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  1. Cereus

    Play-Doh smell -- should I dilute?

    I had my first Play-Doh experience earlier this month with Tamora [which is very vanilla on me]. It wasn't intense, but it was unmistakably, if subtly, present in the drydown. There are two potential culprits/outliers. There is a chance that I had a bit of triclosan soap residue on my wrist at the time, since the Better Fraction was unable to find our regular non-antibacterial soap and refilled the pump before I could be informed. My wrists hold onto amber/resin/incense notes long after the rest of the oil fades and gets showered away. [i will be investigating the Cetaphil trick, thanks, Indig0!] I had been wearing Lights of Men's Lives [also very vanilla on me] and The Chicken-Legged Hut the previous days, and remember still having a little of the 'burnt' note residue from one or both of them. This thread is pretty amazing, just thought I would add my experience.
  2. Cereus

    The Coil

    In the bottle: Fizzy ginger and eucalyptus. The mint and ozone are present, but most obvious as the fizzy quality. Wet: Minty fresh ozone with eucalyptus and the slightest hint of blooming purples As it dries: the ginger and passionflower take a stand. I can definitely picture colorful, crackling electricity. Dry: this is beautifully fizzy mintalyptus with a fun and not too obvious or too feminine base of purple. The Coil is, in one word, effervescent. Oof is something I wear on a daily basis, and to take a turn towards the ridiculous and project onto the oil, this is like Oof frollicking in a funky, colorful way on the days it feels awesome and wants to be a little less Utilitarian.
  3. Cereus


    In the bottle: a juicy smelling blend of heliotrope and peach blossom made richer by amber and bean vanilla. Wet the amber and the sandalwood jump to the fore but the heliotrope is still quite distinct As it dries the vanilla warms and becomes more prominent. The floral notes blend in the background but don't fight for attention. This dries down to a warm blend of amber, peach blossom, and vanilla with the sandalwood and heliotrope in the background; very regal and rich. The way my skin breaks it down reminds me a bit of a very, very fancy version of Ply-Doh, but it is still a lovely, feminine scent.
  4. Cereus


    Oof is straight eucalyptus with a mint chaser, and the two are actually quite well blended. There is a slight herbal sweetness to them, and that quality combined with the lack of petrolatum means I never get a vaporub vibe from this. My brother loves Oof too, and always asks for a whiff of it [since I usually have it in my clocket] whenever we go out. It is kind of adorable to watch him inadvertently enable his friends when he raves about it. He loves the cooling quality of the mint mixed with the invigorating jolt from the eucalyptus. In all seriousness, Oof has saved me more than the cost of several bottles in the form of antihistamines and cold meds I have been able to forgo since toting it around in a scent locket on a regular basis, especially through allergy season. As a chronic sinusitis sufferer, Oof has, without hyperbole, improved my quality of life.
  5. Cereus


    In the bottle: aquatic, like a sea coast lined with fragrant trees [i actually sighed over the experimental waft]. The second whiff just before applying was a bit saltier and kelpy. Wet this is still ocean aquatic with fragrant woods and sage and other greens. As it dries the initial notes still dominate, but I am getting a few more of the herbs and a hint of the violet. This is absolutely stunning to me and quickly making its way into my top five at this rate. Dry this is beautiful violet and cypress with sage and herbs on an aquatic background. I never actually suspected cypress and violet would blend so well. I happen love all those notes on their own, and this blend just blew me away and made me very happy just to be wearing it. Wow wow wow. This may need to be my Yule gift to myself.
  6. Cereus

    The Lights of Men's Lives

    In the bottle: sweet, and the teeniest bit wax, maybe a little like a NikL Nip/wax soda bottle candy once the fruit juice is gone. Wet this is not nearly as sweet, but now smokey with a stronger hint of the wax. As it dries this is still sweet like vanilla or honey, but creamy, waxy, and smokey in a rather wonderful sort of way. Ultimately a little too vanilla for me to use much, but a gorgeous scent with a fantastic beeswax note.
  7. Cereus

    Baba Yaga

    This is the final, GC/Marchen version: In the bottle: flowers and a few dusty herbs Wet this is still floral to me. I cannot pick it out, but it seems like lily or neroli or jade. There are hints of the dust, moss, and roots, but I seem to be amping the florals to their exclusion. On drydown the floral notes turn a bit harsh and soapy. I can smell a hint of the patchouli and a bit of the iron, which I like quite a bit. As the iron note settles in, the flowers no longer seem harsh. I'm not getting any fruity notes at all, sadly. The floral notes fade, giving a little room to earthy patchouli, moss, and herbs. The iron and dust are there in the background, and definitely make this stand out from other florals. I keep getting a tiny hint of a dry, smoke or firewood scent that could be, at least in my mind, the broom twigs. Dry, the floral notes finally ease down and this is dry and a little musky, but also mossy and herbal, with the definite impression of iron and dust. Difficult to summarise, and quite the journey. This reminds me of the progression of the way High Priest Not to Be Described behaves on my skin, but backwards.
  8. Cereus

