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  1. I'm wondering if I should be worried about my order. I placed an order for a bunch of GCs and two Lupercalias on Feb. 26th and haven't gotten a CnS yet. I wouldn't be concerned, except that in the Click-N-Ship thread, there are people who placed their orders as recently as 3/6 who are getting their CnS. Should I e-mail the lab? I ordered through CCNow, and it's been showing as "shipped," but I know all that means is that my order was harvested. Maybe I'm just worrying needlessly.
  2. archaeopteryx

    Fairy Wine

    This is the scent I wear when I go out to this park not too far from my apartment. For some reason it brings to mind laying out on the grass by the creek and listening to music or reading or just laying in the sun. It's a nice late spring/early summer scent. I mainly smell dandelions and berries and don't pick up much of the honey note. It has good throw and lasts an hour or two on me.
  3. archaeopteryx

    Manners Among Men and Women in the Red Light District

    Out of the Lupercalia decants I ordered, I thought Giant Vulva would be the stand out scent. I do like it, but I keep going back to Manners Among Men and Women. When I first put it on all I smell is apricot. I love the lab's apricot blends, so already this was turning out to be a promising scent. Compared to other apricot blends I've tried, this one seems drier, probably from the wood note. The sake comes through giving it a slight alcohol note, but not overwhelming. I would wear this to work without people worrying that I'd been up drinking all night the night before. It also has good lasting power. I applied this about two hours ago and can still smell it easily. I'm placing an order for a bottle of this one.
  4. archaeopteryx


    In the imp, I smell cherry, almonds, spice, and musk. I was having trouble at first picking out the individual notes, but after trying it a couple of times I can pick them out more easily. It smells like a spicy, sexy blend in the imp, and when I put it on it doesn't change. It reminds me a little of Black Phoenix, one of my favorite blends. This one has a lot of staying power. Several hours later I'm still catching the scent here and there, even without smelling my wrist. I find it to be a beautiful scent and will be getting a bottle of it.
  5. archaeopteryx


    I love Spellbound. I bought an imp of this from someone and immediately knew I was going to have to get a bigger bottle. To me, this smells like Scherezade combined with roses, no doubt because of the red musk. I don't pick up on the amber so much. Mostly I'm getting rose with red musk. This is a very pretty, sexy scent, like Scherezade. Spellbound has a lot of throw. This I discovered when I put on a small amount and my husband walked into the room and the first thing he said was, "You put on BPAL, right?" Guilty. It also is very long-lasting. Four hours after I applied it I could still smell it on my wrists. This is definitely one of my favorite BPAL blends.
  6. archaeopteryx


    This scent is both pretty and sexy on me at the same time. When I first put it on I mainly smell cinnamon and sandalwood, with a hint of patchouli. I'm so glad that the patchouli stays in the background for me, because normally it overpowers any other notes. After about ten minutes I still am picking up on the cinnamon mainly, but it's a soft cinnamon, if that makes sense. I think the sandalwood tempers the cinnamon a bit. I can't stop sniffing my wrists. Sin lasts a long time on me and has a decent amount of throw. I don't think I'd wear this one to work, but this is going to be competing with Event Horizon for my signature evening scent. I have a bottle of it on order at the moment. Great scent. ---------------- Now playing: Devin Townsend - the Fluke via FoxyTunes
  7. archaeopteryx


    A gentlemen's blend, possessed of dignity, charm and refinement, but in truth masking a corrupted, hideous, soulless core. White musk, lime, lilac and citron. This is one of my favorite scents, and I never would have thought to try it if it hadn't been for getting it as a frimp with my last order. I ended up liking it more than one of the bottles I bought in the order and immediately had to get a bottle of my own. Initial impression on sniffing it in the imp: Lime! It was like key lime pie in a bottle. Yum. After putting it on, the lime was dominant, but then began to fade into a lovely lilac scent. I never would have guessed that lime and lilacs would go so well together, but then again, that's why I'm not in the perfume-making business. The scent of lilacs is also a dear one to me, because my grandmother had lilac bushes at her house and would always have some on her coffee table when they were in bloom. You could tell the instant you walked in that it was lilac season. So I'm sure that that's a main reason why I love this blend so much. One application doesn't seem to last very long. If I go back and put on another application a little while after the first, it will linger much longer, so I usually put on a second layer about half an hour after the first. Even though I know the description labels this as a masculine scent, I don't really find it to be. I don't know many guys who would wear the scent of lilacs, or maybe I just don't know the right guys. Either way, this is definitely in my top 5 BPAL scents, maybe even number 1 (it's between this and Black Phoenix).
  8. archaeopteryx

    First blog here!

