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  1. So... have not lurked on BPAL for awhile but just ordered a bunch of imps. However, I am curious about any oils that may be similar to some recent perfumes that have been released (the last 10 years Lol). There seems to be alot of perfumes that have been discontinued or harder to find for a reasonable price these last couple of years. Or I just want to find a reasonably priced perfume/oil that has the same "vibe". Keen to know of any recommendations that may be similar to the following: Chergui = Serge Lutens Truth or Dare - Naked = Madonna Rose 31 = Le Labo Youth Dew - Amber Nude = Tom Ford for Estee' Lauder Black Cashmere = Donna Karan New York Kai = Kai Tabac Blond = Caron Parfum Sacre' = Caron Any Goldfields and Banks (Australia) Any Amouage Thanks in advance Legends! And G'day from Australia