    The Little Wooden Doll

    In the bottle: wood grain and the green, almost harsh and earthy scent of the raw amber Wet: the amber softens and I can definitely smell the rose now. The sandalwood is also present, and I expect this will be beautiful once my skin warms it a bit. As it dries I get a smokey blend of rose, sandalwood, and amber, with none of the varnish or burning others noted. The rose in this smells like those you would find in a tin of delicate tea scented with dried petals. The amber and sandalwood blend beautifully with it, and this is a very feminine, maternal scent. Dry this is a soft, sweet rose tempered with sandalwood. I don't get much of the amber, just a few slightly green resiny hints, unless I sniff directly where I applied it, but I know it is there keeping the scent together as a whole. I am a little disappointed, as I would have liked more amber, but I don't have many rose scents that work on me, and I will definitely use this again. I think this has the potential to layer very well.
  9. Cereus

    The Chicken-Legged Hut

    In the bottle: a warm scent, softly sweet and gently spiced, but on the neutral end of things, not cloying Wet: definitely getting more of the burnt herbs in with the spices over the bottle smell, which seems almost nutty and syrupy As it dries the herbs dominate, in a smokey medicinal sort of way. This definitely smells like the inside of a cluttered, wooden medicine hut under the midday sun. I'm starting to smell the straw roof, as well. Dry this is soft but rich. I smell mostly the wheaty, straw roof and sweet, burned herbs with a background of dried wood. I can definitely understand the cream of wheat with brown sugar comparison. I wanted badly to smell the chicken legs in there, and while I can easily see myself in the chicken-legged hut when I smell this, I don't get the magical legs as an actual note. Not an explicit pro or con, just my experience with it. The sweet almost nutty scent kept making me paranoid because it reminded me of my awful experience with Cockaign, but this comes with none of the nauseating reaction I had experienced to that.
  10. Cereus


    In the bottle: cypress with a hint of passion flower and other light floral notes. Wet: I get a dark, tangy, almost metallic and grassy mix of mints and cypress, but it is followed quickly by the floral notes. As it dries: the cypress softens and I can pick out the lavender and geranium while the other notes blend in the background. The lavender and orange blossom under the cypress keep reminding me of soap, not in an actual soapy quality, just the scents I associate with being clean. Others have mentioned, more eloquently than I could hope to, how the scent evokes the impression of the process from grief through a cathartic creative process to a resolution. Despite that it still comes off as a very clean scent to me; very gender neutral, too. This didn't have much throw [which I tend to prefer], but did last through the day, and I actually had a much easier time falling to sleep while wearing this [which oddly, despite the lavender, I did not experience with most of the Dream Formula scents]. This is the second oil that has really amazed me, not just by how it embodies the influence, but by how it morphs to reflect the various natures associated with it. I love all the notes in this and am so glad to have had a chance to try it.
  11. Cereus


    These notes are from an imp I received from the Lab in in Spring of 2008, when I was too shy to post reviews to the forum. In the bottle this smells very fresh and green. Wet I am reminded of woods after a rain, where the air is clear and cool and carries the scent of fresh leaves. As it dries the woods come out and I get an almost powdery floral scent that reminds me of the chamomile [mixed with the cypress] in High Priest Not to Be Described [which I definitely amp, so I suspect something similar is occurring here]. After dry down this is mossy, herbal, and still a little powdery. After a few hours it morphs back to green again and the herbal and leafy notes have the most staying power on me.
  12. Cereus

    Labores Solis

    In the bottle: chamomile and saffron cough syrup Wet: chamomile with a spicy edge of amber and frankincense As it dries: the amber and frankincense come to the fore and heliotrope rounds it out Dried down: oh my goodness heliotrope and frankincense and saffron, and eventually a little artemisia rounds it all off with an almost tangy note I am amazed by how well the 'eclipse' effect comes across. This was the first bottle I ordered untested, just for the notes, and I am truly amazed and pleased by the result.
  13. Cereus

    The Chapel 2008

    In the bottle I get the sweetness of wine and the smokiness of the brimstone before the vetiver strikes hard. Wet this is still predominantly vetiver, with an ashy quality that's actually quite complimentary. As this dries, the vetiver fades, however, and I'm left with smokey, ashy incense with a touch of wine in the background. This dries down to soft, not-quite-powder incense, the scent you get once it's burned off but still lingering in the air, with a light, ashy sweetness. It absolutely conjures in my mind the scene and location of the description. I don't think my skin has ever coaxed the lab's blood note out of an oil, so I'm not surprised that it failed to make an appearance. I was very worried about the vetiver at the beginning, since it is almost always a deal breaker for me. This surprised me in the dry down, though, and turned into something soft yet dark. It's actually comforting.
  14. Cereus


    In the bottle rose and agave with spices and a whiff of tobacco. Wet the agave nectar stands out among the dry woods and spices. I'm definitely getting the aquatic vibe from the agave. I wish I was getting more of the copal, but it's sadly dormant. Dry I get a hint of rose and dry tobacco, but the spices and agave mix oddly on my skin and are almost pungent. In my hair, however, I get the woods and rose and a little copal! Lovely.
  15. Cereus

    Day of the Skulls

    In the bottle beeswax and cactus flower with a hint of cocoa leaf. Wet I get a very light, green scent with a little hydrangea. The tobacco creeps out, followed by the qantuta [and maybe a little rose], then the frankincense. As it dries I start to get beeswax and cactus flower again, spiced by incense and tobacco. The hydrangea, qantuta, and rose blend well together and lighten the entire scent. Dry I finally get the sandalwood and a soft powder over the other notes. I loved the drying scent and will be keeping this for the scent locket.