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  1. lucymoonstar

    Black Pearl

    I just received my 5 ml of this yesterday.....I had been waiting so patiently and to my misfortune it does not work on me like I thought I was hoping this would be my signature summer scent and upon initial application it smelled very "floral" on me and I could not smell the coconut hardley at all. I waited because I wanted to see how it was going to be on my skin as it warmed up. I started to smell a bit of the coconut which I was happy about. I continued smelling my wrist off and on and after over an hour - on me anyway - it smelled like drugstore vanilla musk.....I am so stressed out about this one. I am going to give it another try and if I have to I will mix it with something else so I am able to use it. I guess I was hoping for mostly sweet coconut, maybe a little musk and not a lot of floral.
  2. lucymoonstar


    I really LOVE this one - my initial impression wet was sweet/spicy orange. When I applied this to my skin it got even more interesting - what I am smelling is orange spice and candy corn!!! It smells like sweet orange - it must be the fig that is giving the sweet smell but on me it smells like orange candy corn! This rates as another favorite - the only down side is that I have had to re-apply a couple of times - it just doesn't seem to be a very strong fragrance . I'm still thinking of getting a 5 ml. and hope maybe the next batch will be a little stronger!!
  3. lucymoonstar


    Wow.....pure SEX I can definitely smell the leather in this one - warm leather as well as all the other blends. On my skin I it smells really orgasmic like hot sex in the summer when your skin is all sweaty and sweet......when it drys down on my it smells sort of spicy/musk and a little bit of sweet.....myrrh maybe?? I am ordering a 5 ml. of this one as soon as I can!!
  4. lucymoonstar


    The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave, The moon, their mistress, had expir'd before; The winds were wither'd in the stagnant air, And the clouds perish'd; Darkness had no need Of aid from them -- She was the Universe. Bottled gloom; the essence of oblivion. Blackest opium and narcissus deepened by myrrh. This was an interesting one. I got this as a freebie and was pleasantly surprised! Initially wet when I sniffed my Imp I could smell a strong floral fragrance which I didn't like but I went ahead and applied the oil to my skin. To my surprise it started to spice up immediately - the floral was very subtle and the opium came on strong. I LOVE opium and I was so happy that this fragrance ended up spicy and not floral - I could not smell any myrrh. After it was on a period of time I could still strongly smell the spicy opium. I really like this one but I doubt I will get a big bottle.
  5. lucymoonstar


    I've worn Jack a few different times but this is the first time I have reviewed it. I have the Jack II formula and I absolutely love it! This fragrance is so comforting - initially upon sniffing I can smell a sort of buttery sweet pumpkin spice. Upon application to my skin - I can still smell a sweet pumpkin fragrance with a bit of vanilla or sugar - something sweet. On me I can't smell any peach or clove but I am more than satisfied with the pumpkin scent. I applied in the morning and it is almost noon and I can still smell the sweet pumpkin. Autumn is my favorite time of year - it is winter where I am but this scent makes me feel all yummy, warm and sunny
  6. lucymoonstar

    Midwinter's Eve

    I have worn this a couple of times before I reviewed it just to see if the scent might change a bit. Wet I really get a fragrance of sugarplums - very sweet and yummy. After I have applied this to my skin I can still smell the sweet plums with maybe a touch of sweet orange. The dry down for me was a bit disappointing - for some reason - and I have worn this several times - I end up smelling like a cherry "Charms" lollipop. I like smelling sweet like candy but I was hoping that this would have ended up a little more tart and less sweet smelling. However, it is an amazing winter scent and wearing it gets me through the winter blues!!
  7. lucymoonstar


    I think what first jumps out at me on this fragrance wet is the pumpkin and the cinnamon - I can only smell a bit of apple and a sort of green out-doors type smell. I wanted to wear this oil a couple of times before I reviewed it and I'm glad I did. The first time I applied this to my skin I could really smell the pumpkin and cinnamon and what I would describe as maybe the damp woods/green. The next time I wore this what jumped out at me was more of the apple/cinnamon with a bit of pumpkin mixed in......very warm and spicy!! I absolutely love this fragrance!! I got a 5 ml. of this one and I'm glad I did - I love smelling like the fall even in the winter - it's a nice cozy fragrance!
  8. lucymoonstar


    Like all the other wonderful oils I wanted to like this one but it just wasn't for me.....I see from the other reviews and my thoughts also that when I first sniffed this one it was pretty much over-powering - woods and peppery is what I smelled first. I put some on my wrist and upon the initial application it was sort of bitter and woody and I was hoping as time went I could try to smell some spice but on my skin it just stayed bitter, peppery and woody. I am going to test this on my boyfriend - he's an Aries and peppery/woody scents do well on him.
  9. lucymoonstar


    I LOOOOVED this one!!! I received it as a free Imp and it truthfully made my whole box smell wonderful! From the first sniff and beyond I could tell that this will be a great scent for me. Initially when I first smelled this wet it made me think of spicy orange with vanilla - when I put it on my wrist it smelled more like spicy/orange incense - in fact it smelled to me like it almost had a touch of patchouli in it - even though it doesn't - maybe that was the black narcissus - definitely more spicey than flowery. This definitely gets a huge "thumbs-up" - I am going to place an order for a 5 ml. of this one!!
  10. lucymoonstar


    Very Floral - in fact wet it smells like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Lavender, Jasmine and Honeysuckle are my favorites - when I first applied I could really smell the the jasmine and the honeysuckle - it was really sweet. Maybe it's me but I could not smell much lavender. After it started drying down it smelled really creamy like lotion. I think I am going to keep this one for my bubble bath evenings. It is a very relaxing and soothing fragrance.
  11. lucymoonstar


    This is the first Imp I tried out of my second order and fell in love immediately!! Initially wet - I smelled more sweet strawberry than tangy cranberry - with a mixture of sweet vanilla and a little spice. After this was on my skin - I could still smell more like sweet strawberry with a touch of spice and vanilla - more like sweet incense. I may be smelling a little of the musk but I don't smell any floral lily fragrance to this at all. This was actually a freebie that came with my order and I loved it so much it was the lucky #1 scent chosen. This is on my list for 5ml!!
  12. lucymoonstar


    Initially when I put this on I can smell the sweet peach. After it drys down it smells very powdery on me - not really sweet but kind of spicy and powdery- I wish I could smell a little more of the musk. This is a light scent, however, and I have had to reapply. It really reminds me of spring/summer - very airy.
  13. lucymoonstar


    Initially when I smelled this wet I could smell the sweetness of the pear first then I could smell a little of the rose. When it started to dry down I could still smell the sweetness but mostly the rose with a little bit of the lily of the valley which on me gave almost a soapy clean smell. This is a very light and spring-type fragrance but unfortunately didn't last on me and I had to reapply to get the smell to last.
  14. lucymoonstar

    An introduction. =)

    Hi Michelle.... Welcome and have fun!
  15. lucymoonstar


    Initially wet I could smell the strawberry but it smelled kind of bitter. Just minutes as it went into my skin it smelled FABULOUS - like spicy orange/strawberry and a little flowery. Upon dry-down I can smell what seems to be incensey/spicy/fruit with just a hint of floral - I'm guessing the bit of spice comes from the carnation and I am guessing the other floral fragrance I am smelling is the poppy and hibuscus. I have found another favorite!! I will be getting a big bottle of this one.