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  1. dansemacabre

    The Grindhouse

    The red musk is was initially drove me to try the Grindhouse because it tends to work well with my chemistry. Wet, the iris and rose is pretty dominant and the clove gives it some spiciness. I don't get any red musk or vanilla bean yet. As it dries down, the florals are pretty prevalent and there is a slight, very slight hint of sweetness. It's very very lovely but... It's almost commercial, something you'd find the average person wearing. Lately, I've been into gourmand and spicy scents or anything really unique. So unfortunately I will not be buying a full bottle of this, although I will horde my imp or any future imps. Who knows, I may change my mind in the future. I would wear this to the office because it seems a bit generic and probably won't offend because the final dry down is a very very very slight hint of white floral (which I love) but right now, other bpal favs demand my money, so this one sits on the back burner.
  2. dansemacabre


    There is something sharp and sweet when it's wet. Almost like a tart candy wrapped in patchouli (which I love) Red musk is a favorite of mine, but there is no sign of the red musk yet. I am not very good with picking out scents, so I don't know what's at play here but as it's drying down, I get a slight hint of powder mingled with tart ripeness of spiceness -- it's almost like a musky oriental perfume (which I happen to like a lot). It's unusual, not something I would immediately pick had I smelled it in the vial. As it's drying down, it still remains sharply sweet but with a hint of powder -- I suspect something with this and my chemistry is turning it. The scent lingers in my nose, it's almost reminds me of red & black with lots of lace and feathers, like an old spanish dancer complete with her lace fan. It's very floral but not a light floral, something sinister lurking behind it. I really want to get a full bottle of this before it's gone for good. It's very alluring and I can picture myself wearing this on a dark and intriguing night, sometime in October and November, when it's not too cold, the leaves are swirling, the air is crisp and there is something evil lurking in the shadows. This intensifies on my skin on the final dry down and it lingers, enveloping me but not quite cloying. Btw, the powder stage is gone. It only lasts a few moments while the scent is settling.
  3. dansemacabre

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    Initially the red musk is VERY heavy while wet. It smells almost like Midnight Kiss, that cherry cola kind of smell. As it's starting to dry down but still fairly wet, the vanilla is weaving it's way and wrapping itself around the red musk. I can see why so many compare it to Snake Oil, which admittedly, I don't love. This seems like a better version of Snake Oil at this point. I would wear this over Snake Oil any day. I think it's the patchouli that is keeping this at bay, stifling the red musk and vanilla so that it's not overwhelming. It's starting to get slightly heady but not overbearing. Kind of like being trapped in a tent while getting your tarot read. The incense and sweet flavors of a carnival, intermingling, but not allowing for one scent to overtake another. The vanilla is what really draws me during the final dry down. It's warm, almost dark and inviting, telling me to come closer, see what the future holds. Snake charmer-esque almost. This reminds me so much of snake oil but SO much better. This is what I wanted Snake Oil to be. The final dry down is a waltz of red musk and vanilla bean, one trying to lead, but kind of going around in circles. For a split second you get a stronger whiff of vanilla or red musk but then it fades as they both come together again. The verdict -- LOVE. Why can't this be what I am missing in the original Snake Oil?
  4. dansemacabre


    Wet, this smells very very sweet. It has a very caramel smell, and I don't really smell the apple in this. It pretty much stays the same on me throughout the wet stage to the dry down. It's sweet, comforting and very playful. I could picture myself wearing this on fun together -- something not to be taken too seriously. I would probably love to own a full bottle of this since this fits my usual perfume profile. It's very heavy on the cream and caramel smell. It's thick and warm and gooey. One my favorite CDs!
  5. dansemacabre


    Intially this was very nutty on me. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. As it dried down, the plum really showed it's face and I still wasn't sure whether or not I like this. This was fruity, but dark at the same time. I am really very girly girl and I love gourmand and musky scents. It almost smells like a fruity lotion you might find at Bath & Body Works, but the final dry down is just gorgeous. I cannot stop smelling my wrists. Something about this really works with my chemistry. I want, no scratch that, I NEED a full bottle!
  6. dansemacabre


