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    Faves so far: Serpent's Kiss, Wrath, Darkness, Three Witches, Blood, Glasgow Notes I like: opium, dragon's blood, sandalwood, rosewood, clove, cinnamon Notes I don't like: CIVET! chocolate, honey, very strong cloying vanilla, anything foody, cherry, strong leather, tobacco

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    Even though My sun sign is technically 1 degree Virgo, I always go by Leo since I'm Leo rising, Mercury & North Node. Call me Virgo & die! Ha ha.
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  1. dreadeddragon

    The Perilous Parlor

    In the bottle: Pear & bubblegum First on: Wow, almost a buttery sweet pear. Definitely not what I was expecting from the ingredients, I generally love pear scents but this is too much for me. Too much vanilla so far for my tastes. Drydown: Pear cobbler a la mode. Overall: Too sweet for me, but a really pretty scent overall. Off to swaps for this little bottle.
  2. dreadeddragon

    Pisces 2008

    In the bottle: I get a sweet berry type floral, with a very tiny bit of musk to it. First on: Now it's a much more musky blend, with some woodsy notes to it, and the floral undertones. It's very nice, but not as aquatic as I was expecting. Drydown: Now I get the aquatics, and this is lovely. A salty musky scent with a tiny bit of spice and some floral. It blends beautifully. Overall: A bit more commanding than I would have thought for a Pisces (and I love my Pisces friends), I can't stop sniffing my arm. I love it.
  3. dreadeddragon

    The Chilling Cellar

    In the bottle: Dirt with a hint of old wine, definitely cellar like. First on: There's a definite mossy tone to it over he dirt and wine, but other than that, it's the same as in the bottle. A little more earthy than I was hoping for. Drydown: I can tell I'm still wearing something, but I can't really smell anything. I get the blood scent, but it's very faint, and a bit of vinegar. Overall: It's nice, but I still have Blood Moon and the Cracked Bell, which I like better.
  4. dreadeddragon


    In the bottle: Smells like roses and apples to me, with a hint of honey First on: It's all rose & apple on my skin, almost no honey at all. It reminds me of a sweet flowery alcove with some fruit trees nearby. Drydown: A perfect scent for a cool summer day, the fruit and florals have blended together nicely, and leave just a sweet romantic blend with no discernable notes. Overall: I'll keep the imp, as it's a good scent to wear when I'm in a light and sweet mood. Normally I'm a dark spicy type of girl.
  5. dreadeddragon

    Black Lily

    In the bottle: Very soft lily, almost with a hint of opium to it to shroud it's strength First on: Basically the same as in the bottle, it's a very dark seductive floral, somehow while having a clean scent to it as well. Fairly complex for being so simple, if that makes any sense. Drydown: Soap! That same dark lily flora is underneath, but it has totally gone soapy on me. Overall: This would have been a lovely floral for me had the soap not happened. Oh well.
  6. dreadeddragon


    In the bottle: Butter. With a bit of almond and a hint of cherry, and it's really strong. First on: Apple and cherry with a hint of buttery spice. If it stays like this, this would be one foodie scent I would wear. It's almost like an apple cider type of feel. Drydown: It's gone all buttery again, just like it smells in the bottle, only now even the fruit scents are gone. It's almost similar to Gluttony, like a maple syrup. Overall: I liked the middle phase, but foodie scents just aren't for me, and while I don't hate it, I have too many imps and bottles to use already. Off to swaps!
  7. dreadeddragon

    Aquarius 2007

    In the bottle: Wysteria, myrrh, and pomegranate. It's a lovely fruity floral resin First on: More myrrh than anything, with the florals right under that. It's very light and romantic. Drydown: Oh this is beautiful. I love pomegranate, and with the light floral and resin it makes me swoon sniffing myself. Haha. I wish I had 2 bottles of this. Overall: I'm an Aquarius moon, and I love it. It appeals to my romantic side, and is light and airy without being too faint. Perfect.
  8. dreadeddragon

