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  1. donsixgun

    Enraged Orangutan Musk

    I saw the name, and had to have it. But once I got it, well, it didnt smell very enraged. In fact, it was powdery, and similar to what my sweetie best described as old lady perfume. So its byebye monkeymusk.
  2. donsixgun


    Peach! Lots of peach. Not too sweet, and not sour at all. Very bright, and dominant peach. I love it, but its just WAY too feminine on me, so its off to my sweetie.
  3. donsixgun


    On me, this was nothing but rose. Spicy rose.
  4. donsixgun


    I like this a lot! I tried it at last month's willcall and knew I had to own it. Its warm (spicy...almost like incense), and musky with sweet bourbon.
  5. donsixgun

    Red Lantern

    Smoky and Sweet! Caramel, coconut and spices. I actually like this a lot, but its just a bit too feminine and foody for me. I bought it for my sweetie though, who I think is going to love it.
  6. donsixgun


    At first it was cypress, pine, and patchouli...not bad. But after it dried and settled, the rose came out. And like usual, it dominated. So it slowly turned to soft, dry rose. Shame
  7. donsixgun


    This went on nice. There's spice of the dragons blood and clove, but the cherry stops it from being too spicy. As it dried though, it turned to nothing but dragons blood. Good thing I got it for my sweetie.
  8. donsixgun

    Pink Phoenix

    Silliness in the extreme. Vanilla bean, honeycomb, sugared pear, sweet pea and a dribble of strawberry. Its pink all right! Strawberry, sweetpea, and honey. Its VERY girlie, and I think my sweetie's going to love it.
  9. donsixgun

    Devil's Night

    I really wanted to like this..and for it to like me. When I first put it on, it smelled as though someone set an alchoholic gingerbread man on fire. Nice! But as it dried, the musk came up, and the sweet never died down...and it combined to smell almost rotten. Damn.
  10. donsixgun


    This started off very nice. Dry, resin-y...and slightly sweet. But as it dried, it kept getting sweeter...to a point where it got sickening. Shame. I hope my sweetie'll like it.
  11. donsixgun

    The Coiled Serpent

    Patchouli! Dark, woodsy patchouli...this was a frimp that I was totally impressed with. I think I might need a 5ml, and I have to let my sweetie try this.
  12. donsixgun


    This reminds me a lot of Dorian (sweet, milky vanilla), except the florals ruin it for me.
  13. donsixgun

    Nuclear Winter

    A very 'bright' aquatic, with a bit of mint underneath it. I didnt care too much for it.
  14. donsixgun


    Damp soil, decay, herbs and wine. I love this scent. Its not too sweet, not too bitter...Just perfect.
  15. donsixgun

    Pumpkin Patch I (2005, 2006)

    This is, for me, a combination of Jack and Harvest Moon '05, without the notes that didnt quite work on me. It isnt as buttery as Jack. Just pure, warm pumpkin. And its the apple and spice of Harvest Moon without the florals. Its spicy, sweet, warm and cozy. I think my sweetie is going to adore this one.