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    This doubles as a wish list too. I want these bad :-) Antique Lace (I know a girl can dream) Buck Moon 5 ml Please :-) Crucible of Courage Hunger (Pending from loveandprozak) Peace French Love Medicine Show (Pending from LunaDragonGir) Red Moon Arabian Nights TA Grand Guignol Crown of Success TA Midway (Pending from loveandprozak) French Creole Temple Witches Queen of Spades Uncrossing TA Foundation of Fortune TA White Light TA Mantle of Venus Aunt Carolines Money Draw (even a half an imp will do) Has no Hannah Torture King 5 ml Love in the Asylum 5 ml

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    I want to change the world & leave it in a better place than where I found it. :-)<br /><br />I want to raise my children and care for my ailing mother.<br /><br />I want to find a job where helping people is rewarding personally and attention to detail is an asset.<br /><br />Besides BPAL? is there anything else? :-P
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  1. ~AmusedMuse~

    Crucible of Courage

    My Impresssion: Wow, this has a lot of throw to it and is almost too herbal at first for me. Thank goodness I gave it time to dry down and morph into a really lovely blend. Now the sharp greeness of it is in the background and a soft floral note that I can't identify really (Is that jasmine) comes to the forefront. I really like this one alot, and it is too bad it is discontinued. My scale of 1-5...4+
  2. ~AmusedMuse~

    Gypsy Queen

    My Impression: This is the most impessive Carnaval Noir scent I have tried to date. Oh the loveliest of carnation and amber musk makes this a winner in my book. It has enough throw and softens into one of the most beautiful blends I have tried to date. I guess I am hooked on this one. My scale of 1-5...5+
  3. ~AmusedMuse~


    My Impression: From the vial step back somewhat astringement like. Just applied a drop....Herbal lavender coming thru now. Maybe eucalyptus in there somewhere? Am I also detecting a citrus note? These blends are so very hard for me to review because of the scent complexity. Lovely and peaceful now upon drydown. My Impression on a scale of 1-5...5 Will edit on its sleep properties later.
  4. ~AmusedMuse~

    Black Lotus

    My Impression: Ok faintest of Lotus, fruit from somewhere. I also detect a dark sensual undertone to this ...amber and myrrh definitely dominate in this one. Upon drydown I finally get the sandalwood note. A bit disappointed on the lack of Lotus therein as the name implied. However, I find it a sultry and tremendously sexy scent. My impression on a scale of 1-5...4
  5. ~AmusedMuse~


    My Impression: Wow the greeness of this one. I can't detect any fig at all. It is somewhat sharp while wet but upon drydown it softens into a very outdoors type of scent. I smell pine and some other herbal notes that I can't identify. But this is definitely all outdoors to me. I think this would make a great air freshener or room scent. I am sure I could not wear this as a perfume oil. My scale of 1-5...2.5
  6. ~AmusedMuse~


    My Impresssion: Oh the orange in this one. A slight rose, and sandalwood notes as well, however, I can't detect any honey at all in this one. This reminds me of the orange jelly sugar coated candies. A bit foody for me to wear but I am sure it makes a fantastic room scentl. My scale of 1-5...4
  7. ~AmusedMuse~

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    Perhaps reading this thread will clarify some of your issues regarding what you want to know. are bpal blends made from 100% undiluted EOs? I suggest reading all of the posts in this thread and I think it will help you understand how the blends are made. Have a nice day
  8. ~AmusedMuse~


    My Impression: I can't say that it is true to an actual pomegrante because although I had one once, I never ate it remembering what happened to Persephone when she ate of this fruit. This scent does remind me of Persephone, but it seems to have more depth and zing to it. My scale of 1-5...4
  9. ~AmusedMuse~

    Snow White

    My Impression: Wow this is so regal. It seems like all of the most beautiful blends get discontinued. This is one I would buy if they decided to bring it back. The lightest of florals, and such sweet almost powdery type of scent but not TOO much powder it is just right. My scale of 1-5 ...5+
  10. ~AmusedMuse~


    Wow, woodsy cedar and vanilla, and yes I definitely can pick out the sassafrass in this one. Dent know about the balsam note in this but I find it unique and interesting and I can imagine ladies with parasols wearing this as they crossed the streets in an old mining town in the old west.
  11. ~AmusedMuse~

    Has No Hanna

    Ok at first wiff I knew that I and this one would not get along at all. I detected sharp citrus and anstringement. Ugh. However after drying down I was totally amazed at how this had morphed into a lovely soft floral. Maybe sweet pea, maybe jasmine, maybe both. The citrus note is barely there now. My scale of 1-5...4 And I sure am glad I allowed this one to completely drydown before making my final conclusion on this one
  12. ~AmusedMuse~


    My Impression , wow the labs description of this is pretty accurate. I only wish the orange note were a bit stronger in this one. Also I am getting a chocolate note not described. Still it is quite lovey.
  13. ~AmusedMuse~


    This is all the food at the midway that you love and know you shouldn't eat too much of. I can smell the buttery carmel corn, funnel cakes and candied apples. As lovely as this is. It makes me hungry.
  14. ~AmusedMuse~


    My impression: This is a woodsy herbal spiciness that is quite lovely. The incense note comes out as it begins to dry. And although it seemed somewhat masculine at first, upon drydown it seems totally neutral if not feminine. I love the musk note in here as well. This really has turned out to be an exquisite blend. My scale of 1-5.....5+
  15. ~AmusedMuse~


    My Impression: Oh the greatest amber and floral scent I have tried to date. I really don't think it is possible to improve this one. The apple blossom and carnation is quite lovely, although I couldn't detect the myrtle. Could be my nose is having an off day. My scale of 1-5...5+