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    I first tried Tezcatlipoca a couple months ago, and I wrote this in my journal the day I got it: What they call "deep cocoa" is the absolute best chocolate-type smell I've ever had from BPAL. Chocolate and leather, holy crap. I get a hint of the incense once it's on my skin. I want to force every person around me to wear this scent just so I can smell it ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I find that a scent isn't quite as great on me as I think it's going to be at first, but this one is just as good as when I wrote that review. The chocolate is the first thing that leaps out at you, but there is the dusty, earthy scent of leather and incense beneath it that stays strong but doesn't overpower. It's also a scent that gets a lot of compliments, which I also love.
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    A maddeningly festive blend of warm, buttery rum, cocoa, coconut, vanilla and a jolt of peppermint. It’s a sweet, decadent, slightly silly scent, reminiscent of rum-laced holiday cookies. When I first opened the bottle, I thought "Oh no!" because I'd had such high hopes and it smelled so strongly minty, with the sharp bite that you get when you sniff and open liquor bottle. I'm so glad I put some on. 15 minutes later, an hour later, 3 hours later, Spooky is a warm, cozy coconut butter-rum scent with just the faintest hint of mint. It lasts longer than most of my favorite BPAL scents, and has gotten more compliments than any other. I've been wearing it to school almost every day just because it's so pleasant to smell, and unlike my other favorites, I can smell it just by sitting there. One of BPAL's best. ~Lily
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    Snow White

    Snow White took my breath away. I don't know how something that smells very nearly like nothing can be so compelling that I can't stop inhaling at the spot where I've applied it, over and over again. When I first put it on, my thoughts were of pristine, sterile, plastic-wrap packaging, which is a good thing, in my opinion. After about an hour, I've settled on clean water. It smells exactly like clean water to me, with a hint of forest. I don't want to say pine, because it doesn't have the strength of pine, but definitely some kind of winter-dwelling greenery. It's clean and light, but not weak. Definitely a keeper. ~Lily
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    Baba Yaga

    My favorite BPAL scent so far is Jailbait, so with that in mind, I adore Baba Yaga. They seem to me like almost the same scent, but with the proportions slightly altered. Instead of being the mostly fruit/bubblegum with a hint of perfume of Jailbait, Baba Yaga is mostly perfume with a hint of fruit/bubblegum. I don't get any florals from Baba Yaga, but more of an incense-like, unisex kind of perfume. It's sweet, but not too sweet, and not at all overpowering. I would definitely buy a 5mL of this scent!