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  1. eleventhousand


    thanks y'all! spanked is out because i hate leathery scents. the truffle one is out because i am generally anti-booze when it comes to fragrance. i am not anti-booze with regards to beverages at all... can anyone tell me more about mama-ji? all of the reviews seem to contradict each other. gypsy moth might be just the thing...
  2. eleventhousand


    i am looking for a strong, sweet cardamom scent...
  3. eleventhousand

    Pallas Athene

    i am going to let this one age a bit and revisit. the long drydown is quite lovely, but it is dissonant for a good few hours on me at first application. i think time will mellow it and allow the notes to sing.
  4. eleventhousand

    Victorian Garden

    i love this...it is just what i'd hoped for. musky-sweet honey that doesn't get too sticky/cloying, magnolia, maybe a bit of honeysuckle and greenery...lots of greenery. it's sort of a stem-sap scent. i can't really discern the lavender from the general herbishness, so it's not a really sharp lavender. it makes me think of ivy and more succulent, watery plants...like parsley and chickweed and watercress. i don't get any mint, rosemary, or thyme (thankfully, thyme is SO strong on me) or anything on the spicy end of things. sweet, green, and shady. a skin-scent for a dryad.
  5. eleventhousand

    Benevolent Triple Conjunction

    full disclosure: this gave me a headache that put me to bed and no inspire-y goodness. damned allergies. review: reminded me of a plummy version of follow me boy...jasmine, dry herbs, musk, some sort of citrus, and succulent summer fruits. i got the fleeting initial sense of magnolia as some others did, but i think it was the jasmine and the fruits combining into that particular aroma. didn't discern any ginger or lavender, but it did have an incisive bite that was reminiscent of either of those notes. the scent was pleasing. i wish i'd been able to endure it long enough to reap the benefits...
  6. psyche might be perfect: Bulgar rose, Chinese white musk, lavender, orchid and frankincense. sooooo regal/womanly and not sweet at all.
  7. eleventhousand

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    i find 51 to be a dead ringer for Clinique's Happy, if that helps at all. & Privilege is very weedy and harshly floral.
  8. eleventhousand

    Lilith Victoria

    i love dorian, but the weirdest thing happened when i wore it. after the first few times i couldn't smell it. AT ALL. everyone else could though. and since i wear perfumes to please myself first. i sold my bottle. the same thing happens with egyptian musk on me...but if i take a break i can smell it again. snake oil i love as well. it is warm and cozy, salty and deliciously dark. i love lavender, lily, and fennel. i LOVE lilith victoria. it smells strongly of lavender-infused dorian (i can smell the dorian!!) resting on a bed of snake oil. it smells like a vintage perfume bottle. it is a little sharp but in a furry sort of way. like the needle-y teeth of a puppy.
  9. eleventhousand

    Lemon, Lemon, Lemony Goodness

    i'm agreeing with 'follow me boy'. after about 5 minutes it is lemon poundcake on me.
  10. eleventhousand

    Hay Moon

    hay moon has broken my heart. it has all my favorite things and smells like none of them.
  11. eleventhousand

    June Gloom 2004

    i just received a decant of this from a kind forumite! lemon juice, lemon verbena leaves, sugar, orange and lemon blossoms, purple iris...a few other mysterious blooms. i really like this! but then, i love lemon and flower essences together. right now i'm drinking rosewater lemonade. this has a similarly refreshing feel...
  12. eleventhousand

    What smells like Irish Spring Soap?

  13. eleventhousand

    Hexennacht (2008)

    I really liked the old Hex, but it gave me a headache. New Hex smells nothing like old Hex to me. It is piney pine with a side of pine and pine sauce. If you adore pine, this is the oil for you. ETA: It is lovely in the deep drydown, and it is growing on me.
  14. eleventhousand


    Hail unto thee who art Khephra in Thy hiding, even unto Thee who art Khephra in Thy silence, who travellest over the heavens in Thy bark at the Midnight Hour of the Sun. Tahuti standeth in His splendour at the prow, and Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm. Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Evening. Thick resins with pepper and sage. Very savory.