    I've blogged for years on LiveJournal, but I thought it would be nice to have a BPAL blog, too. I have a feeling my friends list gets tired of me going on and on about BPAL all the time. It's rainy and dreary here today. A good day to stay home and try on BPAL and listen to music. I'm pretty excited, because I'm seeing Opeth live on Thursday with my husband and a friend. I've now been into BPAL since March officially. It's been really wonderful so far. It's been really exciting to find new and different scents. I never thought I could get this excited over perfume. I also bought a scent locket last week. I'm hoping that will give some staying power to some of the scents that fade quickly, like Morocco. I'll have to take a picture and post it here. This is the locket I bought.
  9. archaeopteryx

    Tiki King

    I received my Tiki Queen and King decants today and couldn't wait to try them out. First impression of Tiki King: Vanilla? Where is that coming from? Oh, after reading the list of notes it must be the coconut. Now I'm smelling a lot of lemon. Yum. After about ten minutes of wearing I smell more lemon with a slight hint of musk. I really like this scent. The lemon is perfect. No Lemon Pledge feel, which I get sometimes when I wear lemony perfumes. This is more like fresh lemons, rather than an obviously fake scent. My only wish is that the coconut, bark, and musk notes stood out a bit stronger. I'll definitely use the decant but I'm kind of glad I didn't get a full bottle.
  10. archaeopteryx

    Snow White

    Snow White was one of two "must have" scents for me when I first found out about BPAL. I bought a half-full bottle of Snow White '05 on Ebay, and I'm glad to say that I love it and hope that an '08 edition will be out later this year. My initial impression was a lot of coconut. That was about four hours ago. This stuff lasts a long time. I'd read that in the reviews, but didn't think that it would hold true for me, as my skin tends to absorb perfume like crazy. Even after four hours, it still has a wonderful smell that hasn't faded a whole lot since I first applied it. By this point, I'm smelling more of a coconut and pineapple combination and something a little flowery underneath that, but I can't say exactly what. I honestly don't pick up a snow scent. For me, the coconut makes it almost tropical. I don't really pick out the scent of almonds, either, which a lot of people seem to. All in all, this will probably be one of my favorite BPALs, and I'll have to be sure to ration carefully until I can get some more.
  11. archaeopteryx


    When I first tried a bit of this, I smelled something fruity that I couldn't place at first. I had my husband smell it, and together we decided that it smelled like SweeTarts, that candy that tastes kind of sour and fruity and sweet all at the same time. I was kind of puzzled, since that didn't seem like a scent befitting of the name "Carnal," so I went and washed it off and tried it again. Same fruity smell, only this time I smelled tangerines. The SweeTart scent died down most of the way after I'd had it on for ten minutes or so and was replaced by the tangerine scent. This is a very light scent. My opinion: I like it, but I don't foresee buying a bottle of it. I might buy another imp, though.
  12. archaeopteryx


    I picked out this scent for my imp pack order based solely on the name, since Anathema is the name of one of my favorite bands. A risky move, for sure. I got another imp thrown in as a frimp with my order, so luckily I love it. I initially found it to be too strong in the bottle. First impressions on my skin: Strong honeysuckle and vetiver, very heavy scent. So far, so good, at least as far as I was concerned. I was unable to get my husband's thoughts, since he is currently wrapped up in installing a computer game. I'll get his opinion later. As those scents died down, I could pick out the black opium, which was what won me over. I also pick out a faint powdery smell, but nothing too much. I'm putting this in my "to buy a bottle of" list.
  13. archaeopteryx


    I'm still fairly new to BPAL and don't have a very developed nose, but I do know that I love this scent. It's the first one I've tried that has begged me to buy a bottle of it when I have the extra cash. First impression when I sniffed it in the imp was that it was way too strong. I put it aside. When I finally got around to trying it, I first noticed a powdery scent. Powdery in a good way, though. After about five minutes of wearing it, I began to notice the musky smell. Nice. The amber added a bit of sweetness that toned down the muskiness. I found myself trying to surreptitiously sniff my wrists all day at work. Haunted seems to work amazingly well with my chemistry, and I can easily see this becoming a regular scent, as opposed to ones that I only pull out occasionally.