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    Red Moon 2007

    ... Our blend for this Moon mixes traditional lunar oils with the warmth of amber, red musk, and heliotrope, the russet haze of dragon's blood resin, sunflower, and crushed orange peel, with a dusting of summertime herbs: chamomile, rue, elder flower and marigold. Ok, so...when first applied this smells a bit like Dana O'Shee + oranges: sweet, custard-y citrus-y incense. Almost too rich for a few moments. When it dries it lightens up a bit - not so much oranges anymore as orange blossoms, a light musky floral sweetness, and a bit powdery as well. Very faint. Probably won't last the day. Definitely not at all what I thought it would be, but still very pretty while it lasts.
  2. inkdarkmoon

    The Tube of Boobs

    OH THANK GOD. I confess to the shame as well. It was Natasha who pulled me back in, I love listening to her broken english as she makes russian vodka lemonade from the lemons that the panel tosses her every week. "You were worse than Ann in Season 3!" "Ann? Zank you! She was so beeeautifool!" Ugly Betty is the show I watch and I can't ever find fault with, always makes me laugh and feel good....but somehow I never think of it when I am listing my favourites. I love love love Mark and Amanda. LOOOOVE Henry. AND OH MY GOD. Last 5 minutes of Craptica totally make the whole boring season worthwhile. That's all I am going to say! PS I had sort of given up on the animes...but that's more because I don't keep up with it, don't know what is new/good anymore. I will have to check out Princess Tutu. Last think I watched was Fruits Baskets if that gives you any clue to how far behind I am !
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    What a great way to celebrate Spring! The Celebratorial Chopping of the Hair Good luck with the maths!
  4. inkdarkmoon

    Battlestar Galactica-"The Son Also Rises"

    I am so with you on the Callie hating! Also: I am secretly (well not so secretly, actually) praying that Starbuck is somehow alive, somewhere. I should check the thread to see what the theories are!
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    I think maybe Angela Carter writes adult type faery tales...and I too loved Robin McKinley. 'cept for that last book she did, about the vampires? I thought it was coarse and vulgar and that she was trying to hard to emulate the authors who write the sexsexsexsex vampire stories lately *cough*LaurellKhamilton*cough* That book made me very sad...
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    Yesterday was fine

    Good job on the presentation, Miss Smartypants! I remember that Fly Lady and if I recall she had some good ideas, but I can't ever stick with anything. So I just make The Man do all my cleaning now. Seriously. He is so skeeved by my cleaning methods that he figures if he wants it done right, he will do it himself. HA! My plan worked! When I am being good I pack myself small healthy snacks too: a little baggy with a few raw almonds and some dried apricots and dates, one of those fat free greek yogurts with fresh blueberries, some celery stuffed with low-fat cream cheese & olive spread, little "sandwiches" made with high fiber wasa bread and natural peanut butter, or just a big ol crunchy fuji apple. That sounds like I pack all of those at once, which I totally don't
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    Boxcar Bertha

    Ooooh! A massuese! I personally give wretched massages, I think The Man walks away hurting more than BEFORE I worked on him, if I attempt one. I can't think of a more rewarding occupation, than knowing that with the power of your touch you helped to heal someone...and what better antidote for a sterile, depressing soul-sucking corporate job, where no one is touched by what you do? That is so, so awesome. Best of luck to The Mister!
  8. inkdarkmoon

    some kntting thoughts....

    Oh honey. I feel your pain Knitting can be SO FRAKKIN expensive. Most of the time I just buy my sweaters now; I know I can get 5 sweaters at the "Pay-Half" boutique for the same price that it would cost me to knit a single sleeve (and trust me, it's really cold here, I NEED the rest of the sweater!) But...play your cards right, look for bargains, close-outs, ebay sellers who probably sell stolen merchandise (hey, I am not in denial, I know it happens! And if I really want the item, then I just live with it). You won't have to sell your house and live in the cardboard box your yarn was shipped in if you are choosy and buy the right stuff at the right time. And I am with you as far as the charging a million bucks for hand-knit goods. After all the time and frustration that goes into knitting something, and the subsequent satisfaction that is felt with the finishing of it...IF you can bring yourself to part with it, there is probably no way anyone could pay enough to make it worth your while!
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    Psychology of Retail Therapy