    Capricorn 2007

    In the bottle: A light hint of forest. Sort of reminds me of LUSH's Greenwash soap for xmas this year. First on: A slightly lemon-y pine scent. Thankfully I can't smell the tobacco too strongly yet, as it always goes sour on me. This one seems it could go either way. Drydown: This stayed a nice light green herbal on me. Slightly citrus-y and playful, but grounded at the same time. Overall: Very fitting for Capricorn, though I'm not sure if any of my Cap friends would like it
  9. dreadeddragon

    Sagittarius 2007

    In the bottle: Sweet & clove-y, it reminds me of Gingerbread Poppett, only not as sweet and buttery First on: Chamomile, clove, and then sage, it's a really nice light spice. Me likey. Drydown: Lots of chamomile and sweetness, not so much with the spice anymore. This one did a total 180 and went sweet and innocent. Overall: While it doesn't stay with the personalities of any male Sag I know, I can definitely see it fitting with the women. It's a bit firey, but deep down just sweet and simple.
  10. dreadeddragon

    Scorpio 2007

    In the bottle: Dark murky waters with dragon's blood First on: Licorice? No, that must be the wormwood, which is really strong. Then the musk, which is definitely dark and bordering on that nasty sour milk smell for me. Please don't stay this way. Drydown: Still smells like almost pure wormwood on me. Maybe a hint of dragon's blood behind it, but 90% wormwood. Overall: While I don't necessarily like the scent, it definitely says Scorpio to me. Very meticulous, strong, and menacing, while not appearing to be so at first whiff. Once it's been used to, it becomes a different scent, slightly sweeter and not so strong.
  11. dreadeddragon

    Libra 2007

    In the bottle: I have to agree with the cherry cola scent. It's tons of fruitiness! First on: Oh carnation, how I love your spiciness. You just add to the fruit blend to make it really complex and slightly spicy, with the fruit and slight floral underneath. After a minute, the rose starts to overpower, which I hope calms down because I loved the first application. Drydown: Rose, then carnation, then random dried herbs? What? First of all, I can barely find this on my arm, even though I put it on less than an hour ago. then, I get a basic whiff, but no real staying power. In one area I get that same fruity scent with the rose on top, and in another it smells like I planted a rose garden in an Italian kitchen. Haha. Overall: It's lovely when I can find it, but doesn't really give an impression of balanced Libra to me.
  12. dreadeddragon

    Virgo 2007

    In the bottle: Myrtle and valerian. It reminds me of a perfume I once got in high school in Ashland Oregon. First on: Now the fern and honeysuckle are a bit more prominent, making it a gentle green scent. It makes me think of a light meadow fading into a wood. Drydown: There's almost a subtle spice to the wood, and the floral and sweetness are fading, but still there. Maybe it's that I'm reading Don Quixote, but it reminds me of that meadow again, but with ferns and flowers all around, and one that people rarely if ever had seen. Overall: It's light and pure with depth to it. A very good representation of a Virgo in my opinion, pure and innocent, but not plain.
  13. dreadeddragon

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    Got an imp of DCVII In the bottle: Very light aquatic floral, but no lotus. A very summery scent. First on: Lots of ozone and water, the florals have hidden behind the overpowering saltiness for the moment. Drydown: Same as above. It's similar to Pool of Tears, but more salty and less floral. Overall: Nope.
  14. dreadeddragon

    Midnight Kiss

    In the bottle: Chocolate & patchouli mostly, with a hint of wine. Very odd. First on: 90% patchouli now, I smell like sweet dirt. Drydown: The patchouli isn't quite as strong, and I can smell the other componants now. It's still a sweet dry dirt scent, but the blend is much more balanced. Overall: Sweet dirty hippy. Patchouli just isn't for me.
  15. dreadeddragon


    In the bottle: Sweet bubblegum rose First on: The lotus is overpowering and making he blend really sweet, like cotton candy. The roses are fighting though, so I'm reminded of the rose flavored candies. Drydown: Rose has taken over the lotus thankfully and has managed to not go sour on me due to the sweetness of the lotus. Overall: A rose blend that works on me because of the sweetness to balance it out. I'm not a huge fan of rose anymore, so with my huge pile of imps I'll probably give it a new home, but it is nice.