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  1. misty

    Pink Moon 2005

    Wow! This is probably the sweetest scent I've tried so far. It's also the first Lunar Oil I've tried. Pink Moon smells like a really sugary strawberry candy. Wearing it makes me feel really girly. I love it!
  2. misty


    I had such high hopes for Morrocco. For some reason, it just does not work on me. And I thought I loved spicy scents!
  3. misty


    Sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood, the warm, worn leather of an easy chair and a pleasant, subtle waft of fireplace smoke. Initially, I totally get the association with cherries and tobacco. Thankfully, this dries down to a yummy, syrupy pancake scent. I like Hearth. I wouldn't want to own a bottle of it, but it would make a nice cool weather scent.
  4. misty

    De Sade

    This scent is unbelievably sexy and really does smell like leather. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of scent that my husband likes so I had to trade this.
  5. misty

    Hell's Belle

    This a quite lovely. Hell's Belle is really a spicy, smokey floral. I really like this, although I could see myself growing bored with it quickly. I guess I'm trying to say that I'll use my imp, but I wouldn't order a bottle.
  6. misty


    Sniffing the bottle I thought I really wouldn't like O. On the skin it is very vanilla and honey. I LOVE this stuff! This is the only BPAL scent that I have really adored so far!
  7. misty

    Snake Oil

    I was hoping so badly to fall in love with Snake Oil. Yes, it is a spicy vanilla. But something about this smells like air freshener that is used in public restrooms. Maybe I should let it age and see what happens.
  8. misty


    I did not get rose in this at all, but I totally got the hippie shop smell. And, wow, was it overpowering! Smothering actually. I couldn't scrub the smell away no matter how hard I tried.I hated this.
  9. misty

    Sugar Cookie

    In the bottle: Very warm and buttery. On skin: Warm, buttery sugar cookies. Very yummy! Made me wanna lick my wrist. Eventually, this faded to just a cinnamony smell. Still nice, but spicey. I like this, but it didn't last long on me.
  10. misty


    I really thought I would like this when I sniffed it in the imp. Call me crazy, but for some reason when I put it on, I thought it smelled "cheap". Oh well. I guess Bordello was just not for me.
  11. misty

    Sea of Glass

    Sea of Glass is both very calming and quite beautiful. It is a clean, fresh scent. Unfortunately, for some reason the scent made me feel very sad, and I've never had a scent do that before. I'll definately try the imp again though, just to give it another chance because it is just that beautiful.
  12. misty


    Mmmm....vanilla, patchouli, and clove.... Like someone said earlier, there is something about this that seems very primal. It dries down to something very spicy and complex. I ordered an imp of this, but next time I will definately be ordering a bigger bottle. This scent makes me really look forward to my to trip to New Orleans this Spring.