    There is something very foody about Inez. It's almost like warm gooey vanilla sugar. It's very sweet, warm and inviting. On the dry down, it's almost very warm but with a hint of spiciness. While I can't picture this to be an every day scent, there is something seductive and inviting about this scent that says "come a little closer".. sweet yet tempting. The final dry down, it gets a little powdery on me, the spice is still there but it's lost the initial foodiness.
  7. dansemacabre

    Fire Pig

    I was able to score a partial bottle of this on ebay and I am very thrilled with Fire Pig. I hope I can find a back up when I run out! It's VERY exotic smelling, the lychee note instantly hitting me and sending sweet wafts my way. The final dry down is still very soft and sweet, a creamy floral, I think it's probably the peony. It's quite intoxicating! On my skin, none of the other notes were as prevalent as the lychee and peony. It's a cross between a sweet fruity scent and light creamy floral -- perfect for quiet evenings out or somewhere formal.
  8. dansemacabre


    Initially, this reminds me of winter, bottled winter. Wet, it's soft and powdery trailed by a soft waft of green. It's very clean smelling, something like fresh out of a shower, familiar almost. The dry down, it's still very powdery, it doesn't really change much. I'd probably wear this scent to bed or somewhere where my perfume won't be offensive.
  9. dansemacabre


    Initially it smells very earthy and herb-y. It's almost has a faint smell of sickly sweet dampen earth. But not in a bad way. I am a bit perplexed by this one. I can't quite pin down if I like it or not. It smells kind of old, in an ancient kind of way, like I've just unearth a rare forgotten imp. The final dry down, I really like, it's sweet but not in a fruity, foody kind of way. It's VERY earthy and I normally HATE earthy scents. It's almost like being engulfed in withering flowers. Very interesting picture this one paints. I love to see this used as a body lotion moreso than a perfume.. I think that's what I'll do with this imp -- give it a new life.
  10. dansemacabre


    Wet and in the imp, all I could smell was a rich chocolate. As it starts to dry down, I notice the patchouli start to come out. As it's drying down, the chocolate smells fades and the leather starts to emerge. It almost smells a bit masculine. The incense is slowly starting to make an appearance, making this a bit more smokier than I anticipated. After the incense mellows, all the smells slowly come together, chocolate being the faintest, giving it a slight hint of sweetness. I kind of like how complex this smell it. It continues to morph and while I like some stages more than others, it hasn't turned me off. It's kind of alluring, mysterious... something I stumbled upon but wouldn't have given a second smell.
  11. dansemacabre

    Midnight Kiss

    I was lucky enough to find this scent on ebay. I am a big lover of red musk and it sounded interesting that other's described the cocoa/chocolate smell to this. On my skin, it really does kind of smell like Cherry Cola, but not in a bad cloying way. I really try not to over do it with this fragrance because it can easily become annoying because of the 'soda' smell, but just a teeny drop in key places (cleavage, neck, and inside of elbows) is enough to allow the fragrance to breathe without becoming overwhelming. The red musk in this though really shines through.
  12. dansemacabre

    Dragon's Heart

    I love the way dragon blood smells but I suspect it doesn't like me as much. Initially I get a heavy red musk smell, which I LOVE and a few minutes after dry down, it smells a lot like baby powder on me, red musk baby powder. Perhaps I need to re-try this scent because I think it could be my body chemistry, which has been a bit weird lately.. I can see why it's so popular. It reminds me almost of snake oil but this one has a stronger throw a bit more muskier. Perhaps another day Dragon's Heart...
  13. dansemacabre

    The scents that get you the most compliments?

    I got plenty of compliments on Hollywood Babylon.. People were like mmm you smell so good! It was one of those that left a trail of fragrance as you walked by. I think it's the red musk, yummy!
  14. dansemacabre

    I want a BPAL that smells like Bath & Body Works...

    Are there any scents similar to Cotton Blossom? The new replacement Sea Cotton or whatever just doesn't compare
  15. dansemacabre

    Fairy Market

    Mmm in the imp, this smells very good, something I would definitely wear. I was a bit wary about the description though because certain lavender blends (even though I adore lavender) can be quite overwhelming but this wasn't the case. I was also uneasy about the wet green grass description but luckily I didn't get a whiff of this. On my skin, it's a bit sweet and musky. I can very faintly smell the lavender but it's coupled with a sweet sugary scent, not coma inducing or cloying at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I really like this. It's more feminine than anything and very 'perfumish', something that the average person may like.