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    The City In The Sea, Le Serpent Qui Danse, Sea of Glass, Snake Oil, The Fool, Sol, Mercury

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    I'm browsing through the various scents mostly to find something that'll help me both balance and focus various aspects of myself. (see astrological info)<br /><br />my aura colors: green, indigo, lavender, purple (in order of prominence)
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    Water Pig Pisces for Sun and Mercury Aries for Moon, Mars, and Venus Gemini for Ascendant
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  1. emz83


    I got this before reading the forum's reviews; which, yeah, once the oil hit my skin I thought "Dragon's Blood", and sure enough once I check the reviews there it is. Granted, this isn't as purely resin as some other blends (it's not as 'soapy' once it hits my skin), it has what seems like several strong florals, daffodils and lilacs I think. It's nice, but I think I'm going to have to swap this because of the resins.
  2. emz83

    The Fool

    Ohhh, a lovely scent. It's a...hm. Odd one tho. It's like a deep candy scent, but whereas I usually associate candy smells with 'pink' this is...like a green and brown scent, but sweet. It's as if it's new growth, a new maple branch perhaps, with it's sap flowly so freely right beneath the bark that you can scent the sweetness of it's potential, right on the edge before beginning to rot from the sweetness.
  3. emz83

    The City in the Sea

    So the first time I saw this on the site I eye'd the description and really reaaaally wanted to get it despite the fact that it's a limited edition because it's *aquatic violets*, and ever since Le Serpent Qui Danse I've been hunting down the BPAL that contained it's notes, and just *wishing* for an aquatic with violets and vanilla. I am now KICKING myself for not just giving in and buying a bottle or three because this scent is so damn near what I was thinking of. It is murky and bright all at once, the green of kelp and the purple of violets mixing with the deep blue of shadows and the bright blue of the underside of where water hits the air. This is beautiful, it's the bracing salt air and it's somewhat flowery when it hits my skin and it's ever so slightly sweet with my skin chemistry, just enough for a slight 'roundness'. And dammit, it's a Limited Edition. :D
  4. emz83


    This smells sweet and sharp-pink, but it's not a 'cutting' sharp like Kumiho (it's not astringent), it's a rounder sharp, like fork tines. It makes me think a bit of cherry, but not so sacchrine and it's possibly the almond rounding it out. Very nice.
  5. emz83


    On me this smells like metallic 'gold', but not 'golden'. It's bars of gold that is placed under bright natural light and just shimmers with the faint dust motes in the air. I'm not really getting any of the 'green' scent that some mention, perhaps because I associate 'green' scents as fresh cut grass or stems and Scarecrow really isn't this scent on me. At first I'd discounted it because it smelled a little generically 'perfumy' but the more it sits on my skin the more I love it, I'm glad I didn't immediately toss this in the swap box.
  6. emz83

    Freak Show

    Wet, it smells like fruit and chocolate...but as it dries the lemon component that I'd hoped would not be so prominent comes out, plus this interesting 'dusty' smell. I like the dust smell, but I'm ambivalent about the lemon. Very nice though, I'd possibly keep it as a room scent or a scent to dab when I'm on my moon (like Gluttony).
  7. emz83

    Snake Charmer

    This on me is Snake Oil but with far more resin and incense (I adore Snake Oil)...I read somewhere that the 'amber' scent in Snake Oil is actually a vanilla bouquet or something similar. So if your skin is good with resins I think you'll like Snake Charmer; unfortunately it just goes to this wierd floral powdery scent with my chemistry.
  8. emz83

    House of Mirrors

    At first it smells to me like a warm version of Sea Of Glass, but then it goes extremely resin-y amber in a way that goes all powder on me, then it goes into an aquatic floral with a hint of the powdery resin in back. Could see this on others but it's just not me.
  9. emz83


    I loved this for all of the half minute that it stayed 'true' on me, like lolling on a fur rug in sunshine. And then it went massively powdery-floral. Demmit. I think I'm going to have to resign myself in that most resins seem to hate me. (with the exception of whatever's in Snake Oil)
  10. emz83


    This is a very flowery scent, and I'm horrible at identifying flowers, with just a hint of clove in the throw. The sandalwood makes it a warm scent and the sweetness of vanilla is just barely there rounding it out, but it's predominantly the flowers.
  11. emz83

    Van Van

    At first, on me, it's very beautiful and fresh, citrus with a sweet edge, but the throw has a dark edge that turns my stomach...reading the reviews above I think it might be the vetivert 'cause I usually (tho not always) have that reaction to scents listing that note.
  12. emz83


    On my skin the fruit disappears and the flowers come out with an ozone-y brightness. It becomes a very 'perfume'-y scent.
  13. emz83


    Lavendar and something...it's vaguely linen-like and a bit soap-like, but it's all soothing, and using this usually sends me into sleeping for 10 hrs straight.
  14. emz83


    Very lemony with a kick, effective as a dream inducer, without keeping me awake.
  15. emz83

    Empyreal Mist

    Apples! Fresh crisp green apples, all the way! Quite beautiful, and I'm not smelling the florals nor the tea that everybody seems to keep mentioning; then again I've noticed that I can't tell florals apart and that when I think "tea" I think of strong fragrant Oolong tea, not really any of the paler teas. *points at sig* I've been layering this with Black Pearl which (especially with how it registers to me as green apples) tickles me to death in soooo many ways...