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  1. oatmealneko

    Snake Charmer

    Reviewing the original Carnaval Noir blend. I bought this bottle back during its original release and haven't opened it in some years. Wet: The oil itself has thickened up a lot, so it comes out in a large droplet that can be smeared on and rubbed into the skin. The oil has gotten somewhat darker as well. When it's dry, it smells musk and spices and vanilla, but a deeper version of that. Like it's been sitting in a basement and plotting together for 10 years. Which is mostly right except for the basement part. Also, I put this on about six hours ago and the scent is still going very strong.
  2. oatmealneko

    Berry Moon 2009

    This review is for the 2009 version of Berry Moon, which I haven't opened since 2010. In the bottle, it smells heavily of orange blossom and berries. Dry and well seven hours later...it runs around screaming ORANGE BLOSSOM with a squeak of honey in the background. The berries got ditched around hour 2.
  3. oatmealneko

    Fruit Moon

    My review is for a 12 yr old bottle of Fruit Moon - originally purchased in 2006. The original review probably contained words like "fruit" and "very fruity." Perhaps "tropically fruity." Many years later, I can safely say it is still very fruity. The oil is mostly unchanged from when I wore it many years ago. It smells nearly the same, except the fruit notes aren't nearly as sharp.
  4. oatmealneko

    Lunar Eclipse

    This is a review for a 10 year old bottle of Lunar Eclipse, because my stash is old and I felt like wearing it today. I have completely forgotten what this smelled like when I initially purchased it, but now it smells like orchid incense. It has a strong floral note and it's still going strong two hours after I put it on. The frankincense, red musk and black orchid are at the forefront on this oil and if there were fruit notes, they have long since faded away.
  5. oatmealneko

    Lightning Storm Hair Gloss

    My bottle of Lightning Storm arrived yesterday, so here's my review: Wet: I rubbed this into my hair while it was wet last night. The scent was very strong citrus (mostly yuzu and lime), ginger, and tea. The ginger scent was amped to a thousand in my hair. The scent remained quite strong as my hair dried, and the yuzu and ginger pushed through. I barely smelled any mint at all in my hair. There might have been a trace amount when I applied the hair gloss, but none after. Dry: The scent is still in my hair, well over a half day later. I pick out yuzu, a hint of lime, ginger, and tea. Right now, it reminds me of Embalming Fluid after it has been on my skin for a few hours. Less citrusy. But bolder. Just as a note about the hair gloss itself: I've never tried any of the BPTP hair glosses until now, and I was amazed at how soft it made my hair feel. As soon as I put it in WET, my hair just soaked it right up. However, my hair is dry as hell during the winter, so...YMMV. And my hair is soft the day after, too.
  6. oatmealneko

    Midwinter's Eve

    2007 version Unlike the previous years' (2004 & 2005), this year's is a little different. I do smell florals in the wet stage, which hasn't happened before. Then it goes to a fruity, semi-floral on the drydown.
  7. oatmealneko

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    I can't stand patchouli either, I swear it reminds me of a hippy shop. Two scents that I've worn where it didn't stink to high heaven on me - Red Phoenix & Tweedledum. In both cases, it was earthy-spicy, didn't stink, made an otherwise good scent into a great one. I think Tweedledum would've been too fruity w/o patchouli. The key is to age both scents, Red Phoenix aged is wonderful. Tweedledum is only about 4-5 months old, but it's definitely getting there.
  8. oatmealneko

    scents similar to Evyan's White Shoulders

    Blood Countess is strong though, my experience with it - it was a strong perfumey floral with hints of fruit. Veil is somewhere near there, a bit lavendary though.
  9. oatmealneko


    Bottle: Lime with aloe & musk. On me: Starts off aloe & musk, a bit of green tea. Very light & refreshing. Morphs into light mint with ozone layer, & a bit of aloe or green tea. I barely smell any musk in this. Scent best if sniffed away from the wrist, otherwise, it's a bit strong on the nose. When the scent wafts around, it's a bit minty, very green & ozone-ish (light ozone similar to The Ghost & not Neo-Tokyo).
  10. oatmealneko


    Tweedledum is an earthy spicy mango tea. It starts out with a lot of patchouli & fig at the start, but it tones down to a balanced fruit-spicy scent. I'm glad it didn't turn out as fruity on me as it did on others.
  11. oatmealneko

    Harvest Moon 2006

    Slightly fruity in the bottle - I ended up comparing this side-by-side with last year's. First I get a whiff of apples, which fades quickly. Green tea takes over fast - it's green, slightly floral (crysanthemum or the rice flower) - light floral with tea. I got a second hit of the apple at the end, but it's weird. This year's Harvest Moon is more of late harvest after the fruits are gone. I preferred last year's, as it was more berry spicy cider than this. This year's probably could smell nice if layered with Hungry Ghost Moon as the scents are rather similar in composition.
  12. oatmealneko

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    Smells like sweet ginger candy in the bottle. Goes through various layers of sweet, woody, fruity - ahahaa...grapefruit scent I can smell for once! Green & musky - it's similar to Embalming Fluid, minus the citrus, but much light than that. Ghostly sandalwood lurking behind a grapefruitish musky-aloe-something something...uh, it's wonderful. There's nothing overpowering here, & the rice wine gives it a lot of lasting power on me (go go alcohol notes!).
  13. oatmealneko


    It started off with a weird sweet dirt note to it... some herbs, some greenery, reminded me of Nosferatu (w/o the wine note). Then floral soap soap. It might have been partially due to Eris being on my other arm, but it was still fairly floral soapish on me.
  14. oatmealneko


    Smelled kinda fruity in the imp, & got a hint of the mimosa at the start, then it turned into floral floral floral soap soap. Blah.
  15. oatmealneko

    Monster Bait: Closet

    It starts off sweet & heavy with buttercream, with a bit of berry mingled in. Kinda similar to Milk Moon... drying down - most of the buttery scent burns off fast, got a ton of blackberry bourbon. Definitely bourbon, because normal berry scent doesn't amplify nearly as much unless it's in the presence of a booze note. Yummy.