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  1. Caerphilly

    Centzon Totochtin

    In the imp: Coffee and caramel. Almost like Bailey's. There is a slight damp wood smell, sandalwood maybe. My fiance said it smells like a bakery when I opened the imp. On the skin: Sweet coffee After an hour: Smells slightly smokey, a bit like church incense, with a spicy smell in the background. Almost like cinnamon, but this doesn't burn my skin like cinnamon does. It fades really quickly. The smell is barely there.
  2. Caerphilly

    Daphne Honey

    In the bottle, sweet sweet plastic. On the skin, kind of reminds me of Alice. A very girly scent. A perfume I would wear when I was very little. The plastic fades, and the scent becomes very delicate as it dries. Lightly sweet floral, definitely honey. Normally I would not like a scent like this, it's pretty have in the imp. But on the skin, it's nice. Good summer scent, glad I tried it!
  3. Caerphilly

    The Isles of Demons

    This was actually one of the first frimps in a long time that I had not tried! I can't put my finger on the exact notes. I was expecting a slightly dark or dirty smell, but was pleasantly surprised. There is a woody smell, sandalwood, maybe. Something sweet, lightly sweet, a floral/fruit. I really can't put my finger on this one. It's blended well. When it dires, it lasts for a few hours, but the woody lightly sweet smell vanishes and it smells a resin scent.
  4. Caerphilly

    The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

    in the imp, smells of light fruit. Definite pomagranate and apple. Maybe a bit of the fig, but it's not as heavy as in other scents. It's like a natural smelling fruit punch. Not too sweet and heavy and artificial, but not as natural smelling as just a fruit or juice. On the skin, I smell a bit of lemon. Or powdery lemon musk. And still the fruit. But it doesn't get nauseatingly heavy and sweet. A bit creamy. I like this one! I;m more of a rose or honey person, but I might keep this imp! It's lovely!!
  5. Caerphilly

    Loup Garou

    In th imp it smells like dirty pinesol. Like pine scented cleaner that has been used. Um... I'll try it anyway. In the skin it starts to smell like dirty mint. The mint starts overpowering as it dries and the eucalyptus comes out very, very strong. Like Vicks vaporub strong. It dries down to a delicate powdery woody smell. I'm not sure what wood it is. It might be the juniper, but it smells more like pine cones, but delicate and distant. It's a nice masculine end smell, but to get to it, it's not that pleasant. I'll give it to my boyfriend to try also. It might smell good on him.
  6. Caerphilly

    Alice's Evidence

    Containing nary a neutron of meaning: rum-quince-cassis with prune and a bit of black ginger. In the imp, Cinnamon and a faint fruity musk. A bit like cinnamon bubble gum. I'm afraid to try this as the cinnamons and nutmegs an those scents burn my skin. I'll try a tiny, tiny bit and see. Smells like cinnamon gum, and only cinnamon gum! Like the Dentyne fire gum, the one that burns your mouth but is so delicious (at least to me, as i on;y chew cinnamon jum that almost burns my mouth ). Almost smells like a cinnamon yankee candle, but doesn't smell that artificial, just potent. Love it, but would rather chew it than wear it....
  7. Caerphilly

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

    In the imp, smells just like melon! Honeydew and cantaloup. Reminds me of Yemaya, which I love. On the skin, a bit musky, probably the tea. But there's a bit of sweet citrus, like a creamy melon poking through. Turns a bit powdery as it dries. But it's primarily powdery, lemon musk. There's a hint of melon, but it fades more and more as it dries. Like it, don't love it. Would have preferred the melon scent to stay a bit longer.
  8. Caerphilly

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    smells like bubble gum in the imp, but a pale yellow or green bubble gum. A refreshing sweet, not sickly candy sweet. On my skin, I'm getting a watery sweetness. It's light and refreshing and girly. I prefer the powdery or clean refreshing scents, so I might just give this to my friend.
  9. Caerphilly


    Ooh, I like this one. Slightly sweet and dark. Initially, in the imp, cherry and peppermint. Wet on my skin I get cherry and eucalyptus. it dries to a nice licorice. I didn't know what was in this, I read the notes after I tried the imp, and the notes are basically what this smells like! I could smell some red musk, but I think this more because the oil is a dark color, that my mind just went to red musk. usually red musk overpowers all the other notes, but not in this. Black licorice and cherry, yum!
  10. Caerphilly


    This is not what I was expecting at all. I thougt this would be more 'golden,' more because of the name of the scent than because of the notes! But...this was more green and fresh and herby smelling. I get a bit of pine (?) from this. Not really too heavy. No rose though. Alas...
  11. Caerphilly

    The Apothecary

    Herbal woody citrus smell. I don't know where I'm getting the wood, but it's there. Very dry and crisp. This wasn't really what I expected from this, from the notes. It fades very quickly. It's pretty, but I was hoping something more green and grassy than what it turned out to be.
  12. Caerphilly


    Mint, mint, mint in the imp. And initially on my skin. But then it turns to BO and I have to wash this off!! I don't think my skin like lotus because every scent I've tried with lotus turns to BO. And I really liked the mint in this!!
  13. Caerphilly


    Heavy florals and spicy incense. Really strong on my skin. I don't really like incense and it's bothering me in this. Without it, though, I think the florals would be too heavy. If you like incense, this is worth a try.
  14. Caerphilly

    Eat Me

    Vanilla cake. I don't really like foody scents, but I want to eat this one! Not really getting anything but cake from this, there's some musky fruit, but it's really all cake.
  15. Caerphilly

    The Ghost

    White florals, like a room spray. Lysol or something. Turns soapy on my skin. Smells fresh and even pleasant in the imp, but doesn't work on my skin.