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    So far...Lughnasadh,Old Dublin, Dragons Milk, Snake Oil and single note Carnation. I would usually class my scent likes as fresh clean floral green earthy, but Dragons Milk ( reminds me of deeply breathing in the scent a late summer blossom)and Snake Oil have taken me surprise. I love Oxeo by Lush which is very honeyed floral yet light and fresh. Also loved Apple by the Body Shop years ago. I have yet to find my "signature scent" here. My other half is not yet convinced by bpal scents on me. He finds them heavy and "incensy" but there are many more I have yet to try! Nice work!

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    I hadnt really put much here so decided to add a bit more.<br>(I suppose Im a bit shy reallyand not great at blowin' my own trumpet! Its an Irish thing!)<br>Im living in Dublin, with my lovely 4 year old boy and boyfriend. Though we have just bought a house in a more rural part of the country. Its lovely but Im a bit worried at leaving my dear ol' dirty Dublin. Its really not being close to my friends and family Im a bit sad about. I hope we are doing the right thing.<br>This is actually a great space to write things down that I might otherwise not do anywhere else .....Thank you Elizabeth and all the Lab!<br> I adore all things flowery and horticultural . Im at my most peaceful when in the garden. It just feels right.<br>I am taking time off studying for my horticulture exams with the RHS...things are a bit too hectic at the moment!<br><br>At the weekends, I love getting out with my mates and having the craic (our way if saying ...having a laugh!!)<br>Dublin is a great place to live but very very expensive!<br><br>
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    Cuspish Virgo! with Leo Rising. Moon in Aries

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  1. Skallywag

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    My 2 euros worth.... I am not a linguist and have not studied my Irish in a while so I could be corrected by other native Irish speakers here!! Im from Dublin in Ireland and speak Gaelic Irish. Your right about the 'mh' being pronounced as a 'v' sound. But sometimes its a 'h' sound. I shall confuse you even further by adding 'bh' as in the names 'Dearbhla' which would be pronounced as 'Dur-vla' or 'Meadbh' pronounced as 'May-v' ( as in Queen Mab - which I think is Scottish Gaelic, we in Ireland would say -Queen May-v) I pronounce Samhain as Sow-en. There are many different local dialects around the country..... Connemara, Donegal, Kerry to mention but a few, all have very different pronounciations so it gets really confusing !!!! btw...Halloween in the Irish language, is Oiche Shamhna which I would pronounce as 'ee-ha how-na' Yes thats 'how-na'....yet another way to correctly pronounce this word. In this case we drop the s sound and replace with a h sound as here it comes after a feminine word...as in 'Oiche'.....if my memeory serves but I could very well be corrected!! btw...Oiche means night.
  2. Skallywag

    Honeysuckle blends

    Dragons Tears is an aquatic but has a wonderful honeysuckle type note to it also Maybe try that one? hth!
  3. Skallywag

    Dragon's Tears

    Dragons Tears is Fabulous! I get the same wonderful ' second skin scent' that Fulltiltredhead describes and yes, its a very sensual scent. Subtle but with great staying power. It has a touch Stephanoitis or is it Gardenia? its a very clean and slightly soapy scent.Not at all overpowering though. It reminds me the scene in Scent of a Woman, when Al Pacino describes a kind of expensive french soap that the gorgeous young girl he dances with is wearing. I have always wondered what that might smell like(and wanted to smell like that!) and after wearing this for a few days now, this is what I imagine it is! Definately a big bottle!
  4. Skallywag

    Has No Hanna

    Has No Hanna I put this straight from the bottle onto my wrists. It was a bit like a leap of faith. Initially I regretted it but then it began to grow on me. It so hard to pick out whats in this. Probably the hardest one yet. Ylang Ylang and Myrr as has been said here already. Im not great at picking out the notes but that sounds right to me. Its a strange one. I didnt think I liked it but here I am wearing it for a second day in a row so there is something very compelling about it. Its not my favourite by any means but there is something in it that really appeals to me. I cant be any more specific but I would like to know whats in it. There is something wafting in and out of the background that reminds me vaguely of Spellbound. As to good luck, I had a total surprise visit from my brother when I got home from work.As if that wasnt good luck enough, he brought me a bread making machiene as a gift! So now Im really curious!! Any hints Beth?
  5. Skallywag


    Hemlock, like so many others here, took me completely by surprise. It was yet another freebie from Beth (thank you! ) I wouldnt have ordered this as its discription, though enticing in a macabre kind of way, sounded as though it would be bitter and strong to me. It is the opposite. Its been very well described here already. To me its..like sugar and gentle lemongrass (not the in your face type) Its green but sweet too. Like flowers in a summer garden. I dont get any pine at all. Very very nice....might have to purchase a 5 ml!
  6. Skallywag

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    In Ireland, we would say ...Sau-en. Or some might drop the en and pronounce it- Saoun. A very rounded word sound. There are different dialects all over Ireland and can differ wildly from each other. Oh...and Bee pal
  7. Skallywag


    Lughnasadh is stunning!!!! Well done Elizabeth and all the Lab on this !! Please bear with me here I must set the scene..... I was in the West of Ireland recently and went out one glorious August evening to pick the blackberries growing along the hedgerows. I was wearing Lughnasadh at the time and the scent fit the picture so well I was gobsmacked! Its a whole scent experience for me. Its ripe Blackberries, freshly mown hay, damp limestone, misty Atlantic rain, turf smoke, and all the earthy scents of late summer rolled into one. Thank you sooooooooo much Pam for letting me try some!
  8. I am loving the combination of Lughnasadh and Black Magic masasage bar by Lush at the moment. Its a very sexy snuggly Autumnal combo!
  9. Wahoo! Go Allamanda! Going to try Vixen tonight so! eek! I meant Lust!
  10. Nepthys....Snow White (Limited Edition scent unfortunately) is like an intense hit of Silky Underwear its also got undercurrents of Snowcake soap. The 3 together would be fabulous! I was given some SW by a very kind forum member!
  11. Skallywag

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    Actually I live here ..but on the east coast, so Im heading west for 2 weeks and I cant wait! Adam Ant was my hero! but I was abot 14 at the time I would have worn those pants in a heartbeat back then!!
  12. Skallywag

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    sheh -pa-zon- ae is how I would have pronounced it...does that sound right??? A linguistics major..how cool Morrighana! What languages are you studying?Are you a Virgo by the way.. I can be very picky about that kind of thing to ...its a Virgo thing Velvet Sky,I also love pronouncition and hearing different launguages spoken. Im off to the West of Ireland (if the weather improves!) in September and hopefully will get to brush up on my Irish. I used to be fluent but am very rusty due to under use. My sister and I sometimes speak Irish together at home for fun but also to keep as much of it as we can. Do you study or speak Gaelic? Thats the Scottish version isint it? btw took a peep in your jounal...too funny about those silver lamé trousers! Adam ant was my first pin up!
  13. Skallywag

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    Just saw Velvet Sky's posting on Lughnasadh!
  14. Skallywag

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    Just looking at Baobhan Sith and description on Andrabells link. In irish folklore we have the Bean Si or Bean Siog pronounced ban-shee. The fairy woman who is usually connected to some certain Irish families and appears ( combing her hair)or is heard wailing just before a family member dies. Perhaps this is the scottish version?Its similar. Scottish Galic is similar to Gealic or our language- Geailge. For the record, as a native Irish person I would pronounce Lughanasadh as lu-na-sa (the Irish word for August) . Samhain is saow-in ( Irish for October)
  15. I have probably mentioned this before somewhere, but for anyone missing Lush Potion, BPAL's Single note Carnation is bang on. Nicer even