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  1. bodegaselkie

    How Doth the Little Crocodile

    Vanilla cedar. And that's about it.
  2. bodegaselkie

    Samhain Soap

    SAMHAIN Truly the scent of autumn itself — damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein. My Samhain 2011 soap arrived a week ago so I'm pretty surprised to be the first to review it. First, it's been a long time since I ordered any BPTP soaps so I was pleasantly surprised that the scent is more prominent than it used to be in the soap base. This soap is particularly nice -- it has a great balance between the fruity notes of pumpkin and apple, and the earthy notes of the patchouli and woods. It's marbled and it seems like each color of the marbling contains either fruit or earth. Just when you're getting a good whiff of one, the other comes rushing back in. It's kind of addictive. And it's making me want to buy the scent.
  3. bodegaselkie


    I'm surprised I didn't review Ochosi when I got it, as a free imp, with my last order. It's bright and green, but also surprisingly sweet and creamy on my skin. I liked the scent a few times, and then got tired of it quickly. It (along with Loup-Garou) is not as woodsy as I like; I prefer Burial for woodsy scents.
  4. bodegaselkie


    Wow. Shanghai was included as a free imp in my order, and it's not something I would have thought to order, but I love it. The scent is very clean and crisp, lemony in that beautiful way lemon verbena is, and just barely sweetened by the honeysuckle. The only trouble is, my skin drinks this stuff, so it's barely noticeable 10 minutes after I put it on. I'll slather from the imp, but doubt I'll buy more.
  5. bodegaselkie


    The Cthulhu scent is scary, but not at all in the same way Cthulhu Itself is scary. This is more like ... fresh linens, fabric-softener sheets, something like that. All the aquatics smell this way on me to some extent -- I like it in Jolly Roger, but this went overboard and was very strong and perfumey. I had to wash it off almost immediately, so I don't know whether it would have changed or gone powdery with drydown.
  6. bodegaselkie


    Like others here, I expected Hanami to be more like fresh flowers, and instead it's more of a shampoo/bodywash scent. It reminded me of a number of scents I've smelled before on other women ... and it's just not me. The biggest disappointment was that I couldn't smell the wisteria at all -- this is very, very fruity on me.
  7. bodegaselkie


    I've reviewed Burial before, but I ordered a new imp of it recently and the formulation has changed significantly in some way that it's almost like a different scent. While my experience with the "old" Burial was that the earthy notes faded off, leaving primarily the rose/floral scent behind, the "new" formulation is much more intense in its juniper/patchouli presentation. At first I worried that it'd be a little too piney, even like cleanser, but as it dries down those scents mellow and become earthy, foresty. (I love Beth's patchouli, and am glad it has more staying power in Burial now). The rose/floral remains more in the background this time -- a little too much so for my tastes, but I can always layer it with a pure rose scent if I want to amp this back up. In many ways, I think I like this formulation better, even though it isn't what I was expecting.
  8. bodegaselkie

    El Dia de los Reyes

    I had to order a bottle of El Dia de Reyes as soon as I saw the description. In the bottle, it's a warm, chocolatey scent with something that smells just a *little* fake. But, when applied to the skin, the coffee/spice/brown sugar scents come in and make this a really delicious, well-balanced scent -- truly like Mexican hot cocoa. Even my boyfriend (who doesn't like perfume or foody scents) said "that's not bad," which is high praise! My only complaint is that it doesn't have a lot of throw -- it stays a reasonably long time but doesn't do much to remind me it's still there.
  9. bodegaselkie

    Titus Andronicus

    My skin loves resins, so the instant I put Titus Andronicus on it's ALL frankincense with a touch of amber -- no neroli, no bergamot (and that's considering I have a cup of Earl Grey tea next to me!). And, after a few minutes, it begins to go to powder.
  10. bodegaselkie


    Oya was included as a free imp with my most recent order. As others have said, Oya is very fruity and sweet in the bottle, with a dominant cherry/almost scent as it's applied to the skin. The plum in this is not the scent of fresh, ripe plums but of candy-plum flavor as we've come to know it through sweets. As it dries the almond/nut note gets creamier and softer and the spices begin to come out. It's not a bad blend for those who like fruity scents, but I'm not one of them.
  11. bodegaselkie

    Snake Oil

    I tried Snake Oil a long while back, to see what the hype was about, and I remember that it faded to baby-powder on me. I got an imp of Snake Oil with my most recent order and wanted to try it again to see if it (or my skin chemistry) has changed. It went on thick and spicy, with the vanilla in the background. Now, almost two hours later, it's mostly vanilla with less spice, much milder, and ... somewhat powdery. Not 100%, like I remember it from before, but I suspect it'll keep morphing. Not sure if this is an improvement. ETA: It appears to depend where I put it. On my wrists, this remains sweet, if powdery. In cleavage, it turns directly to baby-ass: powdery, and like bad sickly disinfectant. Augh.
  12. bodegaselkie

    Black Lotus

    Usually BPAL's sandalwood and myrrh resins overpower any scent -- particularly the myrrh -- but when balanced such as in Black Lotus with other resins and potent lotus, they seem not to be competing. However, I'm not sure the sweetness of the lotus works FOR ME with the resins, although I can see how they are supposed to. I love Beth's lotus note but it works better for me in some contexts (Bastet, for instance) than in others.
  13. bodegaselkie

    Midnight Kiss

    Midnight Kiss, on me, smells a lot like ... not actual cherry cola, but like the bubblegum that would be made in "cherry-cola flavor." There's a little chocolate, like maybe the gum was sitting on the shelf next to the Hershey bars or something. It's hard for me to sniff beyond the top layer, because it's so sugary and hurts my head. But yes, underneath it, more chocolate, the boozy scent of wine (which is probably where the fruitiness is coming from), and the tobacco/nicotiana scent. This sort of reminds me a lot of Kali, actually, only candy-ified. Not a good scent on me.
  14. bodegaselkie


    I put Cathode on without reading the description. It was immediately sweet and creamy -- I got almost no hint of mint, and none of the oakmoss, which is too bad since I adore moss notes. I suspect my skin is amping the ambergris, which it does with a lot of the BPAL resins. I suppose it's a nice ambergris scent, though, but that wasn't what Beth was aiming for, it sounds like.
  15. bodegaselkie

    The Death of Autumn

    Death of Autumn smells amazing in the bottle, and wet as it goes on. It starts off with the heavy bitter vetiver smell -- I adore that scent, and wish it lasted longer here. It dries down on me to pure warm amber, only very faintly spiced, and the scent lasted overnight and through my shower the next morning. While I wish the original scent stayed true, I'm happy with what it turns into as well. Mmmm.