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    engineering, sci-fi books, the colors pink and orange, cooking (less interested) eating (more interested), tv shows: scrubs, house, america's next top model, good eats, project runway.
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    Smut! Hunger, sed non satiata, zephyr, madrid, alice, many others! Mostly enthralled by alcohol notes, fruit (but not so much apple), sugar, and spices, especially cloves and saffron.


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    aquarius, aquarius, aquarius. I had someone do my sun sign, moon, and rising, and they all turned up aquarius (possibly capricorn for my moon sign, they're so close by). I thought that was funny, I guess it explains why I am so strange!
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  1. aimeceleste

    Purple Phoenix

    In the bottle, I get plums and an unidentified flower. On my skin, I get plums and spice, which is just wonderful. As it drys down, it becomes sweeter and headier. It's absolutely delicious!
  2. aimeceleste

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    Um, oops, I posted this review in the wrong spot, I hope one of the mods notices it and deletes my old posts, it was one of the others that began with m.... Sweet? I like...Incense? I like...This was a sure bet for me, it's just a great smell. I couldn't stop sniffing my arm!
  3. aimeceleste

    Gennivre, L’Artiste du Diable

    Sweet lemon mint tea! Very nice. It has a lot of my favorite smells in it - sugar, mint, tea. This is a hole-in-one for me. I really love it.
  4. aimeceleste

    The Organ Grinder (2006)

    Almond milk, sarsaparilla, tobacco smoke, black patchouli and white pine bark. This one is very complex, pleasant, not a daily wear one at all. Despite all the food, there's a heavily smoked/campfire smell to it, reminds me of lapsang pouchong tea. But sweet, and slightly foody. Strange.
  5. aimeceleste

    The Phantom Calliope

    Strongly cherry at first! Then verbena, then it gets less definite. Like a lot of the other C.D. scents, I wouldn't wear this normally. I get the same idea (though not the same smells) from a lot of the carnaval diabolique scents, I think that they're really beautifully crafted scents, but they're often so challenging, I don't find they would be a daily wear kind of smell.
  6. aimeceleste

    Theodosius, The Legerdemain

    It's pleasant, I like the warmth given through the musk and vanilla bean, but it's not my cup of tea. Too much jasmine - my skin almost always over-amps jasmine!
  7. aimeceleste

    Melisande, The Puppet Mistress

    My skin doesn't amp this as much as it does most jasmine blends, but I still get way more jasmine than any other smell.
  8. aimeceleste


    I thought I wouldn't like this because of the green/woody notes of the moss. But, I thought it was bright and sweet, somewhat complex. Actually a very candy-ish pleasant cooling scent.
  9. aimeceleste


    Sour, smoky, and dark. Not my kind of thing. Pleasant if you like camping, or burning things. Just too intense for my taste!
  10. aimeceleste

    Blood Pearl

    Warm, sexy, and sweet. I love anything with musk and/or coconut, this was right up my alley!
  11. aimeceleste


    Very very sweet and fruity. Just a little warmth and spice from the clove. Definitely nice!
  12. aimeceleste

    Black Pearl

    Very pleasant, overall. I get a lot of hazelnut at the beginning, sweetly floral in the middle, musky over time, but still sweet. This is definitely one of my favorite oils - sweet and sexy.
  13. aimeceleste


    I can't say much about this one - I don't like green scents, and it was just too green and sharp for me.
  14. aimeceleste


    This seems to be blended in some of my favorite oils. Is it a floral? It's some sort of mixture, but what is it? Resin and myrrh are two of my favorite components - this was mentioned a lot in the previous reviews, and hey, if those are in this, great! I gave it a 4 out of my personal scale of 5.
  15. aimeceleste


    I thought this was fragrant, feminine, and sweet. It was a nice, light, but complex scent. It also wasn't too herbal for me, I tend to avoid green and herby scents.