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    Alice, Bon Vivant, Dia de los Muertos 2004, Dragon's Milk, Dragon's Musk, Formula 54, Hollywood Babylon, Jack, Jezebel, Kathmandu, Kyoto, La Fee Verte, Love in the Asylum, Montresor, O, Penny Dreadful, Queen Mab, Queen of Clubs, Ravenous, Scherezade, Snake Charmer, Snake Oil, Snow White 2004, Sri Lanka, Sugar Cookie 2004, Sugar Skull 2004, Tezcatlipoca, Three Witches, Trick or Treat, Usher, Vixen, White Rabbit, Yerevan, Zombi Favorite notes: Patchouli, incense, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, carnation, apple, honey, caramel, pumpkin, black tea, mandarin orange, dirt, sugar, amber, musk, rose, leather, nag champa, plum, clove, dragon's blood, strawberry, sandalwood, orange, lemongrass Least favorite notes: ozone, most florals, vetiver Favorite non-BPAL scents: Lush Karma, Aquolina Pink Sugar, Vera Wang Princess, Miss Dior Cherie, Prada, B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom, DKNY Be Delicious, various Demeter scents

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  1. girlmadasbirds

    High John the Conqueror

    this reminds of an almond lotion with a grapey scent to it. it isn't totally unpleasant, but it's not something i'd wear for the smell either. i'm curious as to how it may work though.
  2. girlmadasbirds

    The Lion

    a gorgeous, spicy amber smell with notes that smell like cream and dry grasses. i can see me wearing this one a lot in autumn.
  3. girlmadasbirds


    LEMON, lavendar, and an herbal/green scent... not something i'd wear everyday, but it might be nice to try before bed.
  4. girlmadasbirds


    mmm.. honey and musk! i don't smell much of the ylang ylang, but there is something (i guess it's the labdanum) making it smell kind of strange. as long as the honey note stays strong, i'll hang on the imp... otherwise, it's off to the swaps.
  5. girlmadasbirds

    Enraged Orangutan Musk

    this just smells like old lady perfume on me
  6. girlmadasbirds

    Sleepy Moon

    whoa....that's potent! i can't really tell what note(s) are killing it for me, but it's making my nose twitch. off to the swaps!
  7. girlmadasbirds


    way too floral for me! jasmine overkill!
  8. girlmadasbirds


    wine and cherry vanilla pipe tobacco! definitely a keeper! i may end up having to look for more of this.
  9. girlmadasbirds


    this is really pretty! i love stargazer lilies and this doesn't disappoint. the musk and amber keep it from being floral overkill and the aloe and linen give a nice "clean" fresh smell. definitely a keeper.
  10. girlmadasbirds


    i'm definitely smelling the liquor, orange, and berry... kind of reminds me of Grand Guignol. if there were less liquor and more patchouli, this would be wonderful..but as it is on me, i don't care for it.
  11. girlmadasbirds


    nothing but a generic soap scent. definitely not for me
  12. girlmadasbirds

    The Pit & The Pendulum

    The depths of despair, a dark Ecclesiatical triumph: the incense of the Inquisition. strong incense... it smells like Cathedral, sandalwood, and cedar. the cedar gets a little overpowering at times, but after a while, it mellows out. i think this would be a great room scent.
  13. girlmadasbirds


    the tea, blackcurrant, and musk are giving this a very fresh scent... i really like it! it's a bit cologne-ish, but that's fading as it dries down. i think this would smell wonderful on a guy, but it's nice on me too.
  14. girlmadasbirds

    The Premature Burial

    my first thought: now that's an unusual one! it smells of dust and teakwood with the cypress almost hidden. something about it is putting me off... i'm guessing it's the orchid. i'm a big fan of dirt scents, so i'll keep it around and see how it ages.
  15. girlmadasbirds

    The Masque

    wow... there's so many notes hitting me all at once! the carnation seems strongest, but i can also smell the incense, amber, rose, and sandalwood. i don't smell the honey, but it does have an overall sweet scent. i'm happy to have a decant, but a bottle would have been too much for me.