    You know, I am very glad I read this, for two reasons a.) I am glad I am not the only one who gets so irritate with those "I read one book and now I am an expert" college kids and 2.) I always sort of worried that I might be one of those women who indulged in compulsive "retail therapy" behaviours. But you know what? At the end of the month I CAN pay my rent, I CAN pay ALL of my bills, have money for BPAL and STILL HAVE MONEY LEFT OVER. So...that means I'm ok right? I don't stash...I actually use what I have (and if I don't, I decant a lot and give it away), and trust me, I have never bought 40 scents all at one time! Whew! I'm...ok!
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    Let's have a Crab-In!

    When I first read the title of this post I was picturing a "crab-in" to be like a "lobster bake" (I have a one track mind, all food, all the time)...
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    National Zombie Movie Day.

    Kids are assholes. I was "that kid" too, I have no idea why. The one no one would sit next to, never had a partner in group projects, always got picked last for teams. Actually I guess it is not the same - no one went out of their way to pick on me, it was more like I was invisible. TO this day I am not pick on Valentines Day, I think The Man is a little puzzled by this. He is getting me a subscription to a monster/zombie magazine for V-day, so that is sort of appropriate, right?
  12. inkdarkmoon

    Change of Fools

    Hee, you reminded me of one of my favourite sites, ever : http://www.kissthisguy.com/ "scuse me while I KISS THIS GUY". HEH. HEH. For some reason I find mis-heard lyrics hilarious. Hopeful for your man's sitch is pretty supportive as far as I am concerned. Hope and a cheery attitude and positive thinking are probably crucial from a mate, especially if they can't muster it for themselves. I mean other than that, what else can you do? Tonight I plan on self medicating with a nice optimistic horror movie, myself.
  13. inkdarkmoon

    Random thought.

    I agree with you 100%. It drive me up a wall when someone says something that could have SHOULD HAVE been better off left unsaid. And then they'll usually say "well I'm just blunt and honest, people appreciate that". No, you're a BITCH, and that is totally different. You can be honest and diplomatic, or even better if you haven't got anything nice to say then just shut your freakin mouth. Can you tell how much this topic enrages me? I cannot even articulate when I start to thinking about it! Anyway, if you couldn't tell, I think you are right
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    A quick question, if you have time...

    I have always sort of believed in reincarnation...I don't know about anyone else, but I am CERTAIN that I knew my sisters in a past life. I don't know who or what I was, probably someone mousy. The thing that has concreted it for me is what I am uncovering in my Tarot studies, I am using Mary Greer's workbook and in doing so I've found out that my "soul card" is The Emperor and I've worked that out to have something to do with father figure issues. And you know what? I honestly don't think this is the first time - or lifetime - that I have had these issues. I seriously got chills when I realised that!
  15. inkdarkmoon

    I'm getting married!

    Wow! Amazing! Lucky girl Congrats to you!
  16. inkdarkmoon

    On dieting and ATC's

    carwoman - I have DDR Supernova and at first I was very disappointed...but have patience! There are some great songs on there if you take the time to go to every planet and unlock them I second the dark chocolate! Full of antioxidants and those little feel good chemicals that dance around in your brain and make you, well, feel good! Grace...do you get the Hungry Girl newsletter? http://www.hungrygirl.com She's mostly an idiot, but 5 days a week she sends out newsletters from her site with low calories swaps for our favourite high calorie foods, lots of new product reviews and generally helpful things for dieters. She's actually not an idiot, I don't know why I say that, I think it's just the goofy tone she takes when she writes. ANYWAY the chocolate special K did not get such a good review... (don't mean to rain on your parade, just giving you a heads up!) You meantion a pilates dvd, I have a great one that is divided up into 10 minute segments, it's called Crunch - Pick Your Spot Pilates. ALSO, there is a dvd I read about in a trade magazine at the healthfood store called Yoga Booty Ballet, it sounds like fun? Maybe?
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    Kitrona, I am sorry for your loss and that you are hurting. My thoughts are with you...
  18. inkdarkmoon

    What's in a blog?

