, I would have loved to see how it matures on the skin Wearing: ?
  9. cymbeline


    Smell alike: ??? Color impression: fresh blue and glorious white On me: A glorious symphony in wisteria settled with a nice white sandalwood. The result is beautiful, glittering even if basically not really me at all! Wearing: I am not so sure. Wisteria tends to morph on me depending on my circle. For the moment, it goes all catchy and alluring but I don't know if it's gonna last! I need more testing ^^
  10. cymbeline


    Smell alike: reminds me sunny days in the countryside -I really don't know why :3 Color impression: Bouncy and fluffy apple green On me: Smells sweet -Yum, pear!- and clean -lilly of the valley and musk. Pretty and maybe a bit too discrete for my liking but that a really comforting and delicate scent Wearing: I don't really feel like wearing this one myself but it might be very nice on a kid or in a kid room
  11. cymbeline


    Smell alike: nursing room (you know, the ones crowded with flowers?) Color impression: weeping pale blue-green On me: I don't really know labdanum but if it's the one that smells like a sick person's room, I don't want more of it =/ Associated with clear roses it's just awfully medical to my nose Wearing: Brings back too painful memories. Not a keeper for me
  12. cymbeline


    Smell alike: a citrusy *Maenad* Color impression: Electric red On me: Hum… my skin dislikes something in this blend and it yells it LOUD- let me wash it off I think that me and the lab's strawberry and raspberry notes don't get along together very well ^^; Wearing: I had nice expectations for this one but in the end the unnatural raspberry spoiled everything!
  13. cymbeline


    Smell alike: This one is dangerously close to *Akuma* Color impression: sticky dark red On me: Irk! über super sweet! I can only smell very chemical strawberry and something like a wicked carnation in the bottle. On my skin, it's just a really sticky scent -a bit like an old sweet medicine forgotten on a shelf (dustiness =thanks to the poppy ?) Wearing: Not for me that for sure. But as it has been said, it could do the trick on a teenager
  14. cymbeline


    Swap test! Smell alike: A tamed eau sauvage Color impression: bright yellow and acid pink On me: An icy scent, self assured and bright. It’s mainly citrusy (only a tiny bit minty in the back) as the grapefruits and orchid don’t seem strong enough to stand out. Wearing: It feels like a modern Casanova: flirty and quietly powerfull. Another one to try on a man
  15. cymbeline

    The Ghost

    Swap test! Smell alike: Pure, pure water iris Color impression: diaphanous white and trembling lilac On me: Floral, floral, floral. Not as chilly as I thought it would be. I deeply thank the lily for not going all powdery. Not being a floral fan, this scent seemed really blank to me. But, must add I really liked the background of this blend which present something deep and round (is that the ivy and the gladiolus?) Wearing: Light and fresh. An everyday and sporty-outdoors scent