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  1. Have to second Has No Hanna. Just seem to have extra good luck with little things throughout the day when I wear this, and in the attraction department I find that Follow Me Boy works really well to start conversations, people stand a little closer, and become a little more affectionate.
  2. If your tummy is sick, any scents with ginger in them would be helpful. Feel better soon!
  3. dcmo

    A Murder of Crows

    I don't even know how to describe this except lovely. I can't really pick out any individual notes. For some reason, not that they smell alike, but it has the same "feel" as Black Opal to me...almost stone like. I think maybe it's the grey amber. I really really like this and I'm so happy I got to try it. It's so strange because if I sniff close to my skin, I don't really smell much, it's very light. But every so often I have this gorgeous smell wafting up to my nose and I love it a lot. ETA: Forgot to mention, it does have that touch of a powdery scent, but I don't find that a bad thing AT ALL in this case!
  4. dcmo

    Pumpkin V (2007)

    As with all the others, Pure buttery pumpkin when wet but dries down to be (nonbuttery) pumpkin and sweet, spicy, citrus with ginger. So nice. Got the red welts too - guess it was the ginger, normally only cinnamon or cassia do it. So worth it though. Wish it had a little more throw though, like #1 to 3. I found both #4 & #5 to be pretty tame on my skin in terms of throw. Overall sooo pleased with the Plunder.
  5. dcmo

    Pumpkin IV (2007)

    As with all of the plunder, this starts off wet as PURE buttery sweet Pumpkin! I find this one changes fairly quickly though on dry down to not be as sweet, not as buttery yet still pumpkin. There is a sweetness but related to the sweetgrass but it's very dry. I find this one has much less throw and lasting power than the others. It's pretty but probably one I would reach for less often than the others just because it doesn't really have much scent on my skin. Image wise, I'm imagining a hay ride at the pumpkin patch. Very fall like.
  6. dcmo

    Pumpkin III (2007)

    Skin Chemistry never fails to amuse me. For me this is Jack + Sugar Skull, with a huge emphasis on Sugar Skull. Where is the chocolate? Where is the pomegranate? Where is the cream? Very strange. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Sugar Skull...just wasn't what I expected from this one. Very wearable though, great throw and lasting power.
  7. dcmo

    Pumpkin II (2007)

    2nd of the plunder: Like #1, when wet it's all pumpkin all the time, but as it dries down it becomes warm, rich, and spicy. I love every note in this oil so I'm not surprised I love it. Don't really get any tobacco, but love the mix of the pumpkin, carnation and champa. Just gorgeous! 2 for 2 so far! ETA: Good throw and lasting power.
  8. dcmo

    Pumpkin I (2007)

    First go at the Pumpkin Plunder. Wet this is PUMPKIN, PUMPKIN, Rich Buttery pumpkin. But as it dries down, the scents I get in this order: Pumpkin, jasmine tea, pear with a slight hint of grape. This is very sweet, lovely and I would say elegant. Great throw so far and good lasting length. A great start to the plunder. Hopefully I'll like the others just as much!
  9. dcmo

    Robin Goodfellow

    Normally any sight of a "wood" note would have me running but I received this as a frimp in my latest order so I thought I'd give it a shot without much expectations. This actually doesn't smell "woody" or forest-y at all to me. It's gorgeous. I have the dark warm musk, moss and something slightly spicy on the dry down. Great throw and lasting power. Agree with other posters that this is gender neutral. Love it and can't stop sniffing myself
  10. dcmo


    Got this as a wonderfully generous addition to my order recently (Thank you lovely labbies!) and I am soo greatful. For some reason this never popped out at me before, but I'm so happy I got a chance to try it. I'm surprised there aren't more comparisions to The Star because there are a lot of similarities with my skin chemistry anyway. Main notes are Lime, lemongrass, with the coconut underneath. Nothing artificial or cleaning product here! Love this! Very fresh and tropical smelling. On the dry down, it does soften a lot (not that it was sharp to begin with) and loses most of it's throw. The only way I can smell it is to enhale my skin directly. I wish it had a little more throw and lasting power but this is perfect otherwise.
  11. dcmo

    The Temptation

    Pretty much only get the Peach Blossoms, with a soft musk scent underneath..which surprises me because normally I really amp rose and lily. It's soft, gentle, creamy but does have throw. I can smell it wafting up from my arms as I sit here. This is a very feminine, pretty scent which goes well with the end of summer day today. I really like it, and can see the comparisons to Tamora and Fae.
  12. dcmo

    Western Diamondback

    Not a leather fan AT ALL! At least not on me. The tonka and sage are gorgeous in this though.
  13. dcmo

    Australian Copperhead (2006)

    On first applying, the berry was very tart and sharp. I did get the apple feel that a few others have mentioned. As it dries down though, it becomes less tart and less sharp. It smooths out smelling more creamy and slightly spiced. Don't really pick up much of the SO element as I do in some of the others. This stays very close to the skin with pretty much no throw. I like it, it's pretty but not as much as some of the others in the snake pit.
  14. dcmo

    Banded Sea Snake (2006)

    To start with, I am sooo not a green or aquatic lover. I didn't think this would be me at all, but really I don't get anything green or aquatic from this. I really smell the snake oil amped up but it is a slight variation that does seem brighter and creamer as others have mentioned. I am really loving this. Others mentioned it has no throw or stays really close...not so much for me and I didn't really slather. I can't stop smelling myself but don't have to lift up my wrist because it is wafting up to me as I sit here. Really happy with this one!!
  15. dcmo

    Horn of Plenty

    Received this as a freebie from the lab (THANK YOU! ) and it was affected by the split cap problem so I thought I should try it right away. This wasn't one I would have probably picked for myself but I love the scent. A Cherry, vanilla, slight herbal scent underneath but dominated by the creamy fruit smell. This has great lasting power too..it's gone all day and is still going strong. In terms of enrichment, I don't know if this counts but I got a note from my HR Dept that I got an additional $150 deposited to my Pension today from people who defaulted...so that was kinda nice I will definitely be ordering this again from the lab!