    I am in the same boat as you f_s; I have 1 good friend other than my sisters, and she lives out of state. I don't make friends easily either, it's almost like I've got some sort of wall around me, some sort of unconscious "Do Not Disturb" sign that makes me appear more aloof and reserved than I actually am. I blog because I often can't sort out feelings or ideas until I've got then written down in front of me, the act of getting them out onto paper (or typing them in a blog) makes the processing of them more tangible, I am working with concrete words rather than nebulous feelings, emotions or philosophies. One could argue that I could just as easily do it in a private diary stuffed under my mattress or a Word document on my PC...but I too like to get other opinions and viewpoints. I don't know it all, I can't fathom that my way is the only way - I like to know what others think. I want to know an opposite take on a situation, a devil's advocate view. Or hell, maybe I am alone. Maybe I just want to connect with like-minded women, and this forum, for all it's members, can be a lonely, isolating place. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this forum, but it's sort of like a crowd where everyone is shouting about themselves...but no one is listening to anyone else. People listen here. I like that.
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    Spring Switch Witchery Alert!

    You know...while I had fun with all the switch witchery in the past, I have decided that I won't be participating anymore. Not because of any bad experiences, but I put too much pressure on myself to find "perfect" things for people and I'm not sure it's worth it. I think I am sticking to RAOKs for the people on the forum that I already know and am already friendly with. Reading over that it looks a little bit selfish, doesn't it? I guess it is, but oh well I hope you have fun with this round though! Someone will be very lucky to have you as their "someone witchy"...
  20. inkdarkmoon

    Are you a mermaid?

    I've been a mermaid since I was 9 years old and saw Darryl Hannah in Splash Hee! I love QC but I am liking Faye less and less...
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    A Beginner Knitter

    When I first started to knit I had the same problem. I want to run before I crawl, I wanted things with sleeves and neckholes, not a long boring rectangle! Needless to say, my "ribbed for her pleasure" scarf only made it to about 25" and is now used to stuff under the door to keep out drafts
  22. inkdarkmoon

    2007 Booklist.

    Goodness! I have just gotten several wonderful reading ideas from you, thanks so much for sharing PS. LOVE M. Atwood...Cat's Eye is one of my favourite reads ever.
  23. inkdarkmoon

    Stabbity Craft

    Wow lady - you are a crafter extraorinaire! Look at you go! Tee shirts, stuffies, knits...is there anything you CAN'T do? I still think you should try and make money off of the "frakkin toaster" shirt - just brilliant
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    Go you! I think you'll need to give me some pointers!
  25. inkdarkmoon


    This is a yoooou-ge (as Donald Trump would say) forum;people probably DO get lost in the mix, but I don't think it is intentional, I wouldn't take it personally. And sure, I imagine certain people get more attention - they are probably either the more frequent or more vociferous posters (squeaky wheels get more grease and all)... But also, if you're like me you sort of view the "How are you feeling?" thread as just that. A place to talk about that specific moment in time, a "there - got it out, done with that" type of thing. I don't really expect people to respond, because I don't use it as a "support" thread...although don't get me wrong, that's a nice idea and all. IF I respond to someone there - which I usually don't - it's because I am going through something similar and maybe have something to contribute. I feel like if I haven't gotten anything useful to say - just zip it. I always READ what's there, I just don't always respond. Plus, I am sort of shy (even on the internets!)...so even if it is something I can relate to, I might not say anything because maybe I've never contacted that person before, they don't know me from a hole in the wall, and I hate that maybe they would think "JUST WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS??" So, just my .02 . Doesn't mean everyone has the same reasons as me - but hey...someone might PS That is why I prefer the Blog Island out here - I've started talking to some ladies I might never have otherwise...it's a smaller community, easier to get to know people. Although...it does seem to be getting bigger - just even in the